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7 Beautiful and Fun Options for Braiding Medium Length Hair

Braiding medium length hair- 7 options

Braids – are always fashionable, stylish, feminine and pretty. Different hairstyles with braids may be appropriate for very different clothes – from evening dress to jeans and a leather biker jacket. The most convenient, of course, is to make such hairstyles with long hair, but if you have medium length hair (up to about or slightly below the shoulder blades) you can still rock a braided hairstyle – braiding medium hair really is not a difficult task. It is much harder to make a braided hairstyle, for example, with such haircut as short bob, but some masters and cope with it very well.

French Braid and Ponytail

A French braid can be braided even if your hair is shoulder-length only. Separate a sufficiently thick strand, begining above the right or left temple and ends just below the opposite temple. The rest of the hair gather into a high ponytail and apply styling mousse on a strand and then comb it thoroughly. If you begin to make the braid over the left temple, brush strand to the right (the braid will frame the forehead and down to the right temple) if over the right, then vice versa..

French braid and ponytailNow begin to braid the usual French braid. From your thick strand separate a thin strand, and divide it into three parts. Place the right strand over the middle, then left – over the average. Now separate from your thick strand a thin strand, add it to the right strand and again place it over the middle strand. Make braid, adding a new strand.

The French braid should end around behind the ear, or slightly below.

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From the tip of braid make an ordinary braid. If it is long enough you can turn it round the base of the tail, and fasten with invisible hairpin under the tail.

If this length is not enough for this, just fix the tip of braid with a little scrunchie, and also fasten it with an invisible hairpin.

The High Updo with French Braids and Knots

Apply styling mousse and comb it through your hair. Divide the hair into three nearly equal parts: the first – on the top, the second – at the base of the head, and another one – in the middle. You should twist in the free tow or cord the upper stand, tie a knot and fasten with a small hairpin just below the crown. Divide the middle strand into two equal parts. Then braid from each of these strands, French braids – from the temples to the nape. Tie a knot from the tips of two braids and fix them with pins under the top knot. Just as well divide lower strand in two halves and make two French braids, then tie the ends of the braid and fasten the knot. On the finished hairstyle, apply your average amount of hairspray.

The high updo with French braids and knots

French Waterfall

The French waterfall is a very fashionable braid today, which can be even braided with the hair of chin length.

Begin to braid waterfall above the right temple. Divide a thin strand into three parts.

Cross your lower and middle strands so that the lower strand would be above the middle one. Set off the middle strand so that it just might hang down. Make braid, adding a new strand, and each segment released another strand. Complete braiding above the left temple, and fasten the braid with a small decorative barrette or scrunchie. If you desire, medium-length hair can be braided into double and even triple French waterfalls.

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French waterfall

The Reversed French Braid

Many of us have made this braid, then it was called “dragon”, during our school years. Today, this hairstyle is very popular, and it is suitable not only for schools but also for office visits or parties. Begin to braid it just like a normal French braid – a strand of hair in the crown is divided into three parts and then extreme and middle strands are crossed, the extreme strand should not be above but under the middle strand. Continue to braid, adding a thin strands.

The loose ends of the hair can be gathered in a ponytail or braid into a short pigtail, hide it under the “dragon”, and fix with a few pins or invisible hairpins.

The reversed French braid

Braid Hoop Haircutters

It is very simple and, at the same time, stylish hairstyle that will look great on any girl. Separate a thin strand above the left temple, braid it in the usual ponytail and fasten it with invisible hairpin above the right temple. The ends of the hair can be curled using curling iron in soft waves. When the hair style is ready, put on your hair a little average hold hairspray.

Braid Hoop Haircutters

Hoop Haircutters of Two Braids

Comb your hair, and select the two locks on the right and left temples. Make braid from the left strand and fasten it with a scrunchie (a transparent silicone band is best for this). Then make one more braid from the second strands, tie braids in a knot at the top, and fasten it with invisible hairpins.

Hoop Haircutters of Two Braids

French Braid of Knots

This stylish, beautiful and at the same time simple hairstyle can be done on medium and long hair. Before you start braiding, it is essential to apply hair mousse or other styling products. Carefully comb the hair, and take two strands of a width of about three centimeters from the right and left sides of the forehead. Tie them in a simple knot. Take from the right and left two more thin strands, add them to the left and right strands, and tie another simple knot. If it is necessary, the nodes can be fixed with invisible hairpins.

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French braid of knots

Continue to add the new strands in a braid and tie knots until the braid reaches the neck. Further, on your choice, you can make from free ends a simple ponytail, braid them into usual braid or hide under the hair knots. In the last case, fix the hairstyle with a few pins and / or invisible hairpins. Apply some medium hold hairspray.


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