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Cod Liver Oil to Get Thin


Few people known that cod liver – oil helps people get thin. Today we can find this product even in a capsule form. Now it is so easy to rich a desirable effect!

Everyone knows about this product’s value from our grandmothers as they used to give us this oil in spite of its bad smell and taste. However, exactly the cod liver oil is a great preventive measure against rachitis and other diseases in children.

Why Is It So Useful?

The cod liver oil is a storehouse of vitamins and biologically active components, which add this product a specific aroma. It contains a concentrate of Omega – 3 fatty acids which are more than required to stay young and keep our skin, nails and hair beautiful. This product is also well – known as the main supplier of fatty vitamins  –  tocopherol  (A vitamin) and calciferol (D vitamin).

Thanks to a salt-water fish, we get this fatty product to contain lots of iodine and phosphor, which helps to maintain thyroid glands healthy and make our bones solid and elastic. In addition, it helps to recover the nervous system.

Cold liver oil to get thinSuch fatty components are needed to have a stable metabolism. Besides, these agents help to get thin gradually without exhausting physical activity.

How to Burn the Fat Correctly

In order to become thin many people keep a low – protein and low – cal diets or visit gymnasiums.

Such measures help to get thin up to 5 kg. However, this kilos return to fast, because one loses water from intercellular space. Our body can’t stand such misbalance and tries to restore the loss as soon as possible.

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If you need to get thin, it’s necessary to choose correct agents which are able to melt subcutaneous fats and normalize a metabolism without any side effects.

So, How Do You Get Thin with Cod Liver Oil?

In spite of the ineptitude, low – protein or low – carbohydrate food hardly helps to get thin, instead of the cod liver oil intake. Fatty diet is 2 times more effective than the others.

Moreover, if you take the cod liver oil, you don’t need to train your body in a gymnasium; all you need is to limit yourself in some products consumption.

The Recommended Dosage of Cold Liver Oil

This is a quite disputable question: some scientists claim that one should take no more than 500 mg a day (if you eat diversified products then you already get it), and this dosage is enough for our metabolism.

Cold liver oilThe other groups of researchers believe that one needs to consume 500 mg for 1% of subcutaneous fat as minimum. In case you have an excess weight, this dosage can be higher; in fact, the overdosage of A and D vitamins in the cod liver oil is very dangerous. That is why it’s better to find a golden mean.

  • If you have no more than 15 kg of the excess weight, then you can take 1 – 2 gm of this fat 2 times a day.
  • If you have a lot of excessive weight, then don’t exceed 5 – 6 capsules (each capsule contains 1 gm) a day.

How to Become Thin Taking Cod Liver Fat

If you want to get thin, using this product, then you should conduct a healthy life – style: do morning exercises and go outdoors as much as possible. Thus, you will be able to get thin by 4 – 5 kg in a month.

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Using this product, you won’t suffer from hungry days. All you need is to exclude some harmful products, such as canned food, sugar, bread, fried products, fat and smoked food.

A Menu For One Day

Breakfast: oatmeal, except semolina meal.

Dinner: vegetables soup/ borsch, stewed meat with vegetables, fish, chicken/ juice or tea.

Snack: curds/ yogurt/ vegetable salad.

Supper: stewed vegetables/ omelet; milk dish.

Drink kefir before you go to sleep!

useful of cold liver oil

Nota Bene!

  • Don’t take cod liver oil while fasting as it leads to gastrointestinal tracts disorders. Fats activate bile flow and cause diarrhea.
  • Take the cod liver oil by the courses: do intervals each 20 – 25 days for 4 – 5 months.


Before you calculate your dosage, it’s required to consult with your doctor as far as this product contains some vitamins which can be strictly contraindicated for some people.


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