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Step-by-step Master Class: Wedding Hairstyles with Photos

Hairstyles for a wedding

Hand made wedding hairstyles step by step master class will help even those lovely brides, who up to this point have never done their hair on their own.

Wedding hairstyleWedding hairstyles presented on this page are suitable for all ages and can be used for graduation balls and/or proms.

Accompanying photos gradually help to understand the principles of fixing the curls.

At a prom or wedding you want to make your special hairstyle be the center of attention and look unique.

Hairstyles for such celebrations are based on complex shapes, with the use of false hair, curling irons, hair dryer, and are decorated with flowers, sequins, ribbons, or hats. Their implementation can take a long time.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair:
The “Princess”

Wedding hairstyles for long hair like “Princess” are optimal for young brides who have a fresh complexion.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair "Princess"

  • Dry hair is combed in the direction of natural growth and treated with fixing gel.
  • The hair is collected back in a high ponytail and fixed with a rubber band. The foreloch is brushed up to the forehead.
  • The hair in the tail is divided into several strands and make a bouffant. Then they are gently smoothed with a natural bristle brush and the fixing gel is applied.
  • Consistently curl up the strand with the forceps and form large, soft curls.
  • Fix the curls around the base of the tail.
  • Do the fringe.

The “Gretchen”

The instructions below will help you make a hairstyle like “Gretchen”:

  • Comb all the hair.
  • Take few strands around the face and twist them on curlers.
  • Among the bulk of the hair isolate a strand, comb it and twist into a bundle.
  • Lay the bundle into the rosace, fix it with pins. Do all the hair like this.Hairstyles for a wedding for long hair "Gretchen"
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The “Banana”

Hairstyle “Banana” is made as follows using these instructions:

  • Comb the hair. Divide them into two by horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  • Backcomb the upper hair at the roots. Comb the hair on both sides to the center and twist them with a curler.
  • The resulting shape fix with pins. A single strand is isolated on each side and curled with forceps or dryer.“Banana”

The “Witchcraft”

To create the hairdo “Witchcraft”, perform the following steps:

  • Comb your hair and apply gel.
  • Divide the hair into two parts using a side part.
  • The part where there is more hair is put in a shape of a wave over the forehead.
  • The bulk of the hair is combed back and put in curls into a large cushion on the neck.
  • Fix it with pins and hair spray and decorate it with flowers.Hairstyle "Witchcraft"

Hairstyle Based on a Short Bob

This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions.

  • Longer hair of top of the head twist with thin curlers.
  • On the back of the head, temples and fringe apply gel and comb the hair straight down.

Bob will gain volume, if the hair is curled with large curlers and gel is put on the ends.Hairstyle based on a short bob

Hairstyle “Youth”

Hairstyle "Youth"Thick hair looks very nice arranged in curls and decorated with beautiful flowers or barrette. Hairstyle “Youth” can do for a wedding or prom.

  • Styling gel is applied on clean, damp hair and then the hair is curled up with large curlers. When the hair is completely dry, fix the curl with hair spray, without removing the curlers.
  • After 5-10 minutes, remove the curlers and comb your hair.
  • Attach natural or artificial flowers on one side.
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Wedding hairstyle based on a short bob “Bert”

Wedding hairstyle “Bert” looks romantic and spectacular.

  1. Apply styling gel to damp hair.Wedding hairstyle based on a short bob "Bert"
  2. Curl the hair with the largest curlers.
  3. When the hair is dried, take off the curlers and leave the locks in a position in which they are.
  4. Fix the locks so that they cover the entire upper part of the head.
  5. leave free the front lock and lay it on the forehead.

To make voluminous curls, apply a mousse strong fixation to the hair, curl the strands on curling irons positioned vertically, starting from the ends to the roots. Hairstyle is fixed with hairspray.

Wedding Hairstyle with a Veil

Wedding hairstyle with a veil is stylish, romantic and elegant for such a solemn moment.

Comb wet hair and apply styling gel. Curl locks with large curlers.

When hair is dry, remove the curlers, comb the hair, and sprinkle with hair spray.

Wedding hairstyle with veilA few minutes later divide the hair into two with horizontal parting.

The front part, except for the two side strands (one on each side) are collected in the tail and fixed at the nape.

Fix the locks with hair spray and put on a wreath with a veil.

Do not be afraid of complex hairstyles – you can always ask a friend for help. Together it will be easier to master all the stages of the implementation of sophisticated styling.


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