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High-heeled Shoes 2016. Today Beauty Does’t Require Sacrifice

the most fashionable high-heeled shoes

Any outfit, even the most casual one, can be turned into an exquisite one with fashionable high-heeled shoes. Collection-2016 is full of the most unhackneyed ideas, that should not necessarily be kept for a special occasion. The peculiarity of the season – and the designers highlight it – is bright and even outrageous shoes for every day

The Most Fashionable High-heeled Shoes

high-heeled shoes with sharp tipToday’s trends are inexorable. Even if you are a dedicated fan of flat shoes, creating fashion images without trendy high heels is impossible. Moreover, the choice is almost unlimited: from romantic pumps to stiletto heels to feminine variations of frankly male styles. Retro, oriental theme and a bit of glamour – the trends invite us to indulge in the fantasy of fashion.

turquoise shoesThe basic rule, which designers remain loyal to, is femininity and sexuality of this season models. Sharp tip, triumphantly returned to fashion, defines its own the rules of the game – flirty, graceful models in the classic version of pumps are one of the most popular versions of this season.

The basic style of today has enriched with the most unexpected combinations of colors and materials. Juicy sophisticated shades of cherry, turquoise or any “citrus” color, especially in combination with patent leather are the hits of the 2016 fashion season collection.

high-heeled shoes with flower patternTwo trends, which were trendy yesterday, today lost its relevance. “Nude” colors are being actively replaced with “flower” patterns and massive platforms. But what the designers have proposed as an alternative can not but make us rejoice.




Bright colors and light elegant styles of high heels as in the photo – the style of the new season:

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fashionable color of shoeshigh-heeled shoes

Stylish High-heels

high-heeled shoes with stylish heelThe hits of the new collections now are models in which the heel is given the role of the most expressive and colorful detail. First and foremost is the height – modest 7-8 centimeters do not attract the designers today. But all the above have become the reason for the experiments, which you not only shouldn’t take as a surprise, but also introduce them into your own images.

In the first place are the shapes and silhouettes of high heels, giving the stylish shoes not only beauty, but also practicality. Solid, stable, rectangular or round shape heels became the main focus and a real decoration this season; sometimes literally, because the inlay with metal, crystals and stones is one of the most important methods of decoration of shoes this season. It is the same about clear and matte plastic – it brings a fashionable daring contrast and easy shocking in quite respectable model.

fashionable black shoesCombination of materials provides creative and very stylish solutions, which all leading designers are passionate about today. The main thing is color compositions, which are feminine and flirty this season. As well as fancy shapes of the décor, such as large buckles and textile flowers, are actively gaining popularity.

shoes with combinations of colorsTwo or three colors, combined in one model is a zest of this fashion season, which looks particularly impressive in nontrivial combinations of colors and textures. Turquoise with purple, pink and green … Even the classic versions like beige or black are now combined with metal or plastic. The more daring and original the combination is, the more accurate your stylish high-heeled shoes will fall in trend.

The Most Elegant High-heeled Shoes

high-heeled shoes with reptile patternFashion for refined luxury, which has reached its peak this season, could not but affect the shoe trends. Definitely quality and precious natural leather with muted matte gloss or varnishing delicately, but precisely emphasize not only the beauty, but also the origin and the value of the shoes.

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Rare varieties of leather with  reptile pattern are rich in color this season. The entire range of trendy turquoise blue and red shades fit perfectly into this trend. This trendy mix of timeless classics and designer’s searches resulted in completely new textures. Sophisticated colors exhibit the rich natural pattern in a new way; also the simpler the style of the model is, the more spectacular it looks.

high-heeled shoes with laceThe original design intent has always been considered an invariable sign of luxury. This season it is a mix of classic style and original combinations of textures, colors and dressings. Suede and leather, perforated like lace textures and plastic … High fashion sets their complex and contradictory combination in chic high-heeled shoes.

This season Chanel shoes have become a retro style hit. The brilliant Mademoiselle invented not only the most elegant dress, but also aristocratic shoes. Classic pumps with a contrasting tip today’s designers interpret in their own way. Traditionally light models are now decorated with a contrasting combination of black, blue or cherry red. And the most avant-garde options – with metal inlay.high-heeled shoes different colors

Very high heels

Very high heelsRefined luxury is revealed fully in the evening models. Shoes with high heels is a mandatory attribute of an elegant and refined image for the evening. Here, nothing can compete with stilettos – they bring not only lightness, but also sexuality to your image.

Elegant pointed tip is best combined with  thin, almost weightless, but very high heels.

The distinctive décor and materials completely transformed the classic style this season. It is not only demonstrably expensive leather, but textiles, which allow you to create trendy decorative elements for evening models. Bows, flowers and even butterflies adorn the most fashionable evening options.

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Comfortable Shoes with High Heels

The compromise would seem impossible. But the designers’ setting on daily high heels dictates a sine qua non – convenience. To easily and elegantly wear them day and night, of course, you need to get used to them.

popular shoesJust the way the professional models do, when they with ease show stunning examples of design ideas on the catwalks.

But even the most avant-garde shoes can be really comfortable. Trendy wide stable heel of any, even the most intricate shapes will guarantee that you will be comfortable. Especially if the model has a low – no more than a couple of centimeters – platform in the forefoot. Rounded and “closed” tip, with a “tongue” or lacing and ankle guarantee you that it “sits” on your foot like a glove.

But no less important condition that affects the comfort is leather, not only on the outside, but also inside the model.

romantic high-heeled shoesIn such a shoe master stylists recommend to practice the “podium” gait to those who usually prefer sneakers and flats.

An important pointia a shoe-tree, it must be chosen very carefully and you shouldn’t skimp on its quality. The myth that complex design models are not compatible with everyday images today is hopelessly outdated. Beautiful treandy models are designed for you to wear them every day.


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