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Fashionable Skirts 2016 for Plus-Size Women: Photos and Fashion Trends

fashionable skirt for plus-size women

Fashionable skirts 2016 for plus-size women

Nothing makes women so pretty as elegant trendy skirts.

“I want to be a bit slender and more graceful and more…” we said, trying on one more skirt in the dim light of a fitting room. But you should know it’s quite easy to find your ideal skirt if you know what kind of trendy skirts 2016 will suit you perfectly.

Trendy Skirts in 2016 for Curvy Girls

You should find the answer to the question what kind of skirts will suit you better before going to the shop. Every plump woman though that plain skirts of dark shades will be enough. But it’s a cliché.

This strong rule can be broken by modern fashion trends. The image of a thin body dictated by the Mass Media has already become a myth that isn’t true to real life. That’s why you should have a good look at fashion trends which designers offer for curvy beauties.

Different styles of skirts for plus-size womanPencil skirt. It’s not only one of the necessary must haves for an office lady, but a trendy thing which shows off your graceful curves. But such skirts fit you well only if they are made of natural materials such as wool, linen or cotton. The main secret is to choose the right length.

It’s quite easy to find your perfect skirt length. You just need to stand in front of the mirror and estimate the advantages of your figure. The most elegant and fashionable skirt length is near your knee. But you can also choose the skirt length above or below your knee according to the reflection of your body in the mirror.

Nowadays various types of skirt lengths from “mini” to “maxi” are in fashion. The most interesting variant which has recently become popular in international runway shows is “midi”.

Midi skirts usually go to the middle of your ankle.  The most popular is an A-line skirt which gradually widens towards the hem and, thus, makes your figure slender. Here’re photos of such trendy skirts 2016 for curvy women.

This season is rich in plain designs which aim at making up the full fashion look with good vertical lines. Such lines can be made by buttons, zippers and other decorative details.

Vertical stitching, piping from your waist till the hem and high slits of fashionable skirts 2016 for plus-size women are boons for those who like plain and effective design. These vertical lines make your figure look slender and prettier.

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What styles of skirts are popular in 2015?Pleats on skirts serve the same purpose. They’ve just returned into fashion and decorate noble skirt designs made of tweed and wool suiting fabric. Inverted box pleats in front of the skirt look especially well and trim down your figure.

The length is important. If you have any doubts about your body, you’d better refuse to wear extra miniskirts. Knee-length skirts or fashionable in this season midi skirts for curvy beauties are a perfect variant which can help you not only flatter your figure, but also show your a bit conservative, with aristocratic taste.

The Set of Rules to Choose a Trendy Skirt in 2016 for Plus Sized Women

Every woman wants to look slender and you can’t ignore this fashion trend. Modern silhouettes of fashionable skirts give you a lot of hidden opportunities. Femininity is in fashion. Therefore the most fashionable design is that which has fluency and purity of lines. Skirts with such a design show off the beauty of your body and hide your body blemishes.

Various fashion designers agree on the question that this season offers you a lot of trendy things to create beautiful looks by making beautiful contrasts and using several layers in your clothes.

Noble rich shades of grey, brown and blue are in today’s fashion. If your design doesn’t have too many decorative details such as trimmings, pleats or drapery in your waist or hip-line areas, the variant can be perfect for creating a smart look with well-balanced proportions.

It’s quite easy to make. Your skirt and top should be of the same color. To finish you look you can add a cardigan or jacket of any shade you like, even a crazy one. This simple, but effective trick gives you slim and elegant look.

skirts for plus-size womanToday’s fashion trends are rich in original stylish ideas. The collection 2016 includes a great number of various skirts for curvy women which can flatter any figure. Thus, for example, straight skirts or pencil skirts will be a classical and safe variant. But vintage skirts are especially noteworthy. 70s fashion of the last century has inspired designers with new absolutely original ideas.

Midi flare skirts or skirts with yoke or high waisted skirts are good examples borrowed from the last century disco style. Such things tend to make your look slim, graceful and stylish.

Spring – Summer 2016 Skirts for Curvy Beauties

This season’s collections give new opportunities and open up new fashion horizons.  The touch of romanticism and elegant femininity are the key things for designers’ runways.  Nowadays there’s a great variety of classical clothes in modern designs. Half-circle skirts, which can be very helpful in balancing your body characteristics, have recently become one of this season fashion trends. It’s better to choose below the knee skirts or midi skirts which look wonderful in all variants.

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You should also pay attention to the fabric which fashion designers have used for the whole spring-summer 2016 collections and skirts for plus size women. You can see the variety of modern, resilient fabrics of high quality. Firstly it’s viscose and gabardine. They’re the easiest to work with. They help to create the most difficult and original ideas in clothing. That’s why designers choose them. But classical cloth such as silk, cotton of various kinds and thin linen are still in fashion.

How to correctly choose a fashionable skirtThe spring-summer season doesn’t disappoint anybody. Bright colors and original prints rule the roost. Everything like large abstract pattern or animalistic prints or simple delicate breton stripes are in fashion.

Among various styles you can choose your skirt according to the simple set of rules which is usually used by most of fashion stylists. The print, no matter how big it is, should be well-defined and contrasting. It would be better if it’s on the dark background.

The absolute hit of skirt collection 2016 for plus size women that refuses to die is check. The most successful variant is a diagonal check which makes your figure slimmer. The more well-defined and multicolored the print, the more elegant your look will be.

Trimmings make up for the simplicity of silhouettes in this season. For the first time in many years flounces and ruches have become significant details in clothing design. Designers use them in various ways. The most interesting technique is the use of flounces at the full length of the skirt which is incredibly slimming. They create vertical lines and make your look slender.  You’d better refuse any horizontal decorative details and prints in order to get the slimming effect.

Trendy Maxi Skirts in 2016 for Curvy Women

Maxi is still in fashion. This skirt length has been very popular for a very long time and this season isn’t an exception. It shows off your femininity and has a slimming effect on the body. It’ one of the best variants for curvy beauties.

The full length skirts serve as a base for looks in many styles. Even classical style has accepted them, no wonder that they absolutely suit everyday and romantic clothing. They give you new opportunities to combine usual things together. The only thing you need to do is to choose your skirt among the great variety of them.

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maxi skirts for curvy women Such a skirt shows off all the advantages of a full figure, especially when it’s made of light, resilient fabric. Thin wool and knit-wear are good for winter, silk and cotton – for summer.

Today’s fashion trends go for heightened femininity. For example, we can take full length maxi skirts with gorgeous flare and trimmings along the hem. This simple and fashionable trick flatters your figure and adds your look a touch of lightness and grace.

The color and print are also important. The myth that plus size women should choose dark boring colors has been broken by modern designers.

Pure shades which serve as a base for your look are in fashion today. Among them you can find all the berry, citreous or sea green colors. The main thing is to choose matte shades without a shine. The fabric should be strong and resilient because it looks especially beautiful on a full figure.

The popularity of well-defined prints is especially high in this season. Check, polka dot, plain flowers and breton stripes are among them. On maxi skirts the print looks especially beautiful. Choosing your skirt with a print you should take into account that a well-defined medium print on the dark background or a smudge one of soft colors will have a slimming effect on your body.

The fashion trend which designers have already used for several seasons is accordion pleats or goffer. You shouldn’t ignore it because such technique can be not only fashionable, but very feminine. The skirt with such a design will suit you better if the pleats are made very filigree and thin. If such a skirt is with a yoke, it gives you an opportunity to show off not only your hip-line, but your waist as well.

The design defines the silhouette. In this season lead designers have chosen femininity in all of its aspects as the key thing in their designs. Form-fitting silhouettes, flare, high provocative slits, vertical stitching, trimmings and many other things are used to show off your femininity and sexuality in this season.

But fashionable and stylish skirts in 2016 for curvy women are first of all universal things which can be suitable for different moments of your life and among various kinds of designs you can definitely find your skirt.


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