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What is the Best Eye Makeup to Use for Asian Type Eyes?

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Ekaterina Ponomareva, a leading make-up artist of the M.A.C has told the Allure, which type of make-up should girls with Asian eyes chose.

What is the difference between the Asian and the Caucasian eye types?

Asian eye types differ from the Caucasian by an almost nonexistent part of the upper lid and absence of the profound eye fold.

What can be done to make the eyes look bigger without changing the natural form of them?

to make the eyes look biggerUse white eye pencil to underline the lower eyelid. You need to pay attention when you choose your mascara: Asian women have shorter and thinner eyelashes so you would need to use a mascara with elongating effect. Apply the mascara to the upper lashes at least twice. You can curl the lashes if needed: this would make your eyes look more open and your lashes would seem longer. The main rule for choosing eye shadows is the play of two shades: light and dark. Apply the lightest tones under the brow and create a transition from lighter to darker tones on the upper eyelid.

How to make the heavy Asian upper lid look higher?

First of all, you should turn your attention to the eyebrows. A “falling” end of the brow visually makes the heavy eyelid more pronounced. A simple correction of the browline (i.e. removal of the lower hair and drawing of the upper hair) would make your face look fresh and visually lift the heavy eyelid.

Choose mat textures. And remember: it is important to avoid sharp transitions of color. Dark eye shadows on the eye fold should gradually and naturally blend into the very light tone closer to the eyebrows.  An eyeshadow smudger is your best friend and helper in this case.

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Asian type of eyes

May I draw arrows if I have Asian type of eyes? If yes, how should I do it right?

An eyeliner is an essential element for women with Asian type of eyes! It makes the eyes more dramatic. You can use either a pencil or a liquid eyeliner. Make sure that the upper line is more pronounced and is visible when your eyes are open. A wide line of the eyeliner along the upper lid would allow you to widen the narrow eyes. Do not elongate  it out of the eye corners and do not underline the lower lid: this would narrow your eyes even further.

Sometimes the outer corners of the Asian eyes appear a little bit lifted, which makes the eyes look slanting. To correct this, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lower lid.

What kind of make-up would be advantageous for Asian girls?

Asian makeup, as well as any other, begins from priming the skin tone. However, not all tints of primers go well with the Asian type of appearance. Asian women mostly have yellowish skin tone. So beige, golden, yellow-brown and caramel tints would be better for them.

Asian womenDo not forget about the eyebrows! You should make them more dramatic  using pencils or liners.

A drop of bright coral, peach or pink blush will make your look more fresh and attractive.

Natural and light, as well as bright and rich lipstick colors, would look beneficial for the Asian type of Make-up.


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