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Culinary Gadgets of June. The Best Kitchen Tools for Your Home

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High – speed portable oven, portholes for drinks, trowel – transformer… We are going to recommend the 10 best practical things of June for your kitchen!

Editors’ opinion. There are so many tricks to make home life easier and more fun, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it using a special vegetable peeler. It makes no difference which bowl you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, your soup is somehow tastier.

Therefor, we advise you to check out all the new gadgets that have been invented for the kitchen. There is no need to buy the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and you might just find exactly you need to simplify your daily life.

Marinade Maker

Tupperware launched an interesting tool which marinates meat: it consists of a roomy container (1.5 l) with air – locked cover and internal inset – grill. Now you can easily put all the ingredients in layers so they can be soaked in your marinade thanks to holes in the grill. Besides you can also cook poultry, vegetables and fish. And when the kebab season is over, use the container to unfreeze vegetables, bread cutlets and beat meat. The bottom and cover have small taper journals.

All you need is too put a slice of meat inside this box, shake it and it will be beaten thoroughly.

Tupperware marinates meat

Price: $47 USD

Cutting Board with Pull-Put Drawers

It’s very important to keep order in the kitchen so that all necessary things should be close at hand. Mocubo from Quirky is a Cutting board with pull-put drawers that will help you to organize meal prep in your kitchen and make it joyful!

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It is made of solid bamboo and equipped with rubber legs for better firmness.

Cutting board with pull-put drawersPrice: $125 USD

Trowel – Transformer/Turner spoon

Silicone Trowel – transformer from Magisson is a perfect tool! Press its edges and it transforms into a roomy serving spoon. This kitchen transformer is able to turn over your beefsteak and scoop up the sauce. Keep it horizontally and it won’t take lot of space.

turner spoonPrice: $20 USD

Pizza Cone Kit 

Serve a pizza as if it is an ice – cream. Pizza Cone Kit is a practice tool for a party. It’s very easy to hold it as it won’t dirty your hands and clothes. This set consists of 2 baking molds, Cone Kit holders, special stencil and cutting wheel.

Pizza Cone KitPrice: $25 USD

High Heel Cake Server

Many people want to organize an unusual banquet where each detail looks attractive. Even a normal cake server can be modified! High Heel Cake Server is a trowel with an amazing heel on a magnet which looks like a fashion accessory. It is a useful detail that also decorates your banquet!

High Heel Cake ServerPrice: $15 USD

High – Speed Portable Oven

Chadwick Oven is a high-speed portable oven for a stove. In spite of its small size, this oven overtops its previous models. It gets hot up to 500 degrees in 4 minutes. (A temperature limit of a simple oven is 250 degrees). These specifics let the Chadwick Oven bake ideal home-made bread with cheese and spinach in a short time. It perfectly cooks both roast beef and pasta. The main advantage is its weight – 4 kg.

Chadwick OvenPrice: $551 USD

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The main problem of any corporate party is not enough space for dishes. Cocktail Holdaplate saucers are made to solve this problem. Thanks to this product you can hold the plates and glasses in the same hand. The main secret is a small hollow for the index finger at the very edge of the plate.

Cocktail Holdaplate saucers are universal in usage and fit any glasses and cups.

Cocktail HoldaplatePrice:$ 7 USD (6 plates set)

The “Porthole” for Drinks and Aromatic Oil

The Porthole is a stylish vessel made for Aviary bar of Grant Achatz, American follower of culinary ideas pf Ferran Adria. The Porthole appeared thanks to Jules Verne’s novels which inspired Martin Kastner, a designer who created this magic vessel. It became popular at once and after some time people started buying this product.

To use this porthole you need to put all ingredients and close with a transparent cover and coat with water. Thus, you can get any drinks: fruit water and wine, decoctions and teas. If you wish you can also cook aromatic oils.

The “Porthole” for drinks and aromatic oilPrice: $99 UDS for one single porthole

Ice Jaws

There is nothing better than a harmless joke at a party. If you found a jaw in your drink, don’t panic. Look closer and probably it’s just an ice. The moulds for Frozen Smiles Ice Tray from Fred&Friends are made of safe foodstuff rubber.

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray from Fred&FriendsPrice: $20 USD

Continent for Dessert

Bitten Cookies Company offers the whole world with Feed The World set of molds and recipes for lemon cookies. At last, geography lessons will be interesting for your child!

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Bitten Cookies CompanyPrice: $20 USD



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