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Gel Nail Cover: Technology and Tools

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A Little about Manicures

Since ancient times the fairer sex has tried to take care of their hands, so that they always look beautiful. This continues to the present time, but thanks to modern technology, the ways of doing it change every year and more and more options appear.

In ancient Egypt, the nails were painted with colored inks and used henna. It was virtually the only way to create a beautiful manicure. In today’s world of technology there are quite a lot of ways to create an attractive manicure, and one of them is covering nails with gel polish. Since this technology came a long, beautiful and well-groomed nails are no longer a rarity, every woman is trying to create something individual, mysterious and attractive.

And many of them are very successful, because to create a manicure today people use a variety of materials and devices that allow you to paint your nails in any color, make an original shape of nails, extend them to almost any length and decorate them with accessories.

gel nailAlmost every woman has experienced manicure created by covering nails with gel. But many may be interested in the technology of the manicure and the tools needed to make it. If extending nails is quite a complicated and long process, a simple coating with biogel or gel nail polish, is a little bit easier and more useful. Let’s see what the difference is.

What is Gel Polish, and How it Differs from Simple Extensions

Often, gel coating process is compared with the nail extension. They resemble each other only in the end result, which can be obtained with both of these manicure technologies. After these procedures, the nails are beautiful and well-groomed, and most importantly, made with an individual, and in some cases, unique design.

Gel nail extension is an artificial lengthening of the nail. As a result of this procedure you get beautiful, long nails, but unfortunately, they are not real, and do not look natural. In addition a large amount of gel is applied to the nail plate, which subsequently corrupts and weakens your own nail. Often, after the extension, it takes a long time to heal and restore the nails as they become weak and are subject to deterioration.

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Bio gel polishGel nail coating involves applying the gel polish directly to your natural nail, while not in such large amounts as in the extension. Furthermore, to cover the nail they use other means known as Biogel. If the extension involves only beauty and unique design, the Biogel coating allows curing and strengthening the nails and giving them rigidity. In addition, there are color gels, so getting a beautiful and unique manicure is not a problem.

Another important difference between a simple coating and the extension is the appearance of the nail. They look natural, are flat and smooth surface, and have a shine. Covering nails with Biogel can prevent deterioration, and help strengthen and grow your own nails to the desired length.

Features of Biogel

Most experts say that the regular application of Biogel on nails affects them only positively. This tool is resistant to scratches, does not split and does not get smudged. One of the important advantages of Biogel is its ability to keep the manicure in perfect condition for a long time. Because of this, you no longer need to do a manicure every day, as is required when using conventional nail polish.

Any woman, who regularly cares for their nails, will be happy to have such an option. Biogel is able to stay on nails for up to three weeks, without losing the shape, color and luster. It is safe to say that since the appearance of the tool, there is rarely a unique discovery in modern cosmetics as Biogel that combines the three most important qualities: luster, durability, and ease of use.

gel coatingI must say that bio-gel is actively used not only in manicure, but also pedicure. On top of the Biogel you can apply simple polish of any color. The tool is absolutely safe and does not contain any substances that can cause allergic reactions.

For the modern woman, nails covered with Biogel are the perfect solution. In such a frantic pace in which we now live, you want your manicure to be always perfect, but often you just do not have enough time. Biogel, having the ability to maintain nails in perfect condition for a long time, can rescue you in such situations.

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What Tools and Materials are Needed to Coat Your Nails with Gel Polish

Now almost every beauty salon can do gel coating. But the tools and materials used for this procedure make it possible to do it at home. Despite the fact that these gels are expensive, using them at home can help you save money.

In order to carry out the procedure at home, you must first acquire Biogel. You can buy a separate bottle, or a set consisting of three different polishes. In the set each gel is designed to perform a specific function. One of them provides the traction of the means with the nail, the second is the base layer, the third is the fixing one. If you buy a single bottle of gel, then it must implement all these three functions.

If you bought the gel that solidifies only under ultraviolet light, then you need to purchase the corresponding lamp. Additionally, when selecting a UV lamp, it is necessary to rely on the power required for the gel to solidify. You need to purchase a lamp of the appropriate power or buy a model in which it can be adjusted.

Biogel toolsIf the gel hardens under the influence of a catalyst, it is necessary to purchase a special substance, which is applied with a brush or is sprayed on top of the gel. It should be noted that simple water can serve as a catalyst. Gels, drying under the influence of a catalyst, are a little harder to apply to the nails, because they are a little thicker.

In addition to the gel, UV lamp or a catalyst, you will need:

  • A cleaner. Necessary to degrease the nail plate.
  • Primers. Align the nail surface to ensure a good grip, serve as a basis for manicure.
  • Buffs – nail files for polishing nails.
  • Simple nail files.
  • A synthetic brush. They are used for application of the gel.

Technology of Biogel Coating at Home

It is not difficult to perform nail gel coating procedure at home. Depending on what materials are used, it can vary, but the sequence is always the same:

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Prepare the Nail for Coating

In order to prepare the nail for the coating you must use cleaners to degrease the nail plate and the skin around it. Next, you need to push back the cuticle of the nail and then give the nail a desired shape with nail files. Finally, polish with a buff. At the last stage the nail is once again wiped with cleaners.

Applying Gel

Please, read the instructions to gel polish carefully. If the means for traction of the gel with the nail is not included, apply primer to the nail. Wait until the surface is dry. Apply gel. The instructions usually suggest the number of layers, which should be applied. Often Biogel is applied to the nail in six layers. After application each layer must be dried in the UV lamp for a few minutes.

BiogelOnce you apply the topcoat, dry it in the lamp for three to five minutes. When applying the first layer, be extremely careful not to get the gel on the skin around the nail and on the cuticle. Otherwise, it will soon begin to flake.

Securing the Results

If you use a separate set of gels, then apply the finishing product to the nails and dry for two minutes in the lamp. Instead of the gel topcast, a conventional clearcoat can be used. When applying the polish, simply wait for it to dry, and the procedure of coating nails with gel is completed. In order to remove the sticky upper layer, use the cleaner on the finished manicure.

As it can be seen, the procedure of covering nails with Biogel is quite simple. In addition, it will not take much of your time, as compared to the nail extension, which takes usually about three hours.

Nobody argues that covering their nails with gel for the first time will not bring you a perfect manicure, which a master in the beauty salon is able to do. But with practice you can create beautiful and well-groomed nails as good as a professional master of manicure.


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