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Elliptical Machine: What is the Best Model?

elliptical machine

Are you bored when you spend hours on your treadmill or exercise bike? Do you want to train your cardiovascular system without an excess load for your knee joints? If so, try an elliptical trainer.

Training with an elliptical machine is rather safe and good for people with different fitness levels. You’ll get enough exercise and your knee joints won’t suffer from it. Include exercises with an elliptical machine into your program of training. It’ll help you to vary the training and support keeping things interesting.

What is an Elliptical Trainer?

Elliptical machines were invented in the 80’s and very much a hybrid of a step machines and treadmills. There’re different kinds of them for home use or for sport centers. With the help of such a device you don’t need to do as much cardio. Most models can imitate walking back and forward, stair climbing, cycling or skiing. At the same time its pedals move according to the elliptical trajectory. However the term “an elliptical trainer” can be used for various types of sport equipment. Not all of them can provide you with a full training for all kinds of muscles. Though manufacturers assert that the elliptical trainer can be a substitute all other kinds of exercise machines, fitness specialists recommend using it as an additional source of exercise in your training program. Elliptical machines will be ideal for those who prefer home training with an average load or who would like to vary their usual routine of exercises. Besides they let you train your cardiovascular system and your body in general and burn a great amount of calories at the same time.using elliptical machine

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Calorie Consumption

Sport companies that specialize in producing elliptical machines often say that you can lose about 720 calories during one hour of training. The amount of burned calories depends on many factors, but energy consumption here is equal to that which we usually have during training on a treadmill or ski machine.


Lose weightAn elliptical trainer helps you to involve all of your muscles in your workout in a short period of time. It’s suitable for people of any age and fitness level. In the gym you can get an additional source of training with it. At home it is the piece of equipment that lets you get a lot of different exercises. Using several training modes within half an hour every day you’ll strengthen your cardiovascular system and lose weight. Moreover, this exercise machine will be good for old people or for those who are afraid of hurting their joints.


During your training on the elliptical machine it can be found out that the load is too high for you. Warm-up and stretching are also necessary as well as before any other kind of training. During exercises on the elliptical machine you should have a careful look at your pulse. It shouldn’t be higher than your doctor’s recommendation for you. Choosing the right model of  elliptical trainer can be quite difficult, as there’s a big variety of them. The prices start from $300 and can reach $5000 depending on the quality and functions of the exercise machine.

Use of the Elliptical Machine

Elliptical trainers can be used by people of any fitness level. During exercises on it you should feel comfortable and have both feet firmly on the elliptical trainer. It’s necessary to consult your doctor before the beginning of your training.

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What is the Best Model of the Elliptical Machine?

for training all the body musclesIn a sport center or in a gym you can try the elliptical trainers they have on hand. But choosing it for  home use you face the problem of choice. Plan out your budget; define the necessary degree of physical activity and the amount of vacant space in your house. Then compare characteristics of different models.

Have a careful look at the warranty terms and construction of the exercise machine. Try it when you’re in your workout shoes. Choose the model which has a good value for the cost.

Look for an elliptical machine which lets you move back and forth, plan your own program of training, has an easy-to-use control pad and smooth motion when peddling. Most models have several training programs: from a simple one that imitates walking in a park to intensive training – “walking up the hill”. Choose amodel with a clear and easy-to-see monitor which has calorie, miles, speed, time and heart rate counters.

for training lower part of body onlySome people prefer exercise machines which train all the body muscles. Others are sure of choosing the elliptical trainer which has the muscular load on the lower part of their body only.

Examine the quality of materials which were used in production of the exercise machine; check the reputation of its manufacturing company. Make sure that people of any fitness level can use this kind of the elliptical trainer and that it lets you move smoothly, without jerking.

How to Have an Effective Workout?

Every training course should start with simple exercises and stretching of medium intensity. It gives you a good warm-up and cool down. It’s necessary to consult your doctor before the beginning of your training on the elliptical machine. Drink pure water before, during and after your workout to prevent dehydration.

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It’s important:

  1. to follow your doctor’s recommendations;
  2. to take into account the advice given by a fitness specialist and manufacturing company;
  3. to use the mode of back and forward motion;
  4. not to lean forward very much and try to move smoothly;
  5. to have a careful look at your heart rate.

It’s forbidden:

  1. to use weights and other additional equipment.
  2. to overexercise. If you feel giddy, tired or weak, stop your work out at once.


You can use the same clothes for the elliptical trainer as for any other cardio training indoors. Your sporting wear should be comfortable and shouldn’t hamper you. Shoes aren’t really as important here as for jogging. But you’d better have a good pair of sporting trainers anyway.


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