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We can not always allow ourselves to regularly go to the gym or fitness center in our fight for a slim body. That’s where home slimming exercises will come to the rescue. Use the professionals’ advice to get the desired results during your home exercises. Professionals can tell us which exercises are the most effective for our goals.

A Mindset for Slimming

Your slimming exercises will very much depend on your motivation. This is the most important factor for the exercises efficacy. They should be regular, at least 3 times a week lasting 40 minutes each. And do keep a positive mindset. You should like the exercises that will change you for the better. You should gladly look at the slimming exercises, do them with pleasure – every coach will tell you that you would miraculously loose weight if you do so. On the contrary, if you perceive your home slimming exercises as a punishment, the results will be minimal.
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Supplies for Exercises at Home

• Collapsible dumbbells with adjustable weight range from 3 to 16 kg.
• A narrow bench with spring upholstery.
• A special mat for exercises.
• Comfortable uniform made of “breathing” natural fabric.
• Comfortable sport footwear.

Any exercises, including those for weight loss at home, should start from with warming up. The goal of this is to warm your muscles, make them work, otherwise you might get an injury and have to heal it for considerable time instead of slimming down. Start the slimming exercises after 5 minutes of running on the spot or walking while raising your knees. Then lean and pressing your arms to the left, to the right, to the front and to the back at maximal pace, allowing 3 minutes for each side. Home warming-up exercises should end with some stretching for hands. Rotate your shoulders, elbows and hands for 5-7 minutes imitating breast stroke swimming or the crawl. Believe me, these simple exercises have no less meaning for slimming than the major work itself.

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slimming exercises at home Major Slimming Exercises

The First Slimming Exercise helps to get rid of some weight from the inner side of thighs and buns. Put hands on your waist, keep legs shoulder-width apart, squat 20 times per one set. Make a deep squat and breathe in. Stand up and breathe out. Keep your back strait, do not bend. Later increase the load up to 3 sets with a short break in between. In a couple of weeks start doing squats with dumbbells.
The Second Slimming Exercise: for slim thighs you should do long steps forwards with one leg: Make a long step right forwards, inhale and lower your left knee down to the floor. Exhale slowly, returning into the original stance. Place your hands at your waist, alternate the legs. Start with 15 steps per 1 set, then increase this number up to 30 per 1 set and complete 3 sets.
The Third Slimming Exercise is not just for slimming , it is also for improving the form of your breast. When you loose weight, the muscles holding up your breast also get slimmer, so you need to strengthen them. Lie back on the bench, when breathing in spread your hands to the sides, holding dumbbells. Draw your hands in above your chest while exhaling. Start from 1 set of 12 exercises and later go up to 3 sets. Gradually increase the dumbbells weight.Collapsible dumbbells and slimming exercisesThe Fourth Slimming Exercise is good for removing additional centimeters from your waist, all the while helping to tone up lower stomach muscles. Lie with your back on the mat and grip something heavy and steady like a couch or a wall bar. Bend your knees. Exhale and rise knees up above your head. Inhale while lowering your knees into the original stance.
The Fifth Slimming Exercise is known to everyone, the abdominal work-out. Put feet flat and firm on the floor, bend your knees. You would strengthen the upper stomach muscles by doing abdominal crunches. You should curl up and lower your head while exhaling and lie back on the floor while inhaling. As the previous one, this exercise is performed as many times as is possible in 1 set. Later you will have to improve the result and increase the set number up to 3.
The Sixth Slimming Exercise is the famous hula hoop. It does not just burn fat around your waist and buns, it also improves metabolism, which is essential for loosing weight and getting rid of cellulite. Minimal time for this exercise is 10 minutes. Remember that the hula hoop slimming exercise should be performed uninterrupted. If you drop the hula hoop, pick it up and spin without taking a break or resting.slimming exercises with hula hoopThese are by far not all of the exercises that will help you loose weight, but they might become a base for your first exercises. Later you can choose the exercises yourself to allow you to get slim in the right places – thighs, bottom, waist and legs.
To make the slimming exercises most effective you should adjust your menu excluding, if possible, starchy, fatty and sugary foods. Otherwise, what sense is there in burning fat with the exercises if you would instantly add it with your food. Your dinner should be light and your daily menu should include raw vegetables and fruits. Include at least one fasting day into your week menu, and you will see the results of this home exercise workout in 4-6 weeks.

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