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Shellac for nails. Advantages and Disadvantages

Shellac gel

Shellac is the most popular nail – procedure which excels a nail extension nowadays. Let’s talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

A proper manicure is the important part of every woman’s image. Sometimes it can describe her inner life.

All we want our manicure to remain on the nails for a long time. However, it’s a fact that any manicure, made at home is not long – lasting. Regular washing, house work, sport activity, and games with children affect it significantly. As a result we observe cracks of the nail varnish even if you apply a protective coating or use a nail sealing technique.

There are so many tricks to make a long – lasting manicure. All we know about acryl nails as the main panacea for the nails beauty and gel extension.

Modern producers started promoted another varnish, called a shellac. It consists of both gel and varnish. So all you need is to apply this long – time colored coating, which also strengthens our nails.

Many years shellac is considered to be the most popular nail procedure. Let’s learn about its pluses and minuses.


The shellac looks more saturated than any other varnish, even if you do a French manicure. A pallet has all rainbow colors with modern shades of this season.

This is a salon procedure. You can also perform it at home in case you have special equipment and a special lamp, as far as the coating hardens under the impact of UV rays.


The shellac procedure takes a lot of time and it consists of many stages.

Nails preparation, which helps to model the form and cuticles processing:

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• Polishing is required as far as fringes favor good linkage with the shellac.
• Disinfection. Antibacterial agent also helps to degrease nails and the coating spreads over the nail perfectly.
• Gel foundation applying using a special technique.
• A layer fixation with the UV-lamp. This process lasts for 25 seconds for each nail.
• Application of colored elastic varnish.
• Repeated drying – out using the UV – lamp.
• The last layer application to seal the edges of nails.
• Fixation of the last layer.
• Excess varnish removal around the nail.
• Oil application of a cuticle to damp the skin.

As you can see this procedure is not so easy and it’s better to apply to a specialist to get a perfect nails.

Advantages of shellac

It helps to grow your nails. If you have thing and fragile nails you can solve this problem with the shellac procedure.

It remains on nails for a long time. You can’t remove it without special agents. You can bear such manicure up to 3 weeks.

Nice glitter. It lets your nails glare. Forget about dull varnish.

A variety of pallets. To date specialists produce lots of colored variants from classic to bright tones and saturated shades. The pallet can be changed according to seasons.

shellac nails

The shellac is harmless. It doesn’t contain dangerous components as formaldehydes thus even pregnant women can perform this procedure.

You can remove it by yourself.

Buy a special liquid and film to help you remove the coating. The instruction is usually attached to this product.

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Some expects claim such varnish is rather harmful.

High price.

The shellac is an expensive procedure and can be compared with nails extension. Moreover, you should repeat it each 3 weeks. If your nails grow to fast you need to visit your salon to do a correction.

shellac usingNails diseases.

It’s known that the shellac is subjected to temperature collisions. For example, when we are in rubber gloves or take a bath the nail is extended and then it goes back to its natural form.
Such deformation may cause invisible micro cracks in the coating and it creates perfect conditions for bacteria reproduction which leads to a fungus.


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