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Culinary Gadgets of April. The Best Practical Things for Your Kitchen

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Straw with a moustache, water-bottle with fruity aroma, salt plate… Top 10 April practical things you will definitely need in your kitchen!

Editors’ opinion. There is nothing more valuable than things that make our life more fun or easier, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it, using a special vegetable peeler tool. It makes no difference which bowl you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, your soup is tastier.

Thus, we recommend you take a look at the fun new innovations. There is no need to buy the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and see if any of them will simplify or enhance your daily life.

Silver Kettle

Unique properties of silver are well loved since ancient times. Many people used to keep water in silver vessels; for example, our grandparents used to put a silver spoon in water bottles to keep the water fresh. Tefal combined aged – old traditions and the most modern scientific development and invented the first world kettle with silver ions. A patented progress of Microban technology prevents bacteria developments and reproduction. Moreover, it keeps the water fresh. Even a few days later the water is still tasty and healthy. The high-power (2400 W) is equipped with ultra-rubbing heating element which reduces scaling by 40%.

If you are a real expert of this product line try a new model with a temperature controller so you could brew your favorite tea.

Silver kettle

Price: from $22.56 USD

Salt Plate

Salt Plate from Williams-Sonoma came from Himalaya. This is the place where one can find a lot of beautiful pink salt deposits that are around 250 million years old. Such a long period transformed the salt into hard minerals which are now used in building spheres.

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Cooks also uses Himalayan salt plate because it distributes the warmth evenly over the whole surface and salts the dish at the same time.

All you need is to oil the stone plate and put it on the fire. Thus you get sweet and aromatic meat and seafood.

It’s also very easy to wash this plate without soap – Himalayan salt is already full of antibacterial properties. In case you noticed the plate became worthless in some time, you can grind it in a coffee – mill.

Salt Plate from Williams-Sonoma

Price: $29 USD

Closure – Filter

This mini colander for canned foods from Amco is ready to help you with canned olives, tuna–fish and green peas. A special closure is made of qualitative rustless steel and doesn’t require a lot of space to store it.

colander from amco

Price: $9.32 UDS

Folding Wine Table

You can easily organize an elegant picnic! Tavolo Company developed a folding Wine Bamboo table which is made of natural bamboo. In addition, this tool will be very useful on the beach and in the open air.

Folding wine table

Price: $30.32 USA (a bag as a gift).

Straw with a Moustache

A lot of fun or the kids! Attach reusable Stache Straws from Gamago to a straw and enjoy the party!

Straw with a moustache

Price: $13.78 (a set of 6 moustaches in a gift – wrapping).

Packets for Toaster

Holland designers from Boske claim that one can easily cook a crispy sandwich with melted cheese by means of a special technique: reusable Toastabags packets let you cook hot sandwiches in a simple toaster.

You may wash the Toastabags in a dishwasher. The average life of each packet is about 50 sandwiches.

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Toastabags packets

Pasta Server

This device is for pasta lovers. The Pasta server from Formahouse Company measures the necessary portion for 2 persons and helps to grate Parmesan. As soon as the pasta is al dente, this device transforms into a special indented spoon for pasta serving. Now you can cook your favorite dish in a short time!

Pasta serverPrice: $14.03 USD

High – Speed Press for Grill

Bruce Hill, a well – known American chef developed this press for the grill season.

This device presses meat to the grill and its goffer top lets the air circulate properly. Now you can cook 20 – 30 % faster than you used to before. This press is also useful when you cook grilled chicken.

High – speed press for grillPrice: $50.13

USB – Temperature Regulator for Drinks

If you like to spend a lot of time in front of the computer with a cup of tea, then try this USB temperature regulator from Green House. It doesn’t need any additional energy sources and keeps your drink hot or cold (it works between 15–40 degrees).

This is the great gift for your colleagues!

USB – temperature regulator for drinksPrice: $42.20 USD

Water – Bottle with Fruity Aroma

Everybody knows about the health properties of water. If you can’t drink a lot of water then you need Flavor Infuser from Uncommon Goods. Its summer fruit aroma is a real dream, especially for those people who are trying to get thin because this water is free of calories!

Water – bottle with fruity aromaPrice: $15 USD

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