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Creating a Nail Design at Home: Advice and Helpful Hints

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Going to the nail studio is pleasant, but it tends to get rather expensive.  Many people think that a beautiful nail design is solely a professional work. However, this is not true, because nail art can be done by anyone who is interested in it and who wants to try to not have to go to the professional and pay for the drawings.

Creating a nail design at home is not so difficult as one might think. All you need for this is a little bit of practice and some ideas of what you might do with your nails.  You need to see a simple nail design as a form of art. As in art you should start from the basic forms and then add details.

Those who wish to make a simple nail design at home and find out more about beautiful patterns for nail art, can find a lot of tools for nail art in beauty shops. To make a beautiful nail art at home you just need to follow some advice.

Nail Preparation

When you speak of making nail art at home, the first step to take is to prepare your nails for this process. It is not necessary to make a flawless manicure, but any design will look much better if your nails are clean, neatly trimmed and have a nice form. Prepare your nails by carefully cleaning them with a special nail brush, pushing back the cuticle and then sanding them with a file.

Choosing Accessories for Your Nails

nail design at homeBrowse through the variety of nail accessories to determine which ones would suit you best of all. Many brands make nail art accessories. You can also buy a full kit of all necessary instruments including brushes and paints.

Choosing the Design

Now it is time for the most pleasant part of household made nail art – choosing the decorations you would like to place on your nails. You would need to visit specialized shops to choose them. Before that you can look for nail art ideas in magazines or on web-sites. You can also develop your own design using creative approach and keeping in mind the latest fashion trends.

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Today shops are overflowing with various kinds of polish and acrylic paints created for nail art. Acrylic paints do not just help to create fantastic designs, they also cost less than nail polish. You can draw small points and lines with a tooth pick.

Aside of that you would need fine brushes to draw patters. Glitter is also used to make nail design even more attractive and fancy. Do not forget to keep a bottle of a nail polish solvent at hand to be able to correct mistakes. You will need an acrylic top coat, which is applied to nails when the design is finished. This top coat will add shine and gleam to your nails for several days.

Ideas for Home-Made Nail Art

to create a nail artBefore getting started, prepare cotton pads or sticks and a nail polish solvent so that they will always be at hand for immediate correction of mistakes. You should carry out this procedure in a place where you will be able to quickly clean spilled liquid. Applying a base coat is not necessary. You can use nail polish of any color as the base coat. You can apply two layers of a nail polish to make the color intense enough.

We recommend letting the nail polish dry thoroughly before starting the nail decoration.

Various Drawing on Nails

Accessories are all things that we can use to decorate our body be it hair, neck, hands, feet or any other body parts.  Accessories help us look beautiful and attractive. Nail art is a wonderful kind of accessory which allows us to decorate our nails and make them look enchanting. There are a lot of versions of nail art drawings which you may use.

Inail designf you are a girl loving to adorn yourself all year round you would certainly know that there are accessories for each season. This is also true for nail art.

Winter nail design differs from summer. For, example you can decorate your nails with pictures of snow men and snow flakes in winter.

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You can use cold blue tints for decorating your nails for this season. In summer flower patterns and animal prints look best. Speaking of color, bright and clear colors are the most suitable for summer.

If you are looking for bright, colorful nail drawings you can create your design imitating patterns of native Americans, as they are usually very colorful. Cover your nails with polish of multiple (more than three) colors.

Among other supplies there are a lot of acrylic pictures for nails, metallic and glitter nail polish, and many others. You just need to choose the design you like and then recreate this idea on your nails. Once you have completed your chosen manicure it would be great to choose clothes of the same color or patterns.

patterns of nail artNew Year and Christmas Themed Nail Art

Acrylic paints of red and white color are mostly used for such design. You can apply white color as the base and then draw a new year tree, candles, stars, bells and other things with a fine brush or a tooth pick. You can decorate the drawing with glitter.

Yo can even draw a Santa Clause face. First paint your nail blue, it would be even better if you apply two layers of paint. When it dries, draw the face with flesh color and the beard with the white one. Use red paint for the hat and black for the eyes. Then seal the drawing with a top coat.

Snowy Drawings

christmas nail artYou need a shimmering nail polish with metallic effect to use as the base for your drawing. Take the white acrylic paint and using a fine brush draw a point on your nail. Draw eight long and short lines starting from this point and curling them at the end. After that draw two more lines, for example so that one would go over the other.  You have drawn a snow flake. You can draw two halves of snow flakes on the tips of your nails, painting one of them in blue.  If you do not have a blue metallic nail polish, you can use a blue acrylic paint as the base coat. However in this case you will have to draw the snow flakes in white.

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Patterns and manicure techniques for short nails

Nail art is a solution for those who want to have their nails look beautiful and creative.  The difference is that to do a tattoo you need a professional master, but to do a beautiful manicure you do not need help of another person because you can apply it yourself. Patterns for manicure for shot nails differ from those for long nails. If you have short nails you need to learn several essential things before starting to decorate your nails.

Drawings for short nails should look interesting so we would advise you to avoid french manicure which makes the nails look shorter. For short nails it is better to choose pictures with simple patterns, for example with dots, and use matching soft colors. If you are at a loss and do not know how to decorate your short nails, you can go to the beauty boutique and get a professional manicure.

There are four techniques used in the nail salons for short nail manicures. What are they? The first one is the drawing technique. It uses special nail polish to create drawings on short nails. The second one is the use of decals. Decals are the easiest manicure technique for short nails because the master needs to simply glue decals chosen by you to your nails.

Creating a nail design at homeThe third technique for short nails design is the french manicure with Swarovski crystals. You certainly know what a french manicure is. French manicures with crystals are based on the usual french manicure. It’s characteristic feature is the use of crystals for nail decoration. The fourth technique is the mixed technique, which can include all the three mentioned above.

Do you have any fun tricks for nail art at home?  Share them with us!


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