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Lowering the Body Temperature. What Does It Mean?

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What kind of serious diseases does drop in body temperature signalize, Passion.ru has discovered some reasons.

Every person from time to time throws in the heat, and there is a great multitude of reasons for that: from suddenly surging feelings of love to the common cold. There is nothing surprising or out of the ordinary in this, the situation is quite commonplace. We take a thermometer, measure the body temperature and if it exceeds 38 ° C, we take antipyretic drugs.

But there is another, diametrically opposite picture: the body temperature is lowered; there is a general weakness, physical “breakdown”, drowsiness, and sometimes a slight dizziness. Despite the fact that low temperature of the body occurs much less frequently than high temperature, it is necessary to give it a serious consideration. Passion.ru will tell you, what low body temperature is all about.

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What Temperature Should Be Regarded As the Norm?

Lowering the body temperature only a few degrees is quite capable to disrupt the internal organs and damage the normal functioning of the body. Moreover, in some cases, it can even be fatal.

For example, a constant body temperature above 35°C is a clear indication of the presence of serious chronic disease; decreasing to 29.5°C entails a loss of consciousness, at 27°C a person may fall into a coma, and reducing the temperature to 25°C is already considered incompatible with life.

Given that most people are peculiar to the individual features of the body, small deviations from the standard parameters cannot go beyond the normal. So, if a person does not experience any unpleasant symptoms, doesn’t complain of weakness, feels cheerful and efficient, if tests show no abnormalities, and the body temperature is consistently lower than the conventional numbers, it can be seen as a variant of the norm.

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Nevertheless, the average normal body temperature is considered to be the interval from 35.5 to 37°C. It should also be borne in mind that during the day the temperature can vary within 1°C, reaching a peak at 4 pm. And in women, in addition to daily fluctuations, there are also temperature changes that are dependent on the menstrual cycle.

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What Are the Reasons for Lowering the Body Temperature?

The body temperature can go down as a result of a serious illness, in which case you need to undergo a thorough examination, and other more simple and obvious reasons: low immunity, lack of vitamins, infectious diseases, surgery, stress, physical exhaustion.

As a rule, people, who have low temperature, do not take any steps to normalize it. Such an approach is completely unacceptable, especially in cases where the low temperature level is observed within one to two days, and there is no logical explanation for its reduction. It is important to know that in order to determine the causes of hypothermia and diagnose correctly, one must first consult a physician. As body temperature is only the outward manifestation of the hidden problems of the body, you need to carefully examine the available different symptoms and laboratory test results.

Primarily physician will send the patient to the get an ECG and blood chemistry, which will prevent any serious disease and to determine the presence of a temporary malaise, as a result of a possible weakening of the immune system. In this case, it will be enough just to adjust the diet: to include vitamins and immune drugs, and change the mode of the day, making it more active and less tiring.

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If the therapist still has reason to suspect any serious internal disease, the patient must necessarily pass a comprehensive examination, consult with experts such as endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, and even oncologist, because the reasons for lowering the body temperature can be covered in the development of some cancers, like for example brain tumors. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of oncology it is necessary to urgently conduct a tomography.


Other Reasons For the Decline In Body Temperature

Moreover, low temperature may indicate the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases, various endocrine disorders, anorexia, intoxication, and AIDS. In any case, you should never resort to self-medication, because if you uncontrolled take medications not prescribed by a doctor, and selected independently, the body cannot deal with the real cause of sickness and fail.

But, fortunately, most often the cause of decrease in body temperature is just a banal fatigue, which is very likely to appear due to the frantic pace of modern life. And even if a person spends the working day sitting at a desk in an office, chronic fatigue can catch him or her there.

Sedentary lifestyle, constant mental stress, fettered posture – all of it leads to fatigue and decrease of the temperature, not to mention the pathologies such as varicose veins, low back pain and curvature of the spine. It is easy enough to correct this situation; it is necessary to get up,  warm up, do a little exercise, drink tea or coffee, or even treat yourself to a piece of chocolate.

We all know of the benefits of chocolate, and we should forget about calories; it is much more important in this situation to cheer, raise your spirits and, and ultimately, your efficiency.

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Incredibly useful is massage, which helps to relax and even relieve stress. And regular massages improve blood circulation, making it possible to prevent a variety of vascular complications. Doctors recommend making a rule of a daily morning cold and hot shower because it stimulates and normalizes thermoregulation.

causes of low temperatureAnd, of course, women should not forget about another reason that can cause hypothermia – perhaps, the only positive reason among all the others. So, if in addition to the reduced temperature you start to get cold feet, lost appetite, nausea and intermittent headache, there can be a possible pregnancy.

And, nevertheless, it is necessary to normalize the temperature as quickly as possible, otherwise there is a risk of sudden fainting, and it does not benefit either the mother or her baby.


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