Permanent make-up: the pros and cons of tattooing of lips

It’s said that permanent makeup and lip tattooing is for the rich. As a result of modern techniques, that is no longer the case. Women always want to look perfect, but especially in the presence of the man she loves. The reluctance to run to the mirror every time they do something that may ruin their makeup encourages women of all ages to visit permanent makeup specialists.


  1. What is permanent makeup?
  2. Advantages of permanent makeup
  3. Permanent eye makeup, permanent lip makeup: the effects and contraindications
  4. Lip tattoo. “Full lips” effect. How long is lip tattoo kept? Technique. Lip tattoo consequences and contraindications
  5. How is lip tattoo done?
  6. Lip tattoo: consequences
  7. How long does a lip tattoo last?
  8. Lip Tattoo: contraindications

What is permanent makeup

The dye, is made using a mineral base that typically does not cause an allergic reaction. No dye will be injected before a general consultation is performed. After the general consultation a specialist will draws a sketch. Whether it’s the eyebrows or arrows on the eyes or lips. This sketch can be changed and adjusted.

Minor swelling appears around the procedure area after the procedure. There is a chance of feeling dizzy and slightly drowsy. Postpone important business for the day so you can spend the rest of the day relaxing at home. A thin layer of scabbing will form at the location of the tattoo, which will eventually peel off. Under no circumstances should the scabbing be rubbed or removed.

tattooing of lips

Advantages of permanent makeup

This cosmetic procedure allows for a well-groomed look. It saves money on lipstick and other color cosmetics, and it also provides a number of other advantages:

  1. Creates the effect of thick eyebrows
  2. Makes a smooth contour of the lips
  3. Hides or corrects asymmetry
  4. Makes lips look fuller
  5. Hides scars and other skin blemishes on the lips and eyebrows
  6. Emphasizes the ciliary loop, providing the effect of the density of the eyelashes
  7. Changes the shape and color of the lips, eyebrows and eyelids
  8. Creates a mole, improve the shape of existing moles
  9. Draws the halo of the nipples, returning their natural color and shape after breast-feeding, breast surgery, hiding spots and scars under the pigment.
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Permanent Makeup: the effects

The permanent cosmetic field brings great opportunities and serious contradictions.They depend on physiological individuality, All pros and cons will not apply to everyone. Consulting a doctor or specialist in tattooing can be useful.

The main enemy of permanent beauty is the herpes virus. It is present in almost every human body since childhood. It usually does not appear under normal circumstances. Lip tattoos can provoke the virus to manifest.

A major catalyst for herpes is the injury of the lip borders. This occurs during the application of permanent makeup. Sore lips can break the distribution of the applied dye that discolor the dye with every herpes recurrence.

The best way to avoid this is to conduct a preliminary preventive cure, especially for those people who have previously manifested herpes virus.

Permanent makeup is not advised without the permission of a doctor in the following cases:

  1. Diseases associated with a decrease in blood clotting
  2. Severe somatic diseases
  3. A dependent form of diabetes
  4. Acute inflammatory diseases
  5. Epilepsy
  6. Cancer and other cell deforming diseases

It is not recommended for lips, eyelids, or permanent eyebrow makeup, if you:

  1. Are on your menstrual period
  2. Have high blood pressure
  3. Are breastfeeding
  4. Are pregnant
  5. Use drugs or alcohol

When the lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are traced, it will save time every day. Tattoos can be enjoyed for a long time – from several months to several years.

Lip tattoo. “Full lips” effect. How long does a lip tattoo stay? Technique. Lip tattoo consequences and contraindications

Lip tattooing is a cosmetic procedure. Various dyes are introduced into the upper layer of the skin on the lips.This causes the lips to look much brighter and softer.

Pigments for permanent makeup contain high-grade alcohol for fixing the dye and its even introduction into the deeper layers. These dyes are always very bright, making it possible to create plump lips, preserving the natural color and clear circuit.

How long is lip tattoo kept?There are several types of permanent lip tattoos:

  • 1. The absolute filling or permanent lipstick. This technique is mainly used when you want to radically change the color of the lips. This method has the effect of “full lips”, allowing a visual increasing in the volume of lips without plastic surgery.  Giving the lips an unusual sexuality.
  • 2. Contour only. This technique is for those who have formed lips but the outline is not clear. The tone either completely coincides with the natural color of the lips, or is pastel.
  • 3. Lip augmentation by tattooing or light Kaya. A light line is drawn around their contour for plump and prominent lips.
  • 4. Contour with shading. There are several methods. Method one: makes a dusky outline, with a smooth transition in shading (five millimeters). Method two: the full circuit is made to give a natural and clear look.
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How is lip tattooing done?

Start taking medication against herpes before the cosmetic procedure regardless of whether you have ever had herpes or not.

The specialist will give advice on the selection of the shape and color of the lips if you do not have well-defined preferences.

Using the thinnest needle machine, the specialist draws a line to set contours. Thicker needlea are used to make the “finishing” loop. Accuracy and professionalism are important or the second circuit may be blurry.

If you only want to change the shape of the lips, you’re ready to go. The process happens across the total lip surface to make a full effect. This treatment is called shading.

You can choose bright, rich and deep, or natural colors for the lips. Special compounds are for natural colors. This allows the natural color of the lips to be visible through the dye.

Lip tattoo: consequences

Tattooing is always performed with anesthesia. You are still likely to feel some pain during the procedure. The specialist must monitor the depth of the puncture. Therefore, it should not be deeper than 0.8 mm, otherwise there can be health problems. Going any shallower will cause a short-lived effect. An ointment is applied on the lips before healing balm is applied. Within six hours after the micro-pigmentation procedure, lips may seem incredibly swollen. This is due to edema, yet as a final result, yet the swelling will eventually go away.

The real result of tattooing will be noticeable in a month. The first days after the procedure, the lips will look as if you are wearing bright lipstick. The reason for this is the thin scabbing that covers the healing lips. The scabs will flake and leave within a week. The skin of the lips will then get a secondary crust that will resemble a pale membrane. It will disappear after a couple of weeks.

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How long do lip tattoos last?

Permanent tattooing gives a long-lasting effect. The “life” of the permanent makeup is about two years. Cosmologists, most of all, claim that it can last for up to 5-7 years. This depends on the individual skin characteristics of each woman.

Permanent makeup depends primarily on the type of skin on the lips. The greater the quality of the pigment, the higher the experience of the specialist, and the slower the rate of metabolic processes in the body makes a huge difference in the final results. Ultraviolet radiation on the face is key.

Lip tattooing is a godsend for women who are always in a hurry and do not want to reapply lipstick every hour.

Lip tattoo consequences and contraindications

To avoid bad consequences of the procedure, it is necessary to choose a professional tattoo specialist. Look at a specialist that has done work for friends. A lot depends on the experience and professionalism of the specialist.

Lip tattooing has strict contraindications for women who have:

  1. Leukemia and other blood diseases
  2. HIV or AIDS
  3. Malignancies
  4. Increased vascular fragility
  5. Diabetes
  6. Very weak immunity
  7. Epilepsy

Taking care of lips after tattooing:

  1. Regularly apply wound healing agents
  2. Do not stop the drugs to prevent against herpes while healing
  3. Do not go to swimming pools, use a solarium or sauna
  4. Completely excluded hot drinks from the diet while lips are healing
  5. Do not put makeup on the lips
  6. Do not steam the face

Be sure to re-visit the specialist who performed the procedure. If it is necessary, the specialist will correct any issues you may have. Lip correction is essentially tracing the outline and making touch ups.


  1. I know someone who had their eyebrows done. That is the only thing I can see someone doing with little to no side effects or damage. It is a way to fill in the brow line and make them look fuller without having to apply gunky stuff every day. Great read! Very informative stuff 🙂


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