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2016’s Most Fashionable Hair Colors

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Girls have always wanted to be fashionable and are going to dye their hair the trendiest shades in every season. Let’s see what shades and hair dyeing techniques are going to be popular this year?

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Swatches of the most fashionable shade 2015 – trendy blonde, brunette and redhead colours 2015

Hair dyeing is a very important decision. You should take it seriously and think about the possible consequences.

  • Natural  blonde shades 2015

Blonde shadesAbout 5-7 years ago such colours were thought to be suitable only for a “mouse.” But nowadays it has gained its popularity among young girls. This shade gives your hair volume and a touch of charm to the girl who wears it.

If you decide to dye your hair natural blonde, choose light blonde or ash-blonde shades. These colours suit girls with fair skin and blue or green eyes.

  • Dark Brown shades 2015

brown hair shadesIt’s an attractive colour which is popular among 20-25-year-old girls.

This shade makes your face look fresh and goes well together with hair highlights. The highlight will make your hair will look gorgeous and expensive.

  • Red hair shades 2015

red hair shadesNowadays red hair shades are very trendy. Famous fashionable hairstylists tell time and again that such a colour gives women an air of mystery and a touch of finish and shine for their look.
The caramel hair colour is also very popular today. It looks a bit blonde, but with a touch of red.

  • Dark hair shades 2015

Dark hair shadesYes, it’s still in fashion and stays the most popular colour this year.

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But if you decide to dye your hair in such a dark shade, you should take it seriously and pay attention to the condition of your hair. The colour doesn’t suit thin fragile hair.

  • Chestnut hair shades 2015

Chestnut hair shadesDark chestnut colours are at the height of its fame. Girls with such hair shades always attract everybody’s attention.

The best shade in the variety of colours is a dark chocolate, which suits girls with brown or green eyes.

  • Blonde shades 2015

The colour speaks for itself. It’s always fashionable. Today the most favourite is a natural blonde with a sandy shade coloration.

The most necessary thing before you dye your hair is to choose the right colour in order not to get absolutely white or straw-coloured hair.

Fashion trends 2015 – ombre and pearl hair shades

The creative hair dyeing such as an ombre thechnique or the usage of pearl hair colours has gained in popularity this year. They make your hair look shiny and gorgeous.

So, what hair dyeing techniques are going to be popular in 2015?

  • Ombre technique 2015

Ombre techniqueIt’s a hair style in which the colour of the hair fades from a daker shade to a lighter one. The ombre can combine several colours which are perfectly blendable with each other. You can often accomplish this hairstyle with blonde and chestnut shades or chestnut and black shades.

The gradation of shades can be sharp or smooth. If you decide to dye your hair with the help of ombre techniques, we advise you to do it at the hair and beauty salon, because to dye the hair with this technique at home is almost impossible.

  • Pearl hair shades 2015

perl hair shadesOn the pack of hair colour you can often read that it’s not simply a blonde, but a pearl blonde. Pearl shades differ from others by its shine and stable colour.
Such colours contain pearl particles which create a shiny effect for your hair. You look very bright and attractive. That’s why such colours have become popular in 2015.

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Is a hair style with a highlight in fashion in 2015?

The Highligh hasn’t gone out of fashion in 2015. This hair style is popular among young girls and looks natural and beautiful. The most favourite are a bronding and classical highlight.

  • Bronding 2015

BrondingThis hair style suits almost everybody. It includes hair dyeing not from the hair roots, but 2-3 cm (about 1 inch) below them.

It helps you to get an effect as if you’ve just returned home from your holidays in sunny countries.

  • Classical highlight 2015

Classical highlightClassical highlights have also stayed popular in 2015. Its techniques include hair dyeing of some locks of 2-5 mm wide from the very hair roots.

This hair style looks trendy and suits every girl.

The most trendy types of coloration 2015

The coloration has also become popular in 2015. Its techniques include dyeing of different hair parts with several shades. Hairstylists usually use from 3 to 15 colours to get a natural and unusual hair shade.

What types of coloration are the most popular?

  • Multi colour coloration 2015

Multi colour colorationThis type of your hair dyeing is supposed to use a variety of different shades.

The multi colour hair dyeing helps you to get a more natural shade and keep your hair healthy.

  • Pearl coloration 2015

It’s a type of hair dyeing in which we use special colours. It can change its shade due to the different light.

These techniques suit girls with blonde or fair hair.

  • Neon hair coloration 2015

Neon hair colorationIt’s a unique and bright type of hair dyeing which helps you to look very creative. Nowadays a great number of young girls go for this coloration to the hair and beauty salon where hairstylists can use any crazy colour you wish.

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The hair dyeing in this case often includes the coloration of only several locks, but many people made something like a hair highlight. If your hair is dark or very blonde, this type of coloration suits you rather well.

  • Californian hair highlight 2015

This type of hair dyeing looks as if your hair has faded in the sun. It’s a kind of bronding, but made in a different way.

You can change your hair style in a few hours. But the result will make you happy for several months. And, of course, it’s worth doing!


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