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How To Wear a Bob Cut?

bob haircut

A Bob cut is the world’s most well–known womanly hairstyle; moreover, it is more convenient than long curls. If it is a classic bob, hairstylists use a direct cut both for hair and for the bangs.

At the same time, the length is not as important. This technique adds more volume and it looks like you have thick and strong hair.

Unfortunately, few women know how to wear this haircut. Today, Yana Potapova, a stylist of the Health and White Garden Beauty Center helps us to learn more about this haircut.

There are a lot of variations of this haircut:

  • classic bob,classic bob
  • elongated bob,elongated bob
  • bob with bang,bob with bang
  • graduated bob,graduated bob
  • asymmetric bob,
  • asymmetric bobbob with geometrically sharp contours and cuts.bob with geometrically sharp contours and cuts

If you decided to wear one of the listed above bob types, then you should define your face form, taking into account individual peculiarities, but not to choose the haircut your favorite celebrity has. Besides, if you search for “how to wear a bob?” or “how to define your face type?”, the Internet shows a lot of examples with detailed description of each type: oval, round, square, triangle, rhomboid, pear-shaped and rectangular.

Thus, if you have an oval face then you are lucky!

bob for oval faceThey can wear any type of bob and experiment with any length and haircut form. Ladies with round faces should choose graduated haircuts with some volume on the crown of the head and elongated front strands.

bob for round faceIf you need to balance your forehead, cut a bang. A bob with skew bangs and parting on the side will correct the proportions of square faces.

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bob for square faceThus, such length should cover chins with an angular bottom part. A bob with elongated strands is a perfect variant triangle form; short bobs with a volume crown looks gorgeous for pear–shaped faces and elongated graduated bobs are for rectangular face types.

bob for triangle faceBesides, elongated bobs look perfect if you have a rhomboid oval face.

It may be inconceivable, but every woman can wear the bob haircut as long as your hairdresser takes into account the individual peculiarities of your face in order to underline your advantages and hide any possible disadvantages. For example, short bobs open a neck; a volume bob hides big ears. This haircut also should be trimmed over a course of time. Everything depends on your hair growth speed, but it’s recommended to freshen the hairstyle every couple of months.

Therefore, what should you do if you don’t want to change your image but you need to follow today’s modern trends? Choose elongated bobs to the shoulders. Don’t think that this haircut is too boring and unvaried. Classic bobs have unlimited opportunities to create new images: stylish hair sets with a glossy effect or create a wet hair effect, using styling agents. Such a hairstyle is a good alternative for an everyday haircut. Another sure variant is to use curling irons to create big curls in the direction for your face. A side parting will make you look more festive.

How to wear a bob without bangs?

Use accessories. Don’t be afraid to create day or evening looks using bands, hair rings, and clasp-pins.

If you choose a daily look, then dry your hair with a hairdryer but don’t comb them. Use some styling agents. Such natural laxity looks very fashionabe.

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Look at the celebreties: Ksenia Sobchak wears the bob and she has an irresistible look. ksenia sobchakNatasha Goldenberg,

Natasha GoldenbergOksana Lavrentieva and Alsou also found their ideal haircuts.

Oksana Lavrentievaalsou








As to western celebrities, pay attention to Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Kira Knightley and Eva Langoria.


Charlize Theron

Kira Knightley

Eva Langoria


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