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The Cost of Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the skin

Stretch marks on the skin – it is a common problem. It is difficult to prevent them, but it is almost impossible to get rid of them. –Procedures and creams rarely work, and it is better to not spend money on them.

Stretch marks have become a major issue in my personal life. It was the first and only case when man pointed to my marks, and said anxiously: “It is time, perhaps, to use some cream.” I howled in terror and hurt, and then immediately rushed to study the ” the stretch question” to understand what, in fact, I should use. The conclusion was disappointing – nothing: marking on the cream “for the elimination of stretch marks”– is just an advertising trick. These advertisements are targeted specifically at people who are insecure about their flaws and will pay good money for a product that does nothing to diminish the look of stretch marks.

treatment of the stretch marksStriaes (it is scientific name a of stretch marks) are formed when the skin loses elasticity, thins and breaks. In the area of breaks vessels are visible – that’s why fresh stretch marks are purple-violet color. Six months later, they become more narrow and pale and dense connective tissue – the scars, appear in place of tears. Therefore, the idea itself to remove them by using cosmetics is ridiculous: we do not think to buy a cream for scars. However, in contrast to the battle wounds, stretch marks are predictable. Here are the main reasons of their appearance:

  • genetics: 90% of women inherit from their mothers stretch marks
  • the rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • the changes in hormonal levels, for example during pregnancy or at teenage age
  • the endocrine disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome
  • the prolonged use of corticosteroids, such as hydrocortisone and prednisone.
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Hormonal stretch marks are easy to recognize: they are arranged horizontally, very wide and long, they usually appear on the legs, back, and even the face. Only endocrinologist will help to get rid of stretch marks. But ordinary stretch marks can be removed almost completely, but it is necessary to employ only heavy hardware artillery, namely,:

Laser Removal

What is the essence: a beautician applies to the skin stimulating cream with vitamin C, and then an area of skin with stretch marks is burned by the laser beam and in 2-3 months new smooth skin grows. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, but large areas such as the abdomen, are treated under general anesthesia.

laser removing stretch marksAdvantages: This is one of the most effective treatments against chronic stretch marks.

Disadvantages: long and rather painful recovery period: swelling and redness persist for up to two weeks. It is impossible to sunbathe for two or three months after laser resurfacing: even a small UV light will leave dark spots or, conversely, hypopigmented (white) areas. In addition, in the three months prior to the procedure, it is necessary to cancel some medications, particularly hormonal contraceptives.

Acid Peeling

What is the essence: a doctor exfoliates the upper layers of the skin using glycolic and trichloroacetic acid, stimulating the growth of new cells and collagen.

Advantages: stretch marks are aligned, become pale and less noticeable.

Disadvantages: only phenol peeling can help to completely get rid of stretch marks, but it is difficult, dangerous procedure, comparable to surgery. Any acid peeling requires a doctor’s jewelry work: if the drug overdo even for a moment, a burn is guaranteed.

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median acid peeling


What is the essence: a beautician does injection in the area of stretch marks using special preparations, usually retinoids and vitamin C. They help the production of collagen and elastin and soften rough connective tissue.

Advantages: stretch marks become less deep.

Disadvantages: using mesotherapy, it is impossible to completely remove stretch marks. This procedure works very poorly in the long-standing striae because the tissue is no longer possible to recover after a few years.


What is the essence:it is one of the most progressive procedures. Under local anesthesia, a master with the help of a special apparatus “opens” skin in the area of the striae. Reacting to microtrauma, the epidermis starts to actively updated, and the wound is pulled together with a stretching.

Advantages: the stretch marks are much narrower. The skin relief is leveled.

Disadvantages: the result will be no earlier than two or three months, it may take many sessions.

Ozone Therapy

What is the essence: the cocktail of ozone and oxygen is injected with a syringe into the skin, stimulating redox processes in cells.

Ozone therapyAdvantages: stretch marks are sealed, the skin becomes more elastic.

Disadvantages: It is effective only against fresh (3-6 months) striae.

Usually the procedures listed combine: an acid peeling with laser resurfacing, BioSkinJetting — with mesotherapy. Their effectiveness, of course, is increasing in the complex, and along with it – the price and painfulness of execution. Meanwhile, it is very easy to save yourself from the appearance of stretch marks. Here you are the best means:

  • Wheat germ oil, olive and  almond oil. They need to be constantly used in place of cream on the areas prone to stretch marks, – chest, abdomen, thighs.
  • Regular light AHA-a peeling refreshes the skin and improves its elasticity.
  • Vitamin C accelerates the collagen synthesis in geometric progression and protects the skin from the gaps. it should be taken inside of 500 mg daily during the “dangerous” period (pregnancy, or a sharp set of weight loss, reception of hormonal drugs).
  • Seaweed wraps are very effective against small fresh stretch marks. You can do it yourself using a sheet of kelp, which is sold in any pharmacy.How to get rid of stretch marks
  • If you still want to use the cream, choose one that contains a loading dose relastina, peptides and retinoids. These substances are “darn” and strengthen the thinned skin.
  • Aromatherapy is incredibly effective against stretch marks. Instead of cream for the body use essential oils of petitgrain (bitter orange), rosemary and neroli, mixing them with any basic oil in the proportion of 1:5.
  • The absolute hit it is mummy. It can be added in the usual moisturizing cream or dissolved in water and mixed with oil. It can get rid of fresh stretch marks.
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And remember to get rid of small defects is worth it only for your own comfort. Point out the door to men who point out your stretch marks. And then, in good conscience sign up for laser resurfacing.

There are costly, expensive procedures that cone be done to stretch marks and they mostly just do nothing to get rid of the problem. Stretch marks however are a part of your body and should not be seen as a problem. Instead they should be embraced and loved just like the rest of your body that you were given.


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