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Testing New Appliances: Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Traditional vacuum cleaners, despite their excellent work, are heavy and unhandy. The problem with cords is literally following them. While cordless vacuum cleaners are an entirely different matter. A battery makes them free and independent. We have chosen three new models for testing.

Buying home appliances is a delicate issue. Even if you had enough money to buy all the existing assortment in a store, there would be a different problem: where to keep all these items and then what to do with them? It so often happens that toasters, food processors, blenders and coffee makers are actively used only for the first couple of months, and then are left forgotten in a closet. We decided to correct this issue and launched a series of articles “Testing Appliances/Utensils.” We are not going to tell you about the variety of devices (with the same intent of sales consultants), we will then try and explain how useful they are, how to apply them and which miracles they are capable of . You will have to decide for yourself if you can live without these wonders.

We have chosen three new models of cordless vertical vacuum cleaners for testing: Philips PowerPro Duo FC6162 with a Nickel–Metal Hydride (NiMH) accumulator battery, LG CordZero 2 in 1 and Dyson DC62 with Li-ion accumulator batteries. We have checked if they are truly as easy to use as the manufactures suggest. The we try to answer the main question: do they have as much power as the usual stationary vacuum cleaners.

Appliance to Be Tested: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Philips PowerPro Duo FC6162


  • Air intake power: 100 Watt
  • Dust container: cyclone filter with capacity for 0.5 L
  • Power mode regulator: on a handle
  • Maximal noize level: 84.5 dB
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Number of nozzles: 2

Philips PowerPro Duo FC6162 usingThis vacuum cleaner resembles a good friend: it’s easy to communicate with, does not require special attention and is ready to help out in any difficult moment. To begin with, it does not take up much space: it can modestly stand in the closet or in a corner in a vertical “alert” position, which means that it is easy on the rise in the direct and figurative sense of the word. It’s handy to use in any part of your house.

Charger. I usually turn on the charger in the evening to do the cleaning in the morning. As it turns out, the vacuum cleaner accumulator charge is good for about twenty minutes. It can make do without recharging for two-three days, if you give it just moderate daily load (in a “Flylady” style) instead of the full one.

Weight. Philips PowerPro Duo FC6162 weights approximately 3 kg/6.6lbs, however you do not feel its weight as you work. It feels heavy only if you hold it at arm’s length.

Noise. The vacuum cleaner is quiet and unobtrusive. It does not frighten your house pets and before my cats ran hysterically as soon as the cleaning started, they now continue lying quietly stretched out, so I have to move them away. When you use this vacuum cleaner while listening to music it just “sings along” quietly.

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Philips PowerPro Duo FC6162Brush. A handy nozzle helped to get rid of the dust in the corner of the sofa and in central heater. As it turns out, there are no inaccessible places for this little wonder.

Among its special features I would like to note the special turbo brush, which solves the problem of pet hair. With its help the carpet pile rises and hairs literally fly into the dust container. During the testing time I have successfully cleaned not only the floor and upholstery but also the ceiling. I liked working with the manual vacuum cleaner. It is easily attached and equally easily removed from the main body. With it’s help I could quickly vacuum a massive rack for books.

Power. If necessary it is possible to ensure the highest possible suction power by using a special Power Cyclone technology. With this the vacuum cleaner takes the dust from the air instead of sending it back into your room.

Cleaning the dust container. After the cleaning it is better to immediately remove the container, dispose of its contents and then wipe it and brushes with damp cloth. Then assemble it and recharge if necessary. This procedure, despite the long description, takes a couple of minutes, but next time it will allow to immediately proceed to cleaning.

Appliance to Be Tested: LG CordZero 2 in 1, Gleaming Red (VSF7301SCWR)


  • Dust container: cyclone filter with capacity for 0.35 L
  • Maximal noise level: 68 dB
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Brush that easily turns 180* + inbuilt brush.

LG vacuum cleanerFor me the advantage of a cordless vertical vacuum cleaner was primarily in the fact that it is not necessary to disassemble it and hide in a corner. It is almost imperceptible and compact, it perfectly fits into the corridor, and its whole appearance shows its readiness to clean.

Charger. 2 accumulator batteries are included with the package. At first I thought one of them was a spare, which will go into play when the other fails. In fact, they were created to extend the cleaning time:if one charge comes to an end, you can safely continue working by simply inserting a new battery. Together 2 lithium-ion accumulator batteries of the Dual PowerPack ™ allow making your apartment nice and clean for 70 minutes in standard mode or 50 minutes in maximum power mode. I have a small apartment, so one battery is enough to clean it.

Weight. Manufacturers call LG CordZero 2 in 1 a light vacuum cleaner, but for me the weight of 2.8 kg/6.17lbs seemed impressive (though I’ve always considered myself a strong woman :-)). At first I almost dropped the vacuum cleaner in surprise. I somehow did notice the help of the ergonomic Easy Grip handle, which was promised to reduce the burden on the wrist. However, when I got used to it and after a few cleanings I no longer felt the weight of the device.

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Noise. The vacuum cleaner did not seem too loud or too quite to me. The noize level was medium, usual.

Power. I have tried this vacuum cleaner both on even surface (linoleum) and on carpets with low and high pile. I do have complaints on the quality of cleaning.

VSF7301SCWRBrush. The brush has several advantages. First, the angle of rotation is 180 degrees, so I was able to easily vacuum the space under the kitchen cabinet, which previously was unreachable to mops and brushes. Second, the brush has a light (basically like a flashlight), which lights-up dark corners. Third, the brush prevents hair and wool from winding up on it, so that it does not have to be cleaned after each use.

Handheld vacuum cleaner. I have truly appreciated this model thanks to its built-in hand-held vacuum cleaner, resembling the one for cars. How many times, having spilled sugar or flour in the kitchen, I thought about how great it would be to have on hand a mini-vacuum cleaner to quickly clean everything to not spread it all over. However, I have found another application for it: thanks to the built-in vacuum cleaner brush it’s very convenient to collect dust on the shelves and to work with the “point” problems.

Cleaning the dust container. Since the container for dust collection is slightly transparent, it is easy to determine whether it’s time to empty it. Particular people can wash the plastic part to return it its initial pristine transparency if they choose.

Appliance to Be Tested: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Dyson DC 62


  • Air suction power: 100 Watt
  • Dust container: cyclone filter with capacity for 0.4 L
  • Power mode regulator: on a handle
  • Noise level: 87 dB
  • Weight — 2,1 кг
  • Three nozzles

Dyson DC-62The main advantage of this device is that it is cordless: you no longer need to unplug the cord when you go into the other room, or get tangled in a long cord. For me it was a real finding: I was always too lazy to get a vacuum cleaner (my old one was quite heavy), unwind the cord, attach the hose pipe … Now the compact vacuum cleaner just stands in the corner, always ready to work. It is absolutely indispensable in the kitchen – if something spills it can be quickly removed without using a broom and a dustpan. By the way, I have tried to intentionally spill sugar and millet groats: cleaning took only a few seconds.

Charger. The battery is designed just for 20-25 minutes of cleaning (the vacuum cleaner charges for 3 hours). Such a short working time can be considered a disadvantage, but for me personally one charging of the vacuum cleaner is enough to completely clean the entire appartment.

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Weight. I liked the Vacuum Cleaner Dyson DC62 even before I opened the box – it is very light! Once assembled, this vacuum cleaner weighs only 2 kg/4.4 lbs., which certainly will be appreciated by many women. At home, I dealt with it in just 10 minutes: the device can be easily assembled into something resembling an electric sweeper. However, Dyson DC 62 differs from the usual electric sweeper by the suction power which is the same as in the full-fledged vacuum cleaner, the presence of the cyclone filter and the dust collecting cup, which is easily washed.

Noise. This vacuum cleaner, despite its modest size and harmless appearance, seemed quite noisy to me. Its noise level: 85 dB For comparison, for most conventional vacuum cleaners it’s something around 80 dB.

Power. I have no carpet at home, so I could estimate how a vacuum cleaner works on piled surfaces by cleaning a couch and a mat by the front door. Dyson DC 62 has easily handled sand, which usually clogs such mats. As for the cleaning of parquet and tiles, here it is simply irreplaceable: using a narrow nozzle I “walked” along the corners and baseboards, and collected all dust from the floor by using the turbo nozzle with a brush.

using Dyson DC 62Handheld vacuum cleaner. And finally, together with my new home assistant we went to the car – to clean the interior. Another “secret” of this vacuum cleaner is a long tube that can be easily removed. Instead you can put on a special nozzle and turn it into a small portable device for cleaning cars. Well, now the crumbs left over after eating cookies in a traffic jam, can easily be removed without going to a car wash.

Cleaning the dust container. The vacuum cleaner is easy to make proper again: unscrew the plastic cup, throw the dust into a plastic bag, rinse the bowl and attach it back if needed. It is recommended to rinse the filter once a month by running it under water.

The essential point: the size of the dust container seemed to me to be rather small, but for a small apartment without carpets it is quite enough.

Conclusion. Our testing confirmed: cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient. They are easy to handle, maneuverable and compact. Some of its characteristics allow to not only compete, but also to replace a full-fledged stationary cleaner with a cord. However, “shelf life” of the cordless vacuum cleaners is shorter – because of the accumulator battery (remember that even the phone battery eventually keeps less and less charge). In a sense it is the “price” for convenience and comfort. But everyone decides for themselves in the end.


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