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Pregnancy: The Best Known Signs

top signs of pregnancy

The question “Am I pregnant or not?” worries a lot of women. It is possible to find out with the help of ultra-sonography or during the gynecological exam not earlier than 3-4 weeks after the impregnation. However, living unawares for such a long time for many people can be very difficult. Thank God, there are some signs, with the help of which you can ascertain the fact of pregnancy before the delay of mensis. There are 100% true signs and just probable clues of that. Let’s have a look at them.

The most widely known signs of being pregnant

The delay of mensis

This is one of the most credible signs of a successful impregnation. Fortunately or unfortunately, the delay not always can be caused with pregnancy. Menstrual disorders can be caused by score of reasons such as endocrine profile disorders, inflammatory conditions, infections and so on. Mensis is also sometimes possible during pregnancy. However, this isn’t the usual case. Such a situation needs urgent gynocologists consultancy.Increased level of HCG in blood

Increased level of HCG in blood

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. In simple words, the hormones of “pregnancy”. The level of HCG can increase under some other conditions, but this happens more often due to impregnation. This is a well-known sign of being pregnant. Women, who are not bearing children have the level of HCG at about zero. However, its level in women with children grows every week dramatically. To find out the concentration of HCG in your blood you can have your venovenous blood tested at any hospital. The accuracy of this method is rather high. The level of HCG begins to grow in 7-10 days after the egg fertilization. Therefore, you’ll be able to identify pregnancy even before the delay of mensis.

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Repeated urination

This sign of pregnancy can be observed in 2 weeks after the impregnation. However, this happens, contrary to popular belief, not because of “uterus enlargement” and “the growing embryo pressure upon the bladder” (embryo is too small yet), but the real cause of this is the woman’s hormone profile changes.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a healthy reaction of the body to pregnancy. Although, not all women experience it. Toxicoses can come out in nausea and vomiting (especially in morning hours, just after waking up), furious reaction to certain smells and un-caused tiredness. It is important not to confuse this sign with usual signs of food poisoning. Some women may have dry heaving caused by certain food, others, on the contrary, may have excellent appetites.Morning sickness

Changes in lacteal glands

The absolute majority of pregnant women since the first trimester notice some painful feelings in their breasts (pay attention to the fact that it isn’t 100% true, the same things can show the forthcoming menses if the delay isn’t big). Again, it is connected with hormone profile changes. From nipples, fore-milk can appear (sticky thick pale-yellow liquid). The nipples themselves can become darker and pigment spots can cover them.

Increase of basal body temperature

Basal body temperature is taken per rectum. Some women keeping basal body temperature graphic daily can precisely define their ovulation date and the beginning of pregnancy. When being pregnant the basal body temperature increases up to 3-7 degrees and stays at this level. One needs to take basal body temperature in the morning, right after waking up and before getting up from bed. Some doctors, who are evidence based medical followers, do not longer consider such sings of pregnancy seriously. However, the fact is, that while pregnancy, basal body temperature is higher.

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Unpleasant feelings in the lower abdomen and lower back

Signs of pregnancy during the first days after ovulation may feel like the forthcoming menses. Many pregnant women have unpleasant feelings in the lower abdomen and lower back. Unfortunately, such signs can be evidence about some problems with pregnancy, for example, about the increased tone of the uterus. So, if you are surely expecting the baby, you should go and see your doctor to tell them about your pains.Unpleasant feelings at the lower abdomen and in lower back

Implantation bleeding

This sign can be referred to the group of pregnancy signs “before the delay of menses”. This phenomenon is a rather rare case, it happens just after the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus wall. If the bleeding is heavy with blood clots and it looks like menses bleeding, this isn’t a sign of pregnancy, but a state that can endanger women’s health.

Color change of vulva lips

Gynaecologist is more likely to notice such signs than a woman herself. The vulva lips, become much larger in size. This is because they become a little bit swollen and acquire a blueish tint.


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