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How to Lose at Least 5 kg in a Week? Choose a Diet!

how to choose a diet

Weekly diet is a fast response to the long-tormenting question! Seven days is the most popular length of time for experiments with losing weight. On the one hand, it is a short term, on the other it is psychologically significant and allows us to count on some visible results. However, do not prepare yourself for the semi-starvation. Along with monotonous diets, there are diet plans that allow losing weight in a week, adhering perfectly wholesome varied menu.

For those who are willing to spend seven days on weight loss, there is a great variety and diversity of the weekly diets that allow to get rid of surpluses of different sizes – from 3 to 10 kg. The key to success is the right choice of the diet,comfortable for you that does not require the impossible voluntary feat or fundamental review of lifestyles.

Urgent Weight Loss in a Week – at What Cost?

In order for weight loss in a week to make sense, you need to choose a diet effective for you, and the measure of effect in this case is not only the amount of lost weight, but also the possibility to save the results with no harm to the health and quality of life.

dietIn the context of time restrictions slimming completely “lays on the shoulders” of the daily diet. Any other good intentions (changing daily routine, increase of physical activity, positive attitude) just do not have time to express themselves in such a short period of time.

Weekly Diet Results are Achieved in Three Main Ways

  • through the use of a “miracle product” (mono-diet and FAD diets. Their monotony has a twofold effect on the psychology of weight loss – for someone it is not difficult to take buckwheat or yogurt in the manner of drugs for weight loss, someone on the contrary, cannot stand the monotony);
  • due to a sharp restriction of calorie intake (“hungry” diet will “wear off” the body);
  • by chemical processes (primarily protein diets, making adjustments in metabolism. They are famous for the longest preservation of the result due to the relative decrease in the risk of loss of muscle mass, typical of express diets).

You can assume that the more monotonous and poor your nutrition is, the more success you can achieve in the field of losing weight. However, this is not quite so: seven days is a sufficiently long period for nutrition with noticeable restrictions. Moreover, the consequences will be serious for the health, and the risk of failure increases many times. In addition, there is a tendency  for strict diets: the kick-start loss of excess weight in the first two days stops because the body turns on the emergency mode and “freezes” the power consumption. This means not only failure in losing weight, but also lethargic feeling and fatigue.

effective dietTherefore, even with a strong motivation to lose weight as soon as possible, try to choose the lesser evil of the existing and evaluate the limits of your willpower and the risks. A short productive diet, allowing losing weight in a week, can be a good impetus for the follow-up activities to reduce weight, but do not forget that all the “hungry” diets fraught with rapid return of the lost weight. It is therefore essential, surviving a weekly diet, to refrain from overeating after the difficult seven days of fasting for the sake of beauty and harmony.

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It is also important to assess your health sensibly. Do not lose weight on your own if your excess weight exceeds 30 kg or 65 lbs. – in this case, you require multidisciplinary medical support. Moreover, be sure to consult with your doctor before significantly reducing daily energy value of your menu or switcing to increased use of a single product (or similar products).

How to Lose weight in a Week: 5 Most Popular Diets

1. Kefir diet for 7 days allows you to lose weight by 3-5 kg or 5-10 lbs. for the entire period, eating yogurt (kefir) and – very limited – a few other approved products.

2. Japanese weekly diet – “truncated” version of one of the most popular diets for quick weight loss, the famous “Japanese” one. You lose an average of 4 kg or 8 lbs. for 7 days. This is a carbohydrate-free diet, all meals of which have limits in grams and time.

3. Buckwheat diet promises a record – about 1 kg or 2.5 lbs. of lost weight per day. Russians favorite cereal for this eating plan should not be boiled, but cooked in a special way – perhaps this ritual distracts from the treacherous thoughts of a full meal?Buckwheat diet

4. Juicing or juice monodiet – a favorite emergency means of the photo models, loved for its reliability, but it is terribly unhealthy. Juicedietfor a week – the extreme option, which should be treated as a last resort. You should be ready to interrupt your Drinking Slimming Marathon, barely noticing the signs of dissatisfaction of the body. (Do you like fruit? Try a more balanced grapefruit diet).

5. Unloading diet by Korolyova – the best-selling invention of the famous Russian nutritionist Marguerite Korolyova. Using the meal plan that allows to drink one liter of nonfat yogurt and 2.5 liters of plain water, eat a potato, 100 grams of cottage cheese, 2 cucumber and ¼ chicken a day at regular intervals, you can lose 2-3 kg or 4-6 lbs.

Fast Estonian Diet

To lose weight by 10 lbs per week will allow the diet known as Estonian (to find out the origin of the name is not possible). This is anintricate meal plan, which is a series of mono-diets. Throughout the duration of this week’s diet sauces, spices, sugar, and salt are banned.  It is also advised to abstain from tea and coffee, but you should drink still water at least 1.5 liters daily.

The menu for each day (the amount of allowed food should be apportioned from morning to night):

Day one: boiled eggs 6 pieces.

Day Two: fat cottage cheese – 1 kg.

Day three: boiled or steamed chicken – 300 g.

Day Four: rice – 100 g of dry cereal to boil in 1 liter of water.

Day Five: jacket potatoes – 6 pieces.

Day six: apples – 1 kg.

Day Seven: 1.5 liters of yogurt.lose weight

Weekly Egg Diet: Nourishing and Effective

Egg diet helps lose weight in a week by 3-10 kg or 6-20 lbs (depending on the original weight and features of metabolism). When discussing the effect of this diet they use the thesis about the benefits of vitamin H (biotin). Biotin accelerates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, as well as blood sugar levels in the blood, so the substance is especially important in the diet for those who suffer from diabetic and pre-diabetic states.

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If you want to lose weight quickly, the egg diet is a reasonable choice also because of the high satiating power of chicken eggs – because they are digested slowly, starving suffering is not as painful. Adding grapefruit to the menu also makes its useful contribution – enzyme naringinin,which is contained in the bitter citrus fruit, regulates insulin secretion, allowing you to control your appetite.

For the entire period of the diet it is necessary to give up sugar, salt, sauces and other food additives, bread, sodas and juices. Do not forget to drink water – at least 1.5 liters per day.

Weekly egg diet

  • Day 1

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit, coffee without sugar and milk.

Lunch: 2 eggs, tomato, herbal tea.

Dinner: 2 eggs, no butter vinaigrette (carrots, beets, potatoes), grapefruit, tea.

  • Day 2

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit, black coffee without sugar.

Lunch: 2 eggs, grapefruit.

Dinner: 2 eggs or lean meat (150g, boiled or grilled), a portion of green salad.

  • Day 3

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and coffee without milk and sugar.

Lunch: 2 eggs, spinach and tea.

Dinner: 2 eggs, salad without oil (see. Day 1), 100 g of cottage cheese, herbal tea.

  • Day 4

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and black coffee.

Lunch: 2 eggs, a portion of spinach, black coffee with no additives.

Dinner: 2 eggs or 150 grams of sea fish, salad without oil, tea.

  • Day 5

 2 eggs and coffee Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and coffee without sugar.

Lunch: 2 eggs, a portion of spinach, black coffee.

Dinner: 150 g of sea fish, cabbage salad, black coffee or tea without sugar.

  • Day 6

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and black coffee without sugar.

Lunch: salad of any fruit.

Dinner: 2 eggs or 150 grams of lean meat, salad (tomato, cucumber, celery), herbal tea.

  • Day 7

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapefruit and black coffee without sugar.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs or cold chicken, tomato and grapefruit.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs or cold chicken (150 g), salad (carrots, cabbage, tomato) and black coffee without sugar.

During egg diet it is recommended to drink alkaline mineral water to neutralize the grapefruit acid.

This type of menu is known as the “chemical”: the name of the low-carbohydrate diet with high-protein diet was fixed thanks to Osama Hamdy. When losing weight on a diet like protein the reserves of the body are not exhausted, and due to lower revenue of carbohydrates the body faces a shortage of available “fuel” for the energy of the body and quite quickly begins to consume the fat reserves.

If the egg diet for 7 days seems too strict to you, use a gentler, but no less effective analogue – egg diet for 4 weeks.

Seven Days of Patience – Five Pounds Off!

A diet that lets you lose weight 5 lbs in a week is based on the rules of a healthy diet, but with one cunning feature – it is forbidden to have dinner. The last meal should be no later than 16.00. However, it is possible to see a positive thing in the sad fact – it is a good motive to go to bed early, not sitting up in front of the TV or computer.

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loosing weightIt is not recommended to break the order of days; also you need to adhere to the daily list of products and do not make your own adjustments. An important rule of this week’s diet is the exclusion of salt, sugar, and alcohol from the diet. The fruit given the menu are eaten the not in the main meal, but half an hour before meals or half an hour after them. Every day you need to drink plenty of plain carbonated water.

  • Day one

Breakfast: Steamed fish – 50g, lettuce with a few drops of olive oil, yogurt 1% fat 250 ml.

Lunch: boiled egg, whole meal bread, 2 slices of meat turkey or chicken – 90 g.

  • Day Two

Breakfast: celery without limitation, boiled veal 80 grams, one boiled potato(plus one),steamed carrots, green tea without sugar.

Dinner: 1 cup low-fat yogurt, 100 grams of fat-free yogurt, oatmeal on the water, five dates.

  • Day Three

Breakfast: unsalted chicken broth – 250 ml, 3 pcs bread, steamed chicken breast – 50g.

Lunch: rye bread – 2 slices, boiled beef – 50 g, spinach without limitation, an apple and an orange.

 5 the most efective diets

  • Day Four

Breakfast: boiled buckwheat, yogurt 1% fat – 250 ml of tomato salad with olive oil.

Lunch: boiled rice, fresh juice from citrus fruit – 250 ml, cottage cheese with plums – 100 grams, grapefruit and kiwi.

  • Day Five

Breakfast: boiled beef – 60g, one egg plus one two cucumber and bell peppers.

Lunch: steamed chicken breast, boiled potato, apple and orange, 2 walnuts, dried apricots – 3pc.

  • Day Six

Breakfast: Chicken broth without salt – 100 ml, steamed red fish – 100 gr with green peas (3 tbsp. L.), Rye bread – 1 slice, green tea with 1 tsp honey.

Lunch: boiled brown rice, lettuce, tomatoes, seasoned with lemon juice with sesame seeds; for dessert, one hour after the meal: a glass of skim milk, kiwi and banana.

  • Day Seven

Breakfast: chicken breast – 60 gr, a plate of buckwheat, one bell pepper + nonfat cottage cheese (2st. L)., Black tea with a spoonful of honey, a handful of raisins for dessert.

Lunch: boiled lentils, boiled beef – 100 g, low-fat plain yogurt (1 cup 125 g), almonds (30 g).to lose weight fast

 Other Ways to Lose Weight Quickly Without Pain

Despite the fact that a week for weight loss is a kind of “gold standard”, a lot of effective and well-known diets promise pleasing results for a little less or a little longer. For example:

  • “6 petals”diet – the original series of mono-diets with additional motivating tools in the form of a flower with 6 petals, that should be torn away with a sense of accomplishment after another day.
  • Nourishing and easy to comply pumpkin diet for 12 days is particularly relevant in the fall, when there is a new crop.
  • The famous and efficient chicken diet exists as a standard seven-day version, and the option for those who love it quickly, for three days.
  • Cottage cheese diet – a proven way to lose a few pounds in the format of a double fasting day.


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