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New Trendy Cooking Tools

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Time savers are so important in our personal lives, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it using a special vegetable peeler tool. It makes no difference which bowl you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, somehow your soup is tastier.

Thus, we encourage you to check out some of the new gadgets made to make life in the kitchen easier. There is no need to buy the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and see if any of them are exactly what you need to simplify your daily life.

A Kettle for Mommies

A new kettle PWK 1503CA from POLARIS differs from other models in elegant form and beautiful design; it also has unique technical characteristics. Its internal walls are made of harmless and long–lasting steel. Thanks to this feature, its temperature doesn’t exceed 70 degrees (it excludes burns in case of touching). This kettle is not noisy due to double walls and it doesn’t splash water. It never switches on without water and it switches off if the water boils away.

Even if your children touch or open this kettle, they won’t be harmed or get burns from it.

kettle PWK 1503CA from POLARISPrice: $76 USD

Colored Multi–Cutter

This MW-1303 device from Maxwell is bright, compact and simple to use. Its nozzles help to chop any vegetables and fruits: the red “drum” cuts squashes, potatoes, carrot, cucumbers and apples; the green “drum” cuts them into thick and thin slices. Another two nozzles of the multi-cutter are useful any time: the yellow grater is used for hard cheeses, nuts, chocolate and dowels; the orange nozzle is for cutting potato chips.

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Colored multi cutterPrice: $61 USD

Lemon and Lime Press

Elegant French press for lime and lemon squeezes more than 90 % from citrus fruits. Put a thick slice of lemon or lime into the press and click it. In the process of squeezing, the juice will not splash your clothes and you will not find any seeds in your food or drink. Thanks to the innovative design Lemon and Lime Slice Squeezer works perfectly at parties and lets other guests add lemon or lime juice in their dishes and drinks.

Lemon lime pressPrice: $10 USD

Food Huggers

Frequently, we don’t need an entire ingredient to cook some dish, for example: a half of lemon, sweet pepper and so on. If you don’t use them at once, it’s recommended to wrap them up in foil or plastic wrap and place in a fridge. However, culinary experts advise to use special closures. They close the leftovers of vegetables, fruits and help them remain fresh.  Food Huggers are made of silicone. You can wash them in a dishwasher and hide in a fridge.

Food HuggersPrice: $19 USD for one closure

Vitamin Containers

Everyone knows that thanks to berry, fruit, vegetable and verdure frost these products are fresh and full of vitamins for a long period. A new Paclan Safe&Go line of containers is designed for long-term products storage: 7 keepers of different volume are made of a high-grade plastic with a dense hermetic closure which excludes leakage. These containers stand strong temperature drops, (in a microwave in case of special steam tubes opening). There is a special field you can use to write down some note (for example: date and time of frost). Another advantage of these containers is salient bottoms to prevent freezing products.

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Paclan Safe&GoPrice: $5.5 USD for 1 l container

A Bucket with Coolness

2 deluxe bucket from Tupperware is full of ice which stays frozen for a long period. This bucket can be a good alternative for high-priced bag-fridges and it can be used while travelling. This bucket cools any bottles, thus your cocktail, fresh juice or teas keep their coolness whenever you need it.

bucket with coolnessPrice: $49 USD

Ceramic Ware

They say that you can cook a delicious dish if you have some culinary talent or use a special recipe.

Today you can create a delicacy with a Ceramic Control form Tefal, a French brand. Compared with non – stick coating ware, this tool helps to cook fried eggs and cutlets with a tasty crispy crust: steak or fish in batter, flamed fruit desserts. Ceramic control contains 8 items: skillets of different sizes, pancake skillet, stew-pan and scoop. Ceramic coating is characterized by high solidity and resistance to scratches: for example, béchamel sauce can be cooked right in a scoop. Don’t be afraid to mar its coating with a crown.

Ceramic ControlPrice: between $24–$59 USD

Portion Spoon

Portion Spoon from Quirky measures friable and liquid products. As to liquid, you can pour it right in a spoon and then add in a dish you cook. This spoon is made of alimentary plastic and safe silicone. You can use it to stir ingredients in a hot pan if need be.

Portion Spoon QuirkyPrice: $12 USD

Cheese Serving Set

Cheese Serving Set is designed for cheese gourmet. Cheese Serving Set from Magisson consists of 3 objects: a knife – spatula for baking, cheese knife and slicer. All the items are extremely handy and don’t dirty a table cloth.

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MagissonPrice: $30 USD  for each set item

Animal Corn Holder

This holder is extremely useful in a corn season. You can buy the simplest holder model, which is similar to a fork and use it. However, you can always create your own corn holder using plastic toys: saw up a toy and put a simple holder into each part and you will get your own Animal Corn Holders. The main point is that your tool is a unique one that you made yourself.

Animal corn holderPrice: priceless/no price.

Hope these wonderful cooking tools inspire you to make your cooking habits quicker and your kitchen better looking!


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