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How do get rid of herpes on lips quickly?

Traditional methods of herpes treatment

Nothing spoils a mood as a cold that suddenly comes on to the lips. These painful and bad looking blisters appear because of the herpes virus of the first type: it may penetrate into a body through the slightest wounds or fissures on the skin. It remains with its host forever.

 Symptoms of Herpes

The first symptoms of herpes: formation of a swelling on lips, pain and itch. Lymph nodes on neck become bigger together with increasing of temperature.

Swelling soon turn into blisters. It is hard to talk, eat and smile with them. They burst often and wounds take about 2 weeks to heal.

Many factors may provoke herpesvirus activity: stresses, diet, hypothermia, alcohol, smoking, ultraviolet, menstruation and diseases. Immune system protects you against the regular appearances of these blisters if you were already infected. If it suddenly becomes weak, herpes again activates …treatment of herpes

How Does Herpes Transmit?

80 to 95 % of people in the world are infected by herpes. Therefore many people think, that it is no reason to fear a person with these blisters on their lips. But it is not so: herpes on lips is contagious!

The precaution measures are needed if you are in constant contact with someone who has blisters on their lips.

Herpes may activate if you come in contact with a patient’s mucosa. It may create favorable conditions for virus. The best variant is prevention of disease. It is harder to get rid of blisters quickly!

Prophylaxis ofsymptoms of herpes herpes:

  • have a healthy lifestyle;
  • balance feeding;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • breathe by fresh air;
  • avoid hypothermia and a strong wind (lips may crack);
  • avoid contacts with a patient;
  • wash hands more frequently;
  • use separate bathrooms and cooking accessories.
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Is Quick Treatment of Herpes Possible?

What must you do with this unpleasant and painful problem? Do not give up and start treatment of blisters on lips! There are many antiviral tools which can be used for it.

Treatment of Herpes Using Traditional Remedies

get rid of herpes quicklyFolk remedies are convenient during treatment of various diseases because of their easy availability. But such “medicines” are auxiliary and they don’t have antiviral effect.

Traditional methods of herpes treatment are usual baking soda and common salt, silver fir, almond and sea buckthorn oils, tea tree oil, propolis, aloe juice, kalanchoe of firs, lemon juice, garlic and tincture from melissa leaf.

Medicines from Pharmacy for Herpes on Lips

Different ointments, gels and creams which can be apply directly to the struck area. Don’t try to open vesicles or tear down crust. You may hit other areas of skin in this case.

Medicines must be applied to herpes several times a day. Do this for 3-5 days. These medicines allow stop reproduction of a virus and accelerate recovery.

But you will not be able remove herpes from the body. You need to use tools to help your immune system keep herpes under control.

Double Hit to Herpes

Medicines increasing activity of our immune system refer to such remedies. Virus wakes up after its weakening! Medicines from this group help get rid of an unpleasant eruption faster and stimulate usual work of immunity.  “Amiksin” refers to such remedies.

herpes on lipsThere are three reasons to choose “Amiksin” for treatment of blisters on lips:
1. This remedy increases immunity, stimulates an immune system to fight with herpes.
2. It allows to decrease the number of eruptions, decreases their soreness and removes itch.
3. “Amiksin” may increase period of absence externals herpes’s symptoms, in other words, may decrease number of disease’s relapses.

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Good health to you!


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