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The Craze Behind the Guipure Dress

Guipure dress

During the middle ages, fashionistas flocked to the luxurious Venetian guipure dresses, delicate lace fabric with three-dimensional designs. The reason behind the need to own a guipure dress was because they were made by hand; requiring an incredible amount of perseverance and good taste of the designer. With the end of the 15th century, the lace began the triumphant march through Europe, gaining more and more popularity.

The most exquisite Guipure dresses

guipure dressToday, guipure is available to all, thanks to innovative technology and modern equipment, which is capable of sewing the lace of any material – synthetics, linen, wool, and cotton. Resulting in extraordinarily beautiful outfits, which you can wear for any celebrations as well as in everyday life. Light dresses are sewn from guipure. Producing enough air to give a weightless impression.This dress can consist entirely of guipure or include elements for decorations.

The guipure dresses are also suitable for every age group – worn by elderly ladies it creates accurate lines and restraint, captivates young girls by easiness and elegance. It looks magnificent on any woman who skillfully combines it with the properly chosen cosmetics and accessories.

lace dressGuipure is present in today’s popular “retro” and “vintage” fashion trends, imitating the fashion of the middle of the last century. Although the modern cut of the outfits is more simple and spacious, it highlights the wealth of texture and beauty of the material and does not attract attention to the figure.

In order to stylize this outfit along the lines of a vintage dress, it is richly decorated with frills, ruffles, lace trim. In order to respond to the selected style, these dresses must be extremely light in color. The color of flax, baked milk, creamy and cream-colored or white. They perfectly contrast with dark skin, so in the summer, they look particularly attractive on a tanned girl.

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beautiful lace dress

What’s fashionable?

Fashionable this summer will be any color guipure – from pastel shades such as pale green, azure, light yellow, to glaringly bright (the color of turquoise, lavender, orange, red), which usually emphasize the minimalist cut and silhouette with an open back (shoulders).

fashionable guipure dress

Professional models often exhibit guipure directly on bare skin or underwear, of course, this is not ideal for casual wear. Guipure is worn over a cover in the form of a top. “Substrate” is not always in the same tone of the dress. The contrasting versions look much more interesting (for example, a black top for red lace, white top – a black, etc.).

Very carefully select the dress, if you are prone to be overweight. A material such as a guipure gives you volume. So well fleshed ladies can choose for themselves a dress with guipure decoration and V-neck to accentuate the curvy shape. While it is a position of the belt just below the breast that is desirable. Long guipure dressLong guipure dress
Long laced dress are compared with luxurious evening gowns. And really – why not put it on to attend a party or the theater?

Dress with guipure inserts

Long lace dressGuipure dresses don’t have to be entirely composed of lace. A dress with simple lace detail does not look less elegant. The lace can be on the sleeves, at the neckline of the collar. Or replace a top dress like the photo above. Here black skirt in cut less fabric combined with lace blouse.

Another unusual insert — deep neckline on the back. This combination is ideal for tight, seductive dresses, and helps to create an absolutely amazing image.

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Black guipure dress

The black dress is considered a classic. The guipure dress in black is perfect for both casual and office dress code. In an original outfit for going to a Museum or theater. Make your dark lace dress look like a solemn one. Complement it with a few accessories made of precious metals or stones.

Black lace dress

Black guipure dress






 White guipure dress

A white colored, lace dress is traditional. Associated with a wedding, these dresses can be worn for any occasion. The white color is an associative symbol of purity and youth,. Because the dress is incredibly feminine, it really will rejuvenate you.White guipure dress


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