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How To: Wrap Gifts

Ways of decorating a pack for gift.

There’s just a week left before the holidays and it means that it’s time for you to make the last preparations for the season. If you’ve already bought presents for your family and friends and decided to wrap it on your own, our designer, Elena, can offer you several simple ideas for gift packing.

The gift store “Wrap me” is one of the largest supermarkets in our city where you can get your gifts wrapped. So, we didn’t dare to disturb its workers and decided to invite for our master class the designer, Elena from the flagstore. Together we’ve chosen materials for the shooting, decided what themes should be included into the article and what presents for her and for him we can wrap.

Plain and Simple

This classical example of gift packing is made with the help of newspaper. You can easily see every fold line and angle on it and if you’re careful enough and use decorative elements wisely, it can be a good alternative to wrapping paper. Together with newspaper you can use natural decorations such as cones, branches, and cords. And you’d better avoid such things as ribbons, crystals and so on.

Using newspapers not only gives it a simple and vintage look but it can also help to make your environment greener. Instead of throwing away old newspapers you can reuse them to wrap your beloved gifts for your friends and family.

Good advices for wrapping giftsNecessary materials: newspaper, a piece of twine, and buttons.

Necessary tools: thin double-sided tape and scissors.

It’s important to know: when you start to wrap your gift, put it on the paper upside down so that all the seams will be on the bottom of the box.

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For Him.

Wrapping paper of a bright red color which always gives you holiday spirit and warmth, can hardly be replaced. Together with golden ribbon and white yarn the gift will look cozy and it’ll be clear at once that you’ve made it with love.

how wrap a giftNecessary materials: a roll of wrapping paper, a piece of yarn or satin or corded silk ribbon 1 cm thick and a Christmas decoration.

Necessary tools: thin double-sided tape, scissors and glue.

 Multilayer Packing: a Box in a Box

Here’s an example of complex packing for those who like surprises, mysteries and a step-by-step projects. It’ll let you make a beautiful gift packing if you have several presents for one person. You can put the most precious thing in the last box and make a person think that you’re giving her or him just a scarf when there’s a wonderful watch or an expensive mobile phone hiding inside.

How to use wrapping paper?Necessary materials: three boxes of different color, size and shape; some filler for boxes, Christmas decorations and several rolls of wrapping paper.

Necessary tools: thin double-sided tape, scissors and glue.

 Red Velvet: Packing Made of Fabric

Another variant of red gift packing is perhaps the easiest and takes you a very short amount of your free time (no more than 5 minutes). But from the other hand it’s quite expensive because it’s important to choose not only the right gift, but a good type of fabric as well.

Necessary materials: a round box, a piece of fabric and of golden ribbon.

Necessary tools: scissors.

textile gift packingIn the case of red velvet and golden ribbon you needn’t any other decorations (the given materials match each other perfectly). This variant of packing is good if you don’t want to spoil the fabric and are going to wrap the gift in a useful wrapper. You can wrap it in a handkerchief or a scarf.

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Ice Cream Pop

This is a funny gift packing that will be perfect for a small box which you’re going to give your friend or a little sister. In 15-20 minutes you will get a wonderful ice cream which won’t have melted by midnight. It’s great to use when whipping something up last minute and will put a smile on anybody’s face.

Gift packing like ice creamNecessary materials: a small right-angled box, a piece of foil, a roll of chocolate wrapping paper and golden stars.

Necessary tools: thin double-sided tape, scissors and glue.

Some Good Advice

  1. The trendiest things in gift packing are eco-style and minimalism. Nowadays customers rarely ask to create a luxurious packing and more often choose craft wrapping.
  2. When you start to wrap your gift, don’t forget to put it upside down so that all the seams will be on the bottom of the box.
  3. You can make filling material for a gift box by yourself. Pleat a piece of unusual or kraft paper and cut it so that there will be a lot of thin lines.
  4. You can also use Christmas decorations. Put thin twigs or artificial snow or other light decorative materials inside glass balls and toys and it makes them look quite different.Gift packing
  5. Working with beautiful boxes, try not to touch it and stick the paper, ribbons or other decorations to it. First of all it’s considered to be bad manners to do things like that. Secondly, you can use the box only once.
  6. The design of your gift can include fir twigs, cones, dried flowers or berries and other natural materials. Use your imagination and invent a special way to wrap your gift with the help of available things. If you make the perfect paper base, you can use anything to decorate it.
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These are just a few of the wonderful ideas you could use when wrapping up special gifts. We hope this will give you multiple ideas for your upcoming holiday gift giving. Happy wrapping!


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