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Oral-B Electronic Toothbrushes, What They Offer

Electric toothbrushes

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

Toothbrushes, certainly, don’t fall into the category of cosmetics. However, teeth hygiene has a lot to do with taking care of oneself, which does fall into the category of beauty. We recently received two Oral-B electric toothbrushes, so I have decided to talk to you about the advantages of using an electric toothbrush.

The first one is Oral-B Professional Care 500 for grown-ups:

Oral-B Professional Care 500

The second one is Oral-B Kids Power Toothbrush for children:

Oral-B Kids Power ToothbrushInitially, the handles of the toothbrush are disassembled in the box: the handle that contains the mechanism is separated from the brush head (they are changeable, you can buy a new on if this becomes worn out or you can have a few ones for using brush together) and a battery charger stand.

Grown-ups’ toothbrushes Grown-ups’ and kids’ toothbrushes differ in the softness of bristles located on brushing head. Each one is equipped with a timer, but it operates in different ways. The adult Oral-B toothbrush emits a vibrational signal every 30 seconds – this indicates the time you should spend on cleaning one sector of your mouth, half of jaw. It means, for example, that at first, we brush lower teeth on the right, then – on the left and after that, we clean upper teeth in the same sequencing way.

kids’ toothbrushes In the case of the kids’ brush, everything is easier but more interesting: the signal comes out every minute to tell the kid to go from lower teeth to upper ones, not with the help of vibration, but with a melody. All in all, there are 16 tunes there, and you never know which one will play next – for a child, this is a pleasant element of a game, proved by experience.

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toothbrushes for childrenAfter being used, the brushes need to be placed on the stands – they are battery charges. There is a nip on each stand, which fits the tab in the brush base, so the construction is rather stable. Kids’ toothbrush when being taken from the stand (and being put on it as well) plays a tune, my brush is more quite. Children’s one also plays tunes when the  charger is being pulled out in order to prevent switching it off accidentally.


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