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The Smallest and Most Popular Dog Breeds.

pocket dogs

Dogs are the most popular and favorite pets all over the world. To date, there are a lot of different breeds with certain marking, size, skull form, body build, temperament and other factors. Recently, pocket breeds have become more and more popular.

It is not difficult to train a dog to a tray; moreover, they are very clean. However, long-haired dogs require a special care: regular combing and haircut. Little dogs adore company that is why it would be wrong to leave it alone in an appartment. Thanks to its small sizes they can walk together in its master’s hamds or sitting in a bag. Such breeds are extremely popular among celebrities. Well, the price is correspondingly high. Keep in mind, buying a dog you take a real friend, companion and interlocutor at the same time! They never lose their quick temper even when they are old. A little dog is a puppy up to its very old age!

Moreover, they are very devoted friends. And it’s not a joke! The smallest dog will be fighting to protect its master if he is in danger!

The most popular pocket dogs are: Pug, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Toy terrier, Toy puddle, Chinese crested dog, Japanese Chin and Chihuahua.

In ancient times the Pugs were available for noble families. They reach 8 kg and 30-35 cm in height. They are funny dogs and get on with little children. Such dogs adore running and different games. They don’t have any fit of anger. If it does get upset there is usually a very good reason.Pugs

Yorkshire terriers don’t exceed 3.5 kg. Their wool looks like human’s hair that is why they don’t moult and get rid of excessive wool by means of combing. Such dogs are the first in waiting list of special beauty salons for animals. In spite of its small size such animals are very tough, brave and curious. Moreover, they are sensitive and feel the mood of a man. They can talk to a master for a long time.Yorkshire terriers

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One of the most ancient European breeds is Pomeranian. Formerly, they were working dogs and only poor folks took in such breeds. That time their weight was 15-17 kg. After this Queen Victoria, a real fan of dogs, payed attention to Pomeranians and specialists began to breed Pomeranians of 5-7 kg. After long-term improving of this sprain, they bred 3,5 kg Pomeranians.  These dogs are unpretentious, intelligent and endlessly faithful.Pomeranian

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. Its weight is between 600 gm up to 3 kg. Usually it is 1-1.5 kg. These dogs have both short and long wool. They fall under the training badly, however it is possible under certain conditions.  Actually, it is enough for them to run and jump around their master. If a master doesn’t position himself as a chief person from birth of the puppy, then such dogs may be stubborn and capricious with time. Anyway, they are very kind.Chihuahua

Toy poodle is a small French decorative dog no more than 25-26 cm in height. They have thick curly and soft wool like hair. That’s why they look like plush toys. They get on with children and adults; these dogs are very active, movable and tender and will definitely become good members of your family.Toy poodle

Japanese chin or Japanese spaniel is a small (1.8 -3.5 kg), graceful and unusual dog. It likes to talk and it sounds like purr of a cat and murmur of water. They need to be listened too and one needs to react, answering this dog.  Also they like to dance round a master.  In ancient Japan people believed they could normalize energy by stroking a chin. They say one can also get rid of a headache and cure depression.Japanese chin

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