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Best Ways to Lose Weight in a Week Without a Gym Membership


Gaining weight is an eternal fear of any woman. As you start to gain weight, you may not notice it at first, but then, before long, you are no longer able to fit into your favorite clothes. It becomes even more of a problem when your weight gain spoils your social plans.

With only seven days before your big social event, you don’t have enough time or money to buy new clothes. You can only imagine how you are going to lose 3 to 5 pounds in a week. However, not everything is as bad as it may seem. There are some effective recipes and tips that will help you reach your immediate goal without resorting to expensive clinics.

How Much Weight  Can You Lose in a Week?

It should be taken into account that you can lose weight only within certain limits. At home you can lose 3 pounds, but not 20. So if you have seen an advertisement that promises fantastic results, beware, not everything is as it seems. Even if such opportunities exist, they require radical solutions, such as: damaging your health, taking harmful drugs or having surgery, which will be much more expensive than a new wardrobe and it can lead to unpredictable consequences. With these tips, you can expect to lose 2-4 pounds in a week and once again fit into your favorite clothes.
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What Are the First Steps You Should Take?

Reduce the amount of calories you are consuming. If you’ve never watched the calorie content of food, you should start doing it now. You can quickly lose weight only after you give up the fatty foods.

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After you stop consuming the usual amount of calories, your body will begin to burn fat stores. Reduce the amount of fatty foods you consume: a little oil in porridge or salad will be enough. But it is also important that fat does not disappear completely from the diet, as they play an important role in the metabolic processes of the body.

Forget about the sweets and confectionery. As you know, the caloric content of our favorite sweets rolls over, so it is better to give them up for those who want to lose weight in a week at home. Sugar is called sweet death for a reason: the carbohydrates have the ability to be instantly processed by the body. This means that eaten sweets will be deposited in the form of extra pounds almost immediately. Allowing yourself to eat more sweets than you should, can cause you to gain more weight. Reduce the number of spoons of sugar in tea or coffee, and if you like to enjoy these drinks frequently try drinking them unsweetened.

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What’s next

Next, be sure to eat dinner at the same time every night. Condition yourself to consume dinner no later than 6-7 pm. Eating after this time doesn’t allow the calories you ingest to be fully digested, resulting in weight gain. It is also important to avoid snacking at night. A glass of nonfat yogurt, which has a low caloric content with the full set of useful proteins will help to overcome the unbearable hunger. Besides, the night hunger – is not nothing but a reflex arising from the habit of looking in the refrigerator.

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Control the food preparation. If you are in charge of cooking, then it is simple to reduce your appetite: reduce the number of used condiments, sauces, and spices. Soup without salt, no pepper in ragout – it is doubtful that you will eat these dishes with huge portions, likely you will eat such amount that is needed to stave off hunger. This method will help you to easily lose up to 2 pounds and feel light as a feather.

Movement is life. Often excess weight occurs in response to the limited physical activity we get in a day. To combat this, add some physical exercise to your daily routine. Sign up for exercise classes in the fitness club, perform short jogs in the morning or at least walk in the park in the evening. Physical activity is a great way to lose weight.

We hope these tips will help you get in great shape within 7 days. If you do not give up the program, then in a month you will be able to enjoy the loss of 8 pounds. Take care of yourself and feel slim and attractive.


  1. I love how you say “movement is life”. People seem to forget that our bodies are designed to move! Not only does our circulation and oxygen supply depend on the body moving but our lymphatic system does not pump unless we move! Eating healthy is great but we all must remember to get our butts moving!


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