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When Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender?

to identify your baby's gender

What Gender Will Your Child Be?

Pregnant women wish to know the gender of their baby as soon as possible. An ultrasound test provides such opportunity. It goes without saying, that the main purpose of the ultrasound diagnostics is  to check up the fetus’s condition, to see if it has any development issues and then, if it’s position allows, to learn it’s gender. So let’s see, which gender attributes can be seen via ultrasound diagnostics and on which month it is possible to determine your baby’s gender using this test.

Which Gender Attributes of a Fetus Can Be Identified By an Ultrasound Diagnostic Test

An ultrasound sensor can identify the presence of vulvar lips in a girl or a scrotum and a penis in a boy.  Examination of any parts of the fetus depends on it’s position, volume of amniotic fluid and thickness of the mother’s abdominal wall. The quality of the Doctor’s equipment and his or her experience also play an important part.

baby's genderHow accurate can the baby’s gender prognosis be in the first trimester of pregnancy? You need to know that genitals begin to take shape at approximately the sixth week of pregnancy, when a small knob appears. It is known as the genital eminence.  Up to the ninth week the boy’s and the girl’s genitals look the same. There are no visible differences as the genital eminence and the genital folds are surrounded with the scrotal swellings.

Which Term is Better to Determine the Gender of the Fetus

Starting from the 11th week the genital eminence in boys starts forming a penis. The scrotum is formed out of the scrotal swellings. At this time the testis are still in the abdomen, they will come down into the scrotum during the 7th month of pregnancy. On the 11th week term an ultrasound examination specialist can only suggest the fetus’ gender with the error rate being 50%. External sexual characters can be identified only 5-6 weeks after the shaping of the genitals.

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gender of the fetusThough you would really want to you would not be able to identify your baby’s gender at the first ultrasound examination which is done on the 12-13 week. It  will be possible to identify the baby’s gender only starting from the 15th week, but even then it might not be absolutely possible to see any sexual characters of the baby.  Swelling of the vulvar lips in a girl which can happen on the early terms, might be misinterpreted as a male genital.  Loops of an umbilical cord or fingers of the fetus’ hand can also be mistaken for the male genitals. Quite often the fetus has very closely clenched legs so the male genitals are hidden and a boy might be mistaken for a girl. Experienced ultrasound doctors, however, are able to identify the baby’s gender more accurately on the 14th week by calculating the angle formed by the genital eminence  and the fetus’ back. The angle will be 300 or more in boys and less than 300 in girls.

Would you like to identify your baby’s gender? At what week is it possible to do this accurately? There is one answer – it is possible to do by the 18th week of pregnancy. Identifying a boy in this term is much easier, but if you have a girl the doctor will be able to give a prognosis only on the 20-25th week.

Which Month is it Possible to Identify the Baby’s Gender with a Large Percentage of Accuracy?

20-24th week of pregnancy is the ideal term to identify the gender of your future baby. The sexual characters can be well seen and the fetus moves so there is possibility that it might take the desired position during the ultrasound examination and it’s gender will be easily identifiable.What gender will have your child?

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