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Reasons For a Low Body Temperature

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What are the reasons for you to have low body temperature and how to raise it. Read here.

Low body temperature can be a sign of low immunity.

Low body temperature is much more rare than a high one, but no less dangerous for the body. If the body temperature drops to 32C° it will result in death. Find out what are the reasons for you to have low body temperature and how to raise it.

What is the Significance of Low Body Temperature

Usual human body temperature is 36.6°C. But it can be different in different people. These fluctuations are not more than a few tenths of °C. If your body temperature is lower than normal this indicates disorders in the body. Body temperature is considered low if it is below 36.0°C.

  • thyroid gland disease;
  • low hemoglobin;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • internal bleeding.

Low temperature is most often found in people with fatigue. It may be a consequence of a recent infection. To normalize it full recovery is necessary.

temperature begins to drop

Reasons for Low Body Temperature


Lack of fats and carbohydrates weakens our body. The temperature begins to drop when the body’s reserves are at the end, and they are not enough for a normal life. To have normal body temperature you need to eat wholesome.


Carefully read instructions for medicines that you took recently. Anti-depressants and sleeping pills are often the cause of low temperature, they weaken nerve receptors and they react poorly to cold.

Hormonal Embalance

To check it you need to consult an endocrinologist.

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Tumor development in the hypothalamus.

If the body temperature fluctuates throughout the day

In the morning the body temperature may be 35.5°C, and during the day it might grow up to 37.0°C. Such fluctuations are normal, so do not panic if you have low temperature in the morning. You should consult a doctor if the temperature stays low throughout the day for several days. Besides, the diet change helps in 80% of cases.

How To Raise Your Body Temperature

  • The most important thing is to replenish your strength. It is enough to get enough sleep every day and eat healthy. Hot tea with sugar can be a great help to temporarily raise the temperature.sleep
  • Take a therapy course with vitamin E. This will improve nutrition of cells and strengthen blood vessels.
  • Have a massage. Massage relaxes the body and can even relieve stress. Besides, massage is an excellent way to improve blood circulation.
  • Take 20 drops of Valerian or Mother-wort tincture before going to bed. If the reason for low temperature is stress and emotional overload, the tincture will help you to deal with it.
  • It is good to have contrast shower in the morning. It wakes your body up and helps thermo-regulation.


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