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Twine: 6 Effective Exercises to Improve Flexibility of Body

How do accomplish twine fast

Do you want to surprise someone with your flexibility? This step-by-step photo instruction will help accomplish twine quickly and without traumas. Do these exercises for 30 minutes per day and four times a week. Use only the most effective exercises and specific methodology due to which muscles will safely lengthen. Woman’s Day offers a complex of exercises for improvement of leg flexibility, which were created by a personal coach. Warm up your body before beginning the exercises.

How to Accomplish Twine Fast

  • Exercise  1

Stand up straight, flex one knee and press a heel to a buttock using one or two hands. If it is necessary, help yourself with the opposite hand to keep a balance. Knees must be on one line and internal surfaces of hips are clenched. Tense buttock muscles and move your pelvis slightly forward and upward. You will reinforce the feelings.

6 Exercises to Accomplish Twine!

  • Exercise 1

Time: 40–60 seconds for each leg

The muscles involved: Muscles of the front surface of a hip.

  • Exercise 2A

2А. Descend on a floor and move your left leg forward. Pelvis has been lowered forward. Left knee is above left heel. Palms are leaning on a left hip. Lower pelvis further to a front heel slowly and open chest, arching your back carefully.

6 effective exercises to improve flexibility of body

  • Exercise 2B

2B. Move back your pelvis slowly and try to straighten the left leg, without changing the location of the left heel and right knee. The angle of the right knee is equal to 90 degrees. Lean on the left hip or floor and try to straighten back. Pull left foot on yourselve. Move your coccyx back and upward for improving of result.

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Time: 60–90 seconds for each posture, then repeat a combination А-B with the right leg.

The muscles involved: muscles of a front and back surfaces of a hip, a hamstring, a calf muscle, an Achilles tendon.

  • Exercise 3A: 3 steps left to accomplish twine

3А. Sit down on the floor, flex your left leg in a knee, place it ahead of yourself and pull back your right leg. Put your right knee on the floor. Heel must be picked up. Move your trunk to the left foot, leaning on palms. Knee must be under chin and between palms. Pull back toes of your right leg. Breast must be pulled forward. Descend on elbows, put forehead on hands to amplify effect and try to relax.

  • Exercise 3B

3B. Flex a knee of the right leg and pull a heel to a buttock with a help of right hand, leaning on palm. Trunk together with a pelvis are still turned to the side of the left knee.

Time: 60–90 seconds for each posture, then repeat a combination А-B with the right leg.

Muscles involved: buttock muscles, muscles of the thigh’s front surface.

  • Exercise 4A: two steps left to accomplish twine

4А. Sit down on the floor, stretch the right foot forward, flex the left one in a knee and lean with the help of foot on internal surface of right hip. Move your trunk to a straight leg, take a breath and lower down slowly during exhalation, moving chin to knee. Pull the toes of the right foot upward. Take a shin with the help of hands, working first to fix your position. You can stretch your calf muscle, taking your foot.

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  • Exercise 4B

4B. Move your trunk into the left side from this position. Move your right side to the right knee and pull your left hand to toes of foot. Try to look at the ceiling.

Time: 60–90 seconds for each posture, then repeat a combination А-B with a left leg.

Muscles involved: muscles of a thigh’s back surface, hamstring, calf muscle, an Achilles tendon, slanted muscles of abdomen.

  • Exercise 5A: Make one step to accomplish twine

5А. Flex both legs and knees and join your feet, pressing them to each other. Take your toes and straighten back. Heels must be maximally close to a pelvis. Pull your knees in different directions and try to touch the floor with them. Tilt your trunk forward, pulling yourselves to your feet with a help of hands, to amplify effect. Knees remain wide open at the same time.

  • Exercise 5B: It is not hard to accomplish twine!

5B. Straighten legs and push them in different directions to the maximum width. Try to pull your trunk forward and down, using your hands. Don’t do sharp movements. You have to become accustomed to new feelings. Reduce distance between bosom and floor very smoothly. Breathe deeply, trying to relax.

Time: 1,5–2 minutes for each pose

Muscles Involved: muscles of the thigh’s internal surface, muscles of the thigh’s back surface and hamstring.

accomplish twine

  • Exercise 6: fix a result

Shake legs a little bit and stretch them ahead of yourselves after the 5th exercise. Lift up toes of foot, straighten the back, take a breath and lower forward slowly with an exhalation. You can put your hands on both sides of legs. Pull trunk down to strengthen the effect. Don’t flex knees and hold breath. This exercise is the last in our complex. It is accomplished much easier after the previous postures.  This exercise fixes the achieved result.

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Time: 60–90 seconds

Muscles involved: muscles of the thigh’s back surface, hamstrings, calf muscles and Achilles tendons


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