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Running a Fever In Early and Late Pregnancy. Causes and Preventive Measures

temperature under early and late pregnancy

Increased temperature under early pregnancy is not an illness. The matter is that different changes of a woman’s body, especially hormonal ones (progesterone production), cause slowing down of heat emission; it results in an increased temperature. If your temperature makes up 37 degrees within the first weeks after conception and there are not any other disease symptoms, then don’t worry. Let’s have a look at the steps to be taken in case of a body temperature increase, its causes and methods of treatment.

Low-Grade Fever

Such temperature doesn’t go up above 38 degrees. Unfortunately, it’s very hard for one’s body to stand such a condition. One is normally worn out with fatigue and such condition may be a symptom of some inflammatory process. For example, 37,5 degrees temperature under pregnancy occurs in case of ectopic pregnancy – this is a very dangerous phenomenon for a woman.

Specialists recommend visiting a gynecologist in this case and if there are not any illnesses, then a doctor should examine a woman and prescribe her specific blood and urine tests. In the case of an inflammatory process is detected and a pregnancy is defined, then one should start a required treatment.

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Causes and Consequences

So, let’s talk about some medical reasons.

Which diseases don’t have obvious symptoms?

  • pyelonephritis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • herpes;
  • cytomegalovirus and other dangerous diseases for a fetus.

The temperature under early pregnancy, provoked by viral and infectious diseases, is a rare fact in women who plan to conceive a baby. Such women have already been examined long time before the conception.

Any infection is very dangerous for a fetus. The consequences depend on the term of gestation. If a woman has an acute disease at the first 1 – 3 weeks after the conception, then she will, probably, have a spontaneous abortion and a fetal egg won’t be able to develop. In case, the infection affects the fetus within the period of main organs and systems development (the first trimester), then some inborn pathology is guaranteed.  Therefore, doctors may recommend terminating the pregnancy. Otherwise, the woman should undergo a lot of screening investigation to know whether the child is healthy or not.

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An infection after 12 – 14 weeks is less dangerous. This is a period when the placenta is already formed. A high temperature under early pregnancy and its causes frequently lead to fetus death, however, a baby is safe due to the formed placenta at the second trimester.

temperature under pregnancyHowever, don’t think that placenta protects from any affections. It just smooths over negative external factors.

If a woman has 38 degrees temperature at the 30th week, then her condition is dangerous. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t lead to some pathologies, such temperature may provoke a partial or total premature detachment of placenta and preterm labor. Moreover, even the child’s location and placenta doesn’t protect a baby as it grows old each week and can’t perform its functions at the later gestation terms.

How to Reduce and Control the Fever?

In any case, it’s required to reduce the fever as it leads to placenta detachment. There are medical and non–medical remedies.

Keep in mind that if a woman has a 37 – 37,5 degree temperature under pregnancy then there is no need to reduce it as far as this is a normal reaction of her  body to fight with agents of disease.

However, if the temperature is more than 38 – 38,5 degrees, then it’s time to start a proper treatment.

It’s recommended to air the room and wear light clothes. Drink a lot of warm water, both tea and compote. It’s forbidden to apply vinegar compresses.

health during pregnantOf course, you can undress and sponge yourself down with room temperature water. However, these are extreme measures and they shouldn’t cause any discomfort.  There is no need to put a cool rag on your forehead in case of rigor as it provokes more trembling and the temperature increase.

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You can also reduce the temperature by using drugs. The most safe and effective is paracetamol. The main point is to follow the indicate dosage.

Preventive Measures

Therefore, one should remember that it’s dangerous to be ill during pregnancy. That’s why it’s advisable to strengthen one’s immune system. Correct diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit is required at this period!

It’s a great advantage if you used to practice tempering before pregnancy.

One of the perfect methods to prevent colds is to eat a small garlic bulb every evening, especially, if there is a risk to catch ARD. In addition, you can place cut garlic bulbs in each room – don’t worry about its bad smell as you won’t feel it. Moreover, this valuable vegetable starts to emit volatile production to fight with pathogenic bacteria. It’s very useful to drink a concoction made of melissa  – this plant is rich in C vitamin, i.e. ascorbic acid you can also find in citrus plants. However, they are too allergic, be careful with them! If you want to take ascorbic acid drugs with glucose, consult with a doctor immediately! Another sign that your body needs the ascorbic acid is a desire to eat some sour product.

If your body lacks for C vitamin and the temperature is high, then you need to strengthen your immune system immediately!

doctorOne more rule is to avoid crowded places. If you need to get a ticket to visit your doctor, ask your relatives or friends to do it for you, as far as there are so many sick patients who can infect you. If it’s possible, visit your gynecologist in specific days to limit yourself from any respiratory diseases. If you feel that your temperature goes up under early pregnancy, then it’s better to stay at home. As to clothes, you should not get too overheated or get too cold!

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Unfortunately, it is very difficult to avoid high temperature and colds in early and late pregnancies. Besides, many women undergo easily such light diseases and have healthy children as a result. However, there are statistics of women gaving birth to sick babies due to their former diseases during the gestation period. That’s why, we recommend being overcautious!


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