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Traditional and Folk Remedies for Couperosis on the Face.

couperosis on face

Couperosis is a rather unpleasant skin disease that gives even less pleasure to women when they find couperosis on their faces.  Read on to find out what causes it, how traditional medicine and modern cosmetology advise to treat it.

Couperosis is a skin disease, which is expressed in engorgement of vessels and formation of vascular spiders. One or two spots could be not very noticeable, but sometimes several rather big formations can greatly spoil one’s appearance.

Vascular spiders may appear on your body, cleavage, but the most unpleasant, of course, is couperosis on face. It appears for many reasons.

Those, who have thin sensitive skin, squeamish and redden, are in high-risk group. At bottom, couperosis is a disease that appears due to disturbed circulation.

treating couperosisAt first sensitive skin reddens and becomes itchy at the slightest irritation (cold weather, hot water, physical impact), then vessels are getting larger and larger, lose their elasticity, skin remains red all the time. In addition, we can see dark red knots – vascular spiders.

Nevertheless, couperosis on face isn’t only the result of the impact on skin itself, but also on the whole vascular system. Very hot food, a lot of spicy and salty dishes, bad habbits (drinking and smoking), as well as such a pleasant thing as sauna – all these things crucially worsen aspect of disease.

Along with bad habits we can mention using scrubs, alcoholic lotions, massages, tough towels and sponges for facial washes.
So, if you have noticed spider veins, the first thing you should do is to make a revision of your cosmetics and to buy a special cream for couperosis treatment, change your diet and habbits.

Treatment of Couperosis

Unfortunately, couperosis is a very stubborn disease and it will take you a lot of time and money to cure it. In addition to that, it will also take you much effort to maintain the skin condition after the treatment. Try as you would, couperosis on your face will more likely appear again as you have such skin, but when it will happen again and how hard it will be to get rid of it once again, depends to a large extent on your wish and patience.

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ways to treat couperosisIn clinics and cosmetic centers they offer special procedures to treat couperosis. This can be a laser, electrical coagulation, procedures on skin renovation, phototherapy, ozone injections, lymph drainage, etc.

In each definite case only a doctor can choose methods and program of treatment. The doctor will perform some tests, examine skin and prescribe therapy. That is because most of such procedures are far from being harmless and not every skin would normally react to them. It is also advisable to see a dermatologist. Dermatologists can prescribe some additional tests as well as oral medicines. As couperosis, as it has been stated before, points at serious problems with vessels and it means that you won’t get rid of it just with the help of external procedures.

Special cream for treating couperosis will help you to maintain the healthy state of your skin and to continue treating couperosis at home on your own. Such creams are produced by many firms, which production is sold only at pharmacies.

Good reviews acquired anti-couperosis creams by such pharmaceutical companies as “Aven,” “Lierac,” “Doctor Taffi.” However, it should be stated, that only using such a remedy won’t be enough.how to get rid the couperosis

Treating Couperosis at Home

Home treatment of couperosis is usually limited to the right way of taking care of your skin and usage of the special remedies.

You should wash your face only with warm water, you should never do it with ice under any circumstances. Cleansing procedures, which are usually accompanied by steaming your skin, are not allowed. That is why it is better to leave it to specialists from cosmetic salon. It is better to clean your face in the morning and to remove makeup in the evening with special face milk and to apply restorative cream before going to bed.
Tonics and milks should not contain alcohol and oils, other irritating ingredients.

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After washing your face you would rather wait for skin to dry itself than dry it with towel.

Not a bad product line including night cream against couperosis, cleansing milk has a company called KORFF.

Daily care should include applying nourishing cream against couperosis and using special facial masks. Such remedies take gentle care of your skin, create protective layer and strengthen vascular walls.

couperosisTreating couperosis at home also includes taking vitamins. Specialists advise to choose vitamin complexes with vitamins P, K and C.

Decorative cosmetics should be bought in pharmacies. Special disguising pencils and tonal creams against couperosis will not cause any harm to your skin, will protect it from sunlight and other harmful factors.

You should avoid applying creams and disguising creams with sponges or brushes in order not to damage skin. All the remedies are applied with your finger tips with slight movements.

Treating couperosis at home, you can use traditional remedies.

Traditional Treatments

One way of treating couperosis with the help of traditional medicine is to use chamomile infusion. To prepare it you should take 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile and infuse it with 1 glass of boiling water. When the mixture is cool enough, squeeze the herbs, and infusion is used to make applications, applying the cloth soaked in the infusion to the places with redness and spider veins.

folk remedies for treating couperosisRaw potato masks are also useful infighting couperosis. Grate a peeled potato on a fine grater and apply to your face. 10 minutes later wash it off with chamomile or calendula infusions.
Winter frost and wind influence any skin in a bad way, but they are especially harmful, if there is couperosis on your face.

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Homemade treatment also offers to apply special mask before going outside.

To prepare this mask you should take one teaspoon of oil (peach, olive, grape seed, linen) and mix it thoroughly with one teaspoon of lanolin and a small amount of starch or baby powder. Apply the mask on your face skin and leave for 10-15 minutes, then carefully rinse it with warm water or chamomile infusion.

To eliminate couperosis, traditional medicine also suggests preparing tonic, which can be used to wash your face in the morning and in the evening.

To make it you should take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and infuse it with 0,5 litre of water. Then thoroughly grind up two tablets of ascorutin and add this powder into the cool infusion. Stir it well.

In conclusion I would like to remind you that couperosis is a disease, not only a cosmetic imperfection, that is why you should approach its treatment in an according way. Don’t be lazy to go and consult your doctor about salon procedures, creams against couperosis, find out what is the best way of treating couperosis at home.

a few recipes for treating couperosisEspecially I would like to draw your attention to traditional ways of treating couperosis. In some articles, you may come across some advice to treat couperosis with the help of traditional methods using ice cubes made of herb infusions or applying masks made of fresh fruit and berries. However, specialists on the whole do not advise to do so, as ice influences not in a good way vessels that have already lost their elasticity, and fruit acid has an irritative effect on you skin.

To define the state of your skin and what methods of treatment suit you best is your doctor’s prerogative, only doctors can do it.


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