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Culinary Gadgets of March

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Unbreakable glasses, rabbit for washing and culinary book holder…We have chosen 10 March boons to make your life easier.

Editors’ opinion. There is nothing more valuable than small gadgets that make our lives more fun and easy, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it using a special vegetable peeler tool. It makes no difference which bowl you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, your soup becomes tastier.

Thus, we advise you to take note of these fun new gadgets. There is no need to buy every thing in the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and you will probably see something you need to simplify your daily life.

Unbreakable Glasses

If you are going to organize a small celebration at work you will definitely need glasses. Unfortunately, disposable glasses are non – ecological. As to glass, this is impractical.

Therefore, Tupperware made an Allegro line.  Allegro glasses are made of unbreakable material and this item is perfect for both offices and picnic lunches.

champagne glassPrice: $9.97 USD (1 champagne glass)

Cake Oven

Unfortunately, few people have good – working ovens to cook some desserts. Don’t worry! Vitesse, a special compact oven for cakes saves electricity and efforts. Now, any person can cook a cake with a perfect pastry surface. You can decorate it with any cream you wish! Don’t forget to use the brochure for recipes you can find with this wonderful oven.

cake ovenPrice: 24.97 USD

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Rabbit for Washing

It seems than Japaneses of Marna Company are still little kids as they produce plush toys for the kitchen. However, this pink rabbit is a real professional dense foam product. Bubble Bunny is ready to cover everything with soap: from skillet to delicate tea–set.

It’s very funny to turn a washing process into a game!

bubble bannyPrice: $12 USD

Talkative Wine Vessel

A special carafe from Sophia Fong for real wine and British design connoisseurs

In fact, pouring is an important process. Besides, its liquid covers the walls of the vessel and saturates the drink with oxygen. It makes this wine more aromatic and tasty. Moreover, a carafe form lets you control the amount of the wine: each section stores 250 ml which is 1/3 of a standard bottle. Such conditions make it more “talkative” and you can hear friendly gurgling as a reaction to setting the table.

Talkative-wine-vesselPrice: 132.33 USD

Smart Attachment

Silpoura is a functional silicone clip with a spout, designed for a modern kitchen. It helps to pour cereals or fill in molds with pastry, cream and pour out extra liquid or even filter the fat.

It’s very easy to use this gadget with any vessel. Silpoura is great for vegetables and macaroni cooking. Forget about a colander. Just attach a clip to the board of your pan.

Smart attachmentPrice: $9.95 USD

Cup Cake

A cupcake is translated as a cake in a cup. Designers from Fred & Friends decided that funny name is not a nice image and started producing Teacupcakes Molds. Nice cups for both baking and effective serve will cheer up even the glummest guest.

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cup cake

Culinary Book Holder

Even the best culinary books have their disadvantages. They become dirty very soon and very often you can’t find a place for them. Joseph Joseph Company offers a special Cookbook holder – up which also fits electronic books and iPods. It has a trendy design, comfortable pages holder and good sizes. Moreover, you can fold and put it on a shelf as a book.

Culinary book holderPrice: $23 USD

A Spoon of Character

Suppon is a multifunctional silicone spoon which can rake out everything you want. Its tip is made of flexible silicone which sticks easily to any surface and makes it perfectly clean. Moreover, you can use this Suppon to stir your soup, sauce and put it on table at the same time as it doesn’t soil it.

A simple metal spoon can’t be compared with this tool.

A spoon of characterPrice: $11.95 USD for one big spoon and $7.95 USD for mini – version

Chili – Ripper

We offer you a special tool: Jalapeño Corer оf Williams-Sonoma to cut chili or jalapeño. Just cut the top, put it in the Jalapeño Correct and turn it. It’s done!

Chili – ripperPrice: $9.87 USD

Mango Pitter

A fresh mango fruit is delicious! But many women don’t buy it as they don’t know how to treat it. OXO Company solved this problem: Mango pitter can easily divide this fruit in half. Now you need to cut the pulp with a grate and turn out each part.

mangoPrice: $13.78 USD

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