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Backaches in Early Pregnancy

pain in loin

Pregnancy is lucky and anxious time, checking “the body’s strength”: Diseases are becoming stronger at this time. Proverb tells: “The chain bursts at its weakest link.” Unknown chronic diseases are becoming stronger.

Why Do Loins Ache During Pregnancy?

Terrible pain of varying intensity and localization in loins appears in half of future mothers at early pregnancy.  This phenomenon can be explained by changes in hormonal environment. The endocrine system produces the relaxin hormone which relaxes ligaments of the hip joints, sacrum, and loins. Mild discomfort in pregnant woman is a physiological feature and you mustn’t worry about this.

Problems with locomotor apparatus becomes stronger in 50% of cases if you have such diseases before pregnancy. But pain in loins can be in healthy girls too: The growing uterus changes center of gravity in the body. Usual position of vertebrae changes. Blood stasis in muscles occurs.methods of relieve pain in loin

When Should You Consult with a Doctor?

  • The main symptom of symphysis is spasms which will become stronger. Symphysis may cause stretching of womb muscles with internal bleeding. Symphysis is treated in a hospital by careful supervision of doctor.
  • Pain in loins with a high temperature, changing of urine color and headache can be caused by infectious or inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system or gallbladder. Also you must go to hospital if you have such diseases as: pyelonephritis, pancreatitis, or urolithiasis.
  • Misbirth is the most frightening which increasing pains in the loin can be a sign. The main symptom is atypical secretions from the vagina of brown or brownish color. You must call to hospital in this case.
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How to Relieve the Pain?

The pain in loin of physiological nature can be relieved by following methods:

  • Physical activity

The slogan “A motion is life!” takes a special significance in pregnancy. Gymnastics,  yoga, swimming, water aerobics, or long walks on foot are the main “medicines” while you wait for baby. Reasonable physical activity will relieve pain in loins and also help to give back quicker pre pregnancy shapes of the body.Pain in loin at early pregnancy

  • Balanced nutrition

Even women who don’t have problems with the locomotor apparatus need to follow this postulate. The dairy products must present in diet of all pregnant women. Because such products contain a lot of calcium. In some cases, doctor may advise you to take medicines containing calcium.

  • A massage

The massage will not be able to help you get rid of backaches, but it relieves the pain. Try exercises of stroking movements at the end of working day. It will help remove tension and relax muscles.Backaches at early pregnancy

  • The complete repose

Healthy sleep will give you good mood and wellness. Orthopedic mattress is the most suitable for pregnant woman. Such mattresses distributes load evenly on spine. Don’t stretch your muscles of the back and vertebrae during the daytime. Time to time lay on a solid surface to relax.

  • Alternative medicine

Methods of alternative medicine: Consult with your doctor before you apply such methods of alternative medicine as: homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy, and the manual therapy!

In most cases  pain in loin at early pregnancy doesn’t threaten the health of the future mother and baby. However, you must get to know the causes of these pains in the loin after doctor inspection, to avoid all possible risks. Examin your health and don’t take a chance with a pain in the loin at such an amazing time as pregnancy!

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