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Kitchen Gadgets: Culinary Discoveries of November

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Double frying pans, a rug for breadsticks, inverted pots for herbs… A study was made on the Internet and 10 small kitchen gadgets were selected, which have pleasantly surprised us for November.

There are no trifles in everyday life, especially in the kitchen. It seems that you can peel the potatoes with the usual knife, but do it using a special peeler and it’s much easier, more pleasant and graceful. It seems that it does not matter from what dishes you eat, but, even the most ordinary soup seems no worse than the restaurant one that’s placed in a beautiful plate. We can give examples to infinity. The truth is: it is just not worth it to ignore the achievements of scientific and technical progress. No one needs to run to the store and buy a whole range of lovely stuff. To get started, just take a look. Perhaps you’ll find something on our list that will make your life a little easier.

Bar in the pocket

Once the Swiss Army knife fell into the hands a resourceful barman, and he turned it into the Bar10der. This accessory has combined 10 of the most essential tools to create professional cocktails. Here you will find a variety of knives, mixers, corkscrew, measuring cup, and even a juice extractor for citrus – this thing can make a real bar even at the edge of the world!Swiss Army knife

Set for sushi

Fans of Japanese cuisine will certainly appreciate a set of sushi dishes. Thanks to the forms of “Maki” and “Nigiri” from Tupperware, every woman will be able to create true works of art: sushi and rolls will be turn out better than in a Japanese restaurant! However, these items will be useful to those who prefer European cuisine and pastries: excellent pancakes and rolls are turned out in the form of “Maki”. The form “Nigiri” – is an excellent tool for cutting accurate molds of sand, puff, yeast dough, and it can be used to create dumplings, meatballs made of meat and fish, potato cakes and more.Maki and Nigir from Tupperware

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Mat for breadsticks

It is so easy to cook delicious bread sticks at home if you have a special silicone mat like Sticks by Lékué. And this is done almost instantly: five minutes in the microwave, and it is done! Some basic recipes for the dough are attached to the mat.bread sticks mat

Toothy hammer for meat

The Reversible Meat Tenderizer is two instruments in one: a traditional hammer for beating and ” fluffing ” meat. The toothy side of the disc is designed for delicate “loosening”: with it, chops become softer and do not lose their appearance. Besides, this tenderizer does not remove delicate fibers, as it occurs in cases with a conventional hammer. It will be necessary, by the way, during roasting meat and poultry. If you properly spank the chicken with the tenderizer before sending it into the oven, the spices and seasonings will evenly soak all the meat with their flavor. The holes are also made so small that they simply are not visible.Reversible Meat Tenderizer

Rotary Peeler

This stylish little Rotary Peeler by Joseph Joseph is incredibly businesslike: she knows how to peel potatoes, cut the peel from soft fruits and vegetables, and make flat straws. The handle-wheel will help set the desired blade in the working position. One turn – it is done! In addition, the device is equipped with a special “tail”, through which the “eyes” of the potatoes are cut very simply and accurately. The mechanism can be easily disassembled, and you can even wash it in the dishwasher.Rotary Peeler by Joseph Joseph

Bottle opener-carbine

The Bottle Biner by Fred and Friends is a secret equipment for tourist. It is necessary to untwist the thread of the carbine as it turns into a bottle! Moreover, this wonderful tool is also suitable for opening beer bottles. The manufacturer recommends to carry the carbine with you everywhere. This thing is useful not only for a picnic, but it also helps with everyday items in your own refrigerator.Bottle Biner by Fred and Friends

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Double pan

The novelty Nonstick Frittata Pan Set by Calphalon is pleasant for fans of frittatas and tortillas. This set of two pans have non-stick coating, each of which copes independently with its daily tasks. But if you have decided to please your friends with frittatas, there will not be any problems with the inversion: just cover the large frying pan with the smaller one then lock the handle and turn. The perfect result – in one motion!Nonstick Frittata Pan Set by Calphalon

Scissors for seafood

The scissors by Progressive will help uncover the lobster and peel shrimps with professional ease. They manage very cleverly with shrimps – easily pulling out the intestinal thread, without removing the shell.scissors by Progressive

Multi cooker that cooks compote and dumplings

The Multi cooker is an indispensable thing for the busy hostess. Thanks to the special technology of thermal processing of products. All the cooked dishes in the multi cooker are not only delicious, but also useful. The new model of the multi cooker by Panasonic Premium Series supports a variety of traditional cooking modes. Cereals, baking, stewing, and steaming. It has interesting additional functions: express-mode for fast cooking as well as soup, compotes and a cooking mode for dumplings. Even a novice cook will be able to cope with this device. The choice of programs and the management of this multi cooker is extremely intuitive.multi cooker Panasonic Premium Series

Hanging pot for herbs

To have fresh herbs in the kitchen is a very tempting idea. The New Zealand designer Patrick Morris offers the Boskke Sky Planter. Save space in the kitchen by planting aromatic herbs from the ceiling in a special pot. The innovative water supply system to the roots help to save water. The soil in the pot is completely isolated. This means that it will dirty neither your kitchen, nor the green leaves. Not enough work surfaces in the kitchen? Hang the pot of herbs on the ceiling!special pot Boskke Sky Planter

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