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Coconut Oil: A Girl’s Best Friend

Coconut oil for hair masks

Gorgeous hair is the desire of every woman. That is why we usually resort to natural oils, such as, coconut oil. This remedy is very popular in cosmetology as it gives the perfect effect.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil is a well–known remedy to have beautiful and strong hair. This oil has a dense structure and it doesn’t let hair lose needed proteins.

When you apply this oil, it covers a hair shaft from the very root to its tip. If you use it regularly, your hair becomes more healthy, and glossy. You can get rid of splitting tips at last.

Coconut oil protects roots of hair from mechanical and chemical damage during regular hair drying–out, styling, and dyeing. Before you apply this oil, take a little and melt it in your hands.

Masks For Hair.

If you decided to apply this oil, you can do it in two ways: add it to a mask and apply it along the full length or just on hair’s roots. Unrefined coconut oil is healthier, but you shouldn’t apply it on your skin as this oil covers the skin with a thin film and doesn’t let vital activity products of oil glands come out.

Coconut oil for hairAs a result, we can observe different pimples on one’s head.

However, you should know that this oil is very effective when we apply it along the full length of hair.

It is very useful if you have dry and wavy or normal hair. Nevertheless, don’t use it if you have greasy and itching scalp.

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Masks For Hair

Apply refined and unrefined coconut oil using a comb, but don’t touch the very roots. Take some drops, otherwise you will get greasy and thin hair.

Scalp and Hair Masks

Take refined coconut oil. You can use melted oil and massage it into your scalp, using a comb. Then take plastic wrap and wrap up your hair, then cover it with a warm towel. Hold this mask for several hours.

Oil Properties

Coconut oil is a natural product we get from the pulp and core of mature coconuts. Due to its special properties, it is used in both food and medical industries.

Coconut oil effects:

  • antimicrobial
  • antioxidant (cell protection from aggressive inffection)
  • antifungal
  • regenerative (this oil calms down skin thanks to caprylic and lauric acids, which have a moistening effect). Moreover, this oil contains E, A vitamins and minerals.Coconut oil

Types of Coconut Oil

Natural oil is produced under cool wringing. It has a nice and gentle aroma. Refined oil differs by its aroma absence and hardly perceptible fat odor. This oil is used for hair, face and body. It should be known that coconut oil loses a lot of healthy components and vitamins in a process of refinement.

Coconut oil has a transparent structure; it should be stored in a cool room. In addition, it is thermally stable and one can keep it for a long time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Coconut Oil Preparation at Home

Coconut oil is a quite exotic agent, but you can easily make it at home. Grate coconut pulp, cover it with water and put this mass in a fridge till the morning. Then remove a hard fat from its surface, which is unrefined oil and you apply it. (Melt it in advance).

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This oil is very difficult to wash off. That’s why it’s recommended to add a teaspoon of less fatty oil to this product or mix the coconut oil with dairy products, such as whey or sour cream. The main rule is to heat them up so they won’t harden as a result.

Beautiful and strong hairMoreover, if you apply this oil along the full length of your hair you can have stiffening, bad combing as far as your hair accumulated static electricity. At the same time, your hair becomes dirty and greasy faster.

Coconut oil is also a high allergenic product and it is not advisable to apply it if you have dermatitis or skin allergy.

Where to Buy?

Purchase this oil in a special soap and on – line shops. If you need a natural product, you can order it from India, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or the Dominican Republic. Choose the amount you need and buy small or large bottles.


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