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Simple tips to improve your memory

Simple tips to improve your memory

Most probably, you know some people who can memorize the most unimportant details without any efforts! Here are some simple methods to improve your memory.

First of all let us learn what our memory is and the principles of its functioning.

Our memory is a long – term storage of the man’s previous experience. It is supplied with a unique mechanism, which can easily memorize this experience, save images, information and its reconstructions in future.

The memory is divided into long – term and short-term functions.

The short – time memory is the first one to work. You can easily repeat the phrase that has been already said. However, you can hardly recollect its general sense just because the volume of the short – term memory is small. The short – term memory is a temporal storage and a filter to pass the information to the long – term memory.

memoryThus, the long – term and the short- term memories have an intermediate member, called memory, which keeps“dead line information” up to the specific term. After this, such information is normally forgotten as if you have amnesia or it can be kept in mind for a long time.

In order to be able to re – lay this information into the long – term memory, you should learn the following methods so that you could improve your intelligence.

Switch on your imagination

People, who can memorize large numbers, have a developed imagination. They imagine the number as if it is some plant, animal or inanimate object. For example: 2 is a swan, 8 is a nesting doll, 1 is a pole, 6 is a lock. IF you can’t reproduce this image mentally, then draw it.

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Dance or go in for sport as much as possible. Such training improves the blood circulation, including the circulation in brain. Physical trainings also activate mental processes, which provide information perception, reproduction and reprocessing.sport for improving  memory

Try the needlework!

Don’t think that this is a hobby of housewives and grandmothers. Cross embroidery, bracelet making, beads thread activate the memory and the whole brain functioning.

Stimulate your memory with odors

When you get ready to exams , assume office, or enter the university turn on the aroma lamp with essential oils: lemon, mint or rosemary.

Concentrate on a memorizing process

Think about the information you should memorize, listen and draw a parallel between this issue and your life, or the previous experience. The more feelings and thoughts you have, the higher probability to fix something important.Concentrate on a memorizing process

Strain your memory

If you forgot something: word meaning, some number from a report, singer’s name, friend’s phone, don’t  hurry to use vocabulary, internet or phone book. Try to recall the information by yourself.

Train the memory

Read fiction and after that write down the heroes’ names and the plot in short. Look through these notes from time to time and recuperate the details mentally. Such method helps to train the memory as well as become more erudite person.

Forget about cramming

It is disadvantageously to memorize something you cannot understand, imagine or re-tell in your own words. As to cramming, this information will never reach the long – term storage memory. It advisable to pursue the goal and learn something forever.Forget about cramming

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Think over associations

If you want to fix in your memory somebody’s new name just try to associate this person with some well – known personality with the same name and add some optional information, such as: Angelina. The same name as Jolie has, but with blond hair and not married, and she is not an Actress. Be sure that you will memorize this person for a long period.


Practice makes perfect! There is no need to repeat the information 5 times running. Just do it once per day within 5 days. It is better to train your memory at night.

Eat balanced food

Seafood, fish, eggs, cereals, vegetable oil and vegetables improve our memory. Sometime just a piece of chocolate can give an impulse if you’re tired.

Learn verses of your favorite poets

Cram one small verse every day (if it is difficult for you start from a quatrain) and read your friends this poetry at the end of the week. You will definitely notice the results in a month.

Learn foreign languages

One of the effective methods to improve the memory is languages learning. Psychologists proved that this brain training prevents mental debility.Learn foreign languages

Read special literature

There are many practical advices on how to improve your memory in the following books:

  • E Vasilieva, B. Y. Vasiliev “Super memory for everyone”;
  • Lapp “Improve your memory at any age”;
  • Grace “Improve your memory and concentration”;
  • Tony Buzan “Improve your memory”;
  • R Luria “A small book about large memory”.

Don’t be lazy!

If you are a lazy person, you will never reach desirable results in your memory improvement.

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We will be glad if you could improve your memory and maintain this result for a long period. Now, try to recollect the first advice from this article!


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