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What to Give as an 18th Birthday Present!

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The 18th birthday is one of the most significant birthdays for a young girl or a boy. On this day yesterday’s teenagers officially turn into grown-ups. From this day on they have new rights and responsibilities. Usually teenagers look forward to this date because they are now allowed to do things that are deemed appropriate only for adults.

Are you wondering what to give your girlfriend, friend, boyfriend or child as an 18th birthday present?18th birthday Parents, relatives, friends always take pains to choose a special present for such a significant date. These can be funny, practical, valuable and sentimental gifts. To help with this process, we’ve prepared some ideas for the 18th birthday, that are thought to be popular nowadays.

Here is a list of ideas for a 18th birthday presents.

These extraordinary gifts will help any birthday boy or girl to celebrate his or her birthday with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Personalized gifts

Nowadays personalized gifts are very popular. These are things that are related to a definite person. As a rule, such presents have an engraving or special dedication to that person. А newspaper with his photo on the front page, photo puzzle, a sliding door wardrobe with the printed image of his favourite photo (more cost-effective options are curtains, a bed cover, towel, T-shirt, mug), watch with the engraving – such kind of souvenirs are always popular. Personalized gifts invoke emotions, they are important from the sentimental and from the practical point of view alike. The birth person realizes that the gift he received is unique.

  1. Gifts from the technical future Electronic Gifts
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Here you’re almost guaranteed success, because the younger generation does not part with their devices: iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, e-books, MP3 players, USB flashcards and more. The only thing you have to do is to find out a person’s preferences for models, designs and movements.

3. Gift certificates are presents you’ll never make a mistake with

A gift certificate is a wonderful modern way to avoid unwanted presents. They can successfully substitute grandma’s “presents in the envelope”. For an 18-year-old person will be suitable gift certificates for electronics shops, CD/DVD stores, stylish clothes shops, mobile phone stores, and cosmetics stores.

4.A holiday at the world’s end

Many teenagers become of age are finishing their high school. Why shouldn’t we give them a tour as a present? There is a great variety of last minute travel offers to any part of the world where they can have a good time and a lot of experiences.

5. Tickets for a show

Tickets for a concert of a favorite band, to the theatre or to the cinema. 18-year-olds passionately adore everything connected with music and showbiz, so such a present would definitely become a pleasant surprise.

6. Sports present

Club card for a fitness center isn’t just a present, it is a pass to the world of health and exercise. Swimming poosl, gyms with a fitness instructor, dance classes, yoga trainings… The choice is up to the birth person.

7. Jewelry

It is a present, which remains for a long time with the person and reminds him or her about you from time to time. This can be a necklace, bracelet, locket, ring or earrings. Don’t forget that a chosen piece of jewelry should be made in the same style that the person prefers.jewelry for gift8. Funny presents

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Another solution for a birthday present is a funny present. They are quite suitable for people of that age, they make them smile and create a pleasant friendly atmosphere of celebration. These can be diplomas, cups and medals as well as caps, T-shirts, bedding, mugs with funny sayings and titles. An example of such a present is a beer glass with a woman dressed in winter clothes, but as soon as you pour a drink into it she takes off her clothes.

9. Sweet presents

Tasty sweet things are always welcome. Nevertheless, on the occasion of the 18th birthday, one can choose something special from this category. A set for a birth boy or girl should make an accent on the importance of this meaningful event. Sunglasses, lipstick, a bottle of perfume, bag are inevitable accessories of any young woman. Wrench, screwdriver, saw, hammer wonderfully fit any man. All these things as a sweet version can be given on the occasion of the 18th birthday.


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