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Top 10 small things for your kitchen. Culinary discoveries of December

small things for kitchen

Curly knife for oranges, waffles on sticks, unbreakable mugs, crumpled cups… The editors enthusiastically studied spaces of the Internet and selected 10 small things, which have pleasantly surprised it in December.

From the editor. There are no trifles in everyday life, especially in the kitchen. It seems that you can peel the potatoes with the usual knife, but do it using a special peeler is much easier, more pleasant and graceful. It seems that it does not matter from what dishes to eat, but even the most ordinary soup seems no worse than the restaurant one in a beautiful plate. We can give examples to infinity. The truth is one: it is just not worth to ignore the achievements of scientific and technical progress. No one calls for the immediate run to the store and buy a whole range of lovely stuff. To get started, just take a look. Perhaps in one of our surveys, you will find some kind of charm that will make your life a little easier.

The editors enthusiastically studied spaces of the Internet and selected 10 small things, which have pleasantly surprised it in December.

A non-plastic cup

Back in 1975 the Dutch designer Rob Brandt created the art object as a protest against the disposable culture. Crinkle Glass is similar to a disposable cup, but in fact it is made of glass. However, art is sometimes useful in the kitchen. For example, it is possible to drink from this cup.Crinkle Glass is similar to a disposable cup

 «Salad dogs»

Weiner Dog Oil&Vinegar Set от Global Amici — they are not just decorative figures. This is actually a container for oil and vinegar. In order to season the salad, you will have properly shake “animal” over the plate, tightly clutching its abdomen. Just the most severe guest will be able to hold back the smile at the same time! Let ‘’salad Dog “climb on the table, and they will make your holiday a truly fun! The set includes two glass handmade bottles, stoppers for “tails” and a special funnel for easy filling.Weiner Dog Oil&Vinegar Set от Global Amici

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Waffle Maker which is able to do the corrugations on a stick

Not only candy or cotton candy, but also the waffles can on be a stick! Not only adults, but children will easily make beautiful “corrugations” in a bright new waffle iron Vitek WX – 1101 BL! Waffle hearts look very elegant – perfect entertainment for children’s parties. The set includes 100 wooden sticks at once, so that it should be enough for all!Vitek WX - 1101 BL

 “Fruit” dishes

Gloomy pans are in the past! Cookware also has the right to be colored! For example, “apple” pan Maxwell Apple ML-017, it is simply impossible to bypass. And the non-stick bioceramic coating ivory color pleases your eyes. Stylish bright green teapot Maxwell Apple ML-708 is very friendly with the guests: it makes the tea for everybody (capacity 800 ml), it would not miss the tea leaves in a mug (due to the mechanism French-press), and its rich color remind summer in the cold winter weekdays. It is an excellent gift to colleagues and friends for the New Year!Maxwell Apple ML-017

Knife for peeling oranges

Elegantly peel orange – it is not such a problem, if you have Apostrophe fixture from the Italian company Alessi. Even if this thing has nothing to do with the traditional knife, it will easily deal with obstinate fruit without any extra juice splashes and spills. it is just a pleasure to use “apostrophe”:  the ergonomic body is made of steel and it is pleasant to hold in your hand, and a specially designed blade-tail cuts evenly peel with neat ribbons. If you just get carried away by the process a little bit – you will have a openwork ball that you will be able to decorate even a Christmas tree. Of course, it is best to eat an orange, but the curly peels can be used, for example, as the original Christmas decorations.Alessi

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Eared mug for kids

Dombo – is a simple but very effective invention by Richard Hutton for the company Ngispen. To drop the mug is quite difficult, because it is so convenient to keep “the ears” with two hands! However, if your child does decide to check Dombo on strength and hurl it to the floor – do not worry: it is practically impossible to break the cup (at least, so say the producers). Dombo is available in wide range of colors, and it can be washed in the dishwasher.Dombo cups

Magic bottle holder

They say there are no miracles … see what your guests will say when they see a bottle of wine, quietly floating in the air above the table! The magic holder by Peleg Design creates a very realistic illusion: it seems that the chromated chain of the support – is the only thing that keeps the bottle from the free flight. But it is true: you can quite afford a little harmless magic at the end of the year!magic holder by Peleg Design

Knife for cheese flounces

Table decoration – it is the primary issue on the eve of holidays. The special cheese knife by Bosca Holland will help to decorate dressy your holiday snacks. It is enough to stick its axis in the middle of the head of the cheese, then just to scroll knob – and instead of the usual slices, you will get the finest delicate flounces. Great find for a cheese plate fans!cheese knife by Bosca Holland

Holder for tea bags

Fans of tea parties and romantic movies will appreciate this unusual fixture Tea.tanic by German designer Gordon Adler. And meanwhile in your mug sunken ocean liner promises to squeeze all the flavor and aroma of the tea bag. Tea.tanic is made of stainless steel.Tea.tanic by German designer Gordon Adler

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Changing color Tea Maker

This magical tea maker Vitesse VS-152 can not only heat the water of 7 temperature regimes (from 40 to 100 degrees), but right there make tea or coffee: the set includes a special strainer of hygienic stainless steel. You should just put some tea leaves in a special strainer and place it inside of the tea maker. You can watch the boiling of water through the glass body, the more over,  make it is a pleasure: transparent body with bright blue backlight and floral designs that changes color from gray to blue, turns conventional boiling water in a fantastic performance.tea maker Vitesse VS-152


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