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The Most Fashionable Women’s Sweaters 2016

the most fashionable women's sweaters

The cozy knitted sweater is an important component of the informal women’s wardrobe during the cold season.

Modern fashion, by the way, loves women’s knitted things and never tires of coming up with more and more images.

So the upcoming winter season 2016 fashionable women will not do without stylish knitted novelties.

So what will be the women’s most fashionable sweater?

The Bulk Knitted Women’s Sweater 2016

Knitted sweaters in 2016 will be, above all, very bulky.

Fans of tight clothes will have some time to get used to the luxurious volumes that are offered by fashion designers.

volumes sweaterStylish novelties on models look as if they are very large. Deliberately negligence, knitted clothes from the latest fashion collections sometimes seem vastly stretched after an unskillful washing.

warm sweaterThe effect of negligence is enhanced by the large coarse knitting (elastic or hosiery) and large details – asymmetric collars and pockets located in the most unexpected places. The lowered armholes of sleeves help to create a relaxed silhouette.

At the same time as it is surprising, the bulky clothes of yarn can be almost sculptural, with clearly delineated the broad shoulder line. This is achieved mainly due to the re-entered fashion shoulder pads.

The volumetric sweaters can have romantic character. The fluffy collar, embroidery and decorations give the tenderness and femininity to the volumetric models.

fashionable sweater-dress sweater-dresslong sweater


bulk sweaters













An extreme option of bulk sweaters in the upcoming season will be the sweater-dress.

Designers offer to wear large volume clothes with light flying skirts from flowing fabrics or with narrow trousers, leggings and opaque tights.

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short sweaterKnitted sweaters for women in 2016 can be shortened length – up to waist. Although such models can not be called neither practical nor functional, the new winter season, they are especially actual.

sweater with a short sleeveIt is noteworthy that a sleeve of fashion garments from yarn can be shortened. So, it is very fashionable three-quarter length sleeves. It is interesting that the designers also advise to wear sleeves rolled up almost to the elbow.

With regard the design of the neck of knitted things, not deep circular and boat shaped cutouts prevail. But in fashion collections there are stand-up collars and voluminous collars, clamps and feminine shawl collars. Less popular are items with a deep V-neck.

Women’s Knit Sweater in the Photo – Actual Colors and Texture of Yarn

According to designers, the women’s fashion sweaters 2015 simply must be a shaggy! Designers have decided that the fluffiest yarn, which is able to embody the idea of “shaggy” in life, is mohair. That is why most of the models shown on the catwalk, is made from mohair in different colors.

shaggy sweater pastel color sweater








And original “rustic” yarn is in fashion. Articles made of this yarn are somewhat prickly, but this is something that requires a fashion of the forthcoming winter season. It is noteworthy that to heighten the effect, designers additionally decorate clothing knitted from mohair and raw yarn with textile thick fringe.

All this is only for the benefit of women of fashion, as the product of mohair and rustic yarn are especially warm!

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With regard to the color solution stylish women’s sweaters, are the following actual colors: black, white, color, wild berries, bright green, blue and all the pastel shades.

sweater with patterns

sweater with a color pattern








In the upcoming season the knitwear with different prints will be ultra-fashionable. Moreover it can be as abstract patterns and floral motifs. Floral print must necessarily be large and bright.

The striped models will be in big fashion. The strip may be wider or thin, but anyway it has to be transverse.

sweater with cartoon printAnother fashion trend it is as follow – the adult women of fashion are requested to wear things of yarn decorated with the cartoon characters. Such a funny pattern on clothing is intended to emphasize the immediacy, vitality, carefree, and a special sense of humor of its owner.

The knits with traditional ethnic patterns will be in fashion as well.


Finishing and Decoration Women’s Fashion Sweaters

A stylish women’s sweater of the new fashion season is impossible to imagine without decoration and ornaments. The most sophisticated models are combined with fur, leather, suede, cashmere.

sweater with leatherThe most important companion of yarn is fur. As a rule the mosaic picture is faced with pieces of fur on the front of the knitwear. Equally popular are leather and suede that look wonderful in conjunction with knitted fabric. The models, combined woolen and knitted pieces look rather original and unusual.

sweater with laceHowever, and such complex models will additionally be decorated with flowers, feathers, lace or mesh in 2016. As a result, knitted sweaters will become an excellent weekend clothes!

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Designer knitwear can be put on a disco party or fashionable crowd. This is particularly true with respect to such original knitted notions of the designers like sweater-body and sweater-cape.

sweater with cutouts on the shouldersThe fashion collections of the season 2016 there are very extravagant knitwear – for example, knitted sweaters with cutouts on the shoulders and at the waist. How does woman’s knitted sweater look, see the photo above.

It is clear that the main purpose of extravagant models is not to provide protection from the cold, but rather to shock viewers! But these trends in all probability, will find their fans.

In general, of course, the fashion, warm, comfortable and stylish knitted sweaters 2016, and will be able to warm up, and decorate the most capricious fashionistas!


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