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Sport at Home: Hula-Hoop for Weighting Loss with Reviews


Maintain a Good Physical State

Women and men may do exercises with a hula-hoop. You may train the lower part of your body (buttock, hip, foot), shoulders, hands, back and also other muscles.

A hula-hoop is very simple to use, it doesn’t require any special skills or large spaces. Use a hula-hoop for twenty minutes a day. It will help transform your waist, strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and remove excess fat. You will see your waist slim down in as little as one week.

If you use a hula-hoop daily, it will be useful for your health, because this exercise improves blood circulation. Advantages of hula-hooping for your health: coordination of motions, suppleness, senses of rhythm and body control skills are developed. Exercises with a hula-hoop to improve the general condition of skin, cellular subcutaneous tissue, and increase their tone. Massage effect of a hoop impedes the emergence and dissemination of cellulite.

loseing weight with hula-hoopIt touches more than 30,000 acupuncture points in the areas of the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.

Regular use improves the functioning of intestine and gets rid of constipation.

Hula–hoops are also cheap on top of all of the rest of these advantages.

Types of Hula-Hoops

Here are the different types of hula-hoops to help you make the right choice for your weight loss goals.

The usual hula–hoop is made from polyethylene or iron in the form of a round tube which is empty inside.

The health hoop (folding) looks like the others hula-hoops but it is more convenient to keep at home because this hoop is folding.

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The weighted hoop has nearly 2 kg of weight. It requires a lot more effort but it helps burn more calories. The weight of this hoop also messages as you work the hoop around your tummy.

massage hoopMassage Hoop (with massaging elements) is a type of hula-hoop, which has rubber marbles inside (35 units). They actively massage the waist and hips.

Gymflextor is made from reinforced rubber. Also it has nipple for addition of air. Such a hula-hoop is universal because it trains the main muscle groups.

Exercises with a Hula-Hoop?

We will show you how the massage hoop must be used for weight loss.

  • Bend with a hula-hoop in different directions

Hold hoop with the help of two hands and bend to it. Turn yourself from side to side, rolling a hoop. Such exercise helps to relax waist muscles.

  • Bend forward with a hula-hoop

Hold hoop with the help of two hands. Bend forward with a straight back. It will help make your waist suppler.

  • Exercises during rotation of a hula-hoop

Raise your hands, turn with hips to right and left, trying to follow the direction of rotation of the hoop at the same time. Raise your two hands, and stretch as if after sleep. Clench hands at the level of breast and tighten your waist and hips. You will be able to make waist muscles tougher and get rid of extra inches on waist and belly.

  • Lunges with a hula-hoop

Rotate a hoop on your waist. Tense the bottom of abdomen, make lunges alternately back and forth on both feet. Hold back directly, help yourself with hands. Such exercise helps to strengthen muscles of an abdomen and legs.exercises with hula-hoop

  • Rotation of a hula-hoop on one leg in standing position

Try to hold your balance, standing on one foot. Bend your body forward and backward, left and right. This exercise will help you learn to keep your balance. You will be feeling more confident during other exercises.

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Choose a spacious and cool room with a good lighting. Take position: feet at shoulder width, toes apart, straight back and try to distribute weight on both feet. Hold hula-hoop with the help of two hands at the waist level, start exercise, leaving hoop and rotate it, executing circular motions with the waist and hips. Exercise must be made with help of all trunk from neck to knee joints. Increase intensity day by day. Do exercises several minutes, if you feel fatigue.

You need permission from your doctor before starting new exercises, if you have problems with back, leg, and neck.

This fitness tool has many positive reviews! The main disadvantage is bruises on sides, but  they will disappear after a while.

The hula-hoop doesn’t bring fast and tangible results if you don’t use additional tools for weight loss. Hula-hoops are the best variant, if you are looking for reliable, gradual and healthy weight loss!reduce waist volume


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