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Stretch Marks. Get Rid of Striae!

Stretch marks treatment

Stretch marks is a common traditional name for skin defects, however doctors used to say striae. These marks are big problems and many people try to liquidate them on the threshold of holidays. Moreover, they should make every effort to fight for their skin beauty.

Ekaterina Medvedeva, a doctor, derma-cosmetologist of “The Beauty Time” Otari Gogaberidze Clinique made up a minimal program for people, who want to get rid of the stretch marks.


Striae is cracked, ripped skin, darned with a connective tissue. When our body experiences destruction, it calls “tailors” in order to restore damages. In this case, an esthetical factor isn’t the highest priority. As a result, a group of connective tissue forms an atrophic deckle – edged scar. First, it is red, but the skin is fading with a lapse of time and it becomes white.

straieAs a rule, striae may occur on the very tensed skin zones, such as – chest, stomach thighs and loin. Besides, these marks come in pairs or even groups. They can be defined by different signs: striae have an oblong shape, white color, torn edges, and if you touch the scar, you fingers fall into it.

Causes of stretch marks

The list is rather obvious one:

  1. Forms changing

A teenager can also have striae. At this period, bones grow faster than muscles. If the skin is not enough elastic, it can be ripped in a zone of the active growth (loin, thighs and chest).

  1. Weight jump

When we put on weight, adipose tissue is deposited under the skin, which has no time to be stretched, and, as a result, it becomes ripped (usually in several zones).

We can also have striae because of weight loss. When we lose adipose tissue, the stretched skin is bending in folds and a pressure rips it as if it is a dry paper.

  1. Pregnancy

This is the most responsible and pleasant period for a woman’s body, when a hormonal background is changing. An active inflow of progesterone changes the composition of connective tissue and it becomes fragile, or may be ripped in the most tensed locations.Stretch marks during pregnancy

  1. Inheritance
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Of course, stretch marks are not maternal, however, an inheritance affects the skin elasticity. Thus, if your mother has poor elasticity, then you should start taking preventive measure as to possible stretches appearance as soon as possible.

  1. Wrong diet

Very often, a person suffers from striae because of protein food deficit. A protein is a building material for collagen and elastin, which is responsible for skin resilience. The less protein we consume, the worse stretching of epidermis we have. These negative factors may be resulted in the striae.

  1. Body dehydration

If we drink little water, then our skin becomes dry, even if we use oxygen creams. That’s why the skin becomes less elastic and it is very easy to get stretches even if you sit.

How to get rid of stretch marks? Preventive measures

It is better to start taking preventive measure from the very childhood. All you need is a correct cosmetic care.

Striae treatment

Of course, it is impossible to remove marks forever, but you can smooth out the scar tissue and make it invisible if you perform definite regenerative procedures.home care

  1. Salon Procedures – The most effective method.

Modern procedures let to even and hide stretches even if they are 20 years old!

Destructive procedures

Traumas of the top skin layer regenerate the derma and even the scar tissue, reducing its size.

  • Deep chemical exfoliation damages the scar tissue; then the new skin grows up and gains the typical shade.
  • Microdermabrasion is a delicate method of the mechanical exfoliation, which regenerates tissues and removes dead cells.
  • Fraxel is a laser to polish and smooth the skin surface.

Regenerative procedures

Mesotherapy  – injections with peptide and hyaluronic acid, which moisturize the derma with required building components. They also make our skin soft, elastic and cure it after destructive procedures.

Biorevitalization – injections, which supply the derma with vital hyaluronic acid. This procedure damps the skin and helps to keep the liquid for a long time.

Usually salons offer procedures, which should be performed by courses; unfortunately, they take a lot of time.  Don’t trust a specialist, who promises to remove all you stretches at once.

  1. Home care
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If you need to get rid of stretch marks, buy creams with weeds, vitamins and antioxidants, emollients (natural oils and waxes) – agents, which feed up the derma and even its relief.

Striae treatmentOf course, you won’t reach unbelievable effect if you use cosmetic agents only. Creams and gels give an optical effect only.  They improve the quality of derma and smooth its edges lightly.

Thus, you need to resort to special salon procedures with a regular therapy in order to fight with striae.

Preventive measures

Doctors say that it’s better to prevent the problems in advance, than treat them in future. If your skin is not so good and you noticed small derma stretches, then you should start preventive procedures.

  1. Masks

Specialists advise to do mud masks and weed wrappings to increase tonus and skin elasticity.

    1. Weed wrapping

Dissolve dry weeds in warm water until you get the gruel condition. Apply this mass on thighs and wrap them with a food film. Wash it in an hour with warm water.

      1. Follow the regimen

Drink no less than 2 l of liquid a day to exclude body dehydration. Eat more protein food to increase an elasticity of collagen fibers.

      1. Watch your weight

Watch your weightYou should lose your weight gradually, no more than 2 % from body mass per month. If you pass these steps slowly, you skin won’t lose its tonus and you will never have any stretches.

      1. Use cosmetic agents

Don’t forget to use creams, body lotions with active damping components: vitamin complexes, citrus peptides, hyaluronic acid, vegetable extracts, oils and fruit acids. All this agents recover hydra – lipidic skin balance and make it elastic, and smooth. If you noticed your first skin stretches, use moisturizing agents before you do physical exercises.

Don’t forget to apply exfoliants. Scrub your skin from dead cells in order to recover oxygen breathing and improve cells’ metabolism. Therefore, your skin will be soft and elastic.

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Top beauty – assistants:

      1. Body cream: Margarita Biarritz,
        2. Svelte Body Desire Dior cream,
        3. Moisturizing lotion for elastic skin: Q10 Plus Nivea,
        4. Anti – stretching care: Vergeturyl Cible Methode Jeanne Piaubert,
        5. Strengthening concentrate: Caudalie,
        6. Anti striae whey: Pharmaskincare,
        7 White Citrus Bath & Body Works, Body lotion,
        8. The Body Shop,
        9 Givenchy Complex.
      1. Water procedures

Take a contrast shower periodically as far as it improves blood circulation and skin tonus. It is very useful to apply pinching massage within the water procedures, especially in striae zones.

      1. Folk remedies

Folk remedies are another perfect remedy to fight with stretch marks.

A dandelion mask to prevent stretches

Take 200 gm of dandelion leaves, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of aloe juice and a tablespoon of flour. Blend the leaves and mix them with flour oil and aloe juice. Apply on the most tensed skin with striae (tummy or thighs) and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash this mass out. Do this mask 2 times a week.dandelion leaves

Vitamin cream with aloe and olive oil

Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, aloe juice and add 5 drops of A, E vitamins in capsules (prick a gelatinous capsule and squeeze the liquid). If you need to get 5 drops of these vitamins, you need several capsules. Apply this cream – gel after an exfoliant procedure, as it favors better regeneration and supplies with vitamins, improves texture and elasticity.

Grapes against stretches

Grapes contain valuable polyphenols, which are curative for derma. Remove the ossicles and blend the berries. Apply this mass on required zones for 20 – 30 minutes. Then wash it out. It is better to do these masks 2 times a week. Grape juice improves the skin condition, protects from free radicals development and the following antioxidants.

Fruit exfoliant procedure against striae

Take 100 ml of classic yoghurt, a tablespoon of almond oil and pound an orange peel. Mix these ingredients in a deep plate. You can do such procedure once per week, using a rough brush. It recovers blood circulation and oxygen balance in derma.


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