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The Techniques of Classical Relaxing Massage

How to do relaxing massage correctly?

A relaxing massage is carried out to relieve stress, to relax muscles, soothe a person during stress and depression, and improve mood. Classic massage should be done according to certain rules with the implementation of several basic techniques – stroking, kneading, friction, vibration.

How to Give a Relaxing Message

Massage – is a complex of different techniques in the form of pressure, friction, vibration, and other actions with the human body by using hands along with various accessories and special equipment. There are many types of massage: medical, preventive, relaxing, and erotic. There are also different types of massage depending on where they have been invented, for example, Thai massage. There are also classic and innovative massage techniques. This classic technique involves the use of four main techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibrating. First, the large areas of the body are massaged, and then the masseur moves to smaller areas.

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The Basic Rules of a Classic Massage

Correct relaxing massages can be done by an experienced masseur, but sometimes you want to give a loved one the pleasure yourself. Following certain rules, you can give a good massage and it does not cause any harm but gives a pleasant feeling to the person.

Classic massage, whether therapeutic or relaxing, is subject to certain rules. The first thing necessary to make sure that all the movements are directed along lymphatics ways. When massing the neck, the movements should be directed from the hair to the shoulders and during the kneading of the arms it is necessary to move from the wrist to the elbow. It is also important not to pause between each area.

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It is desirable to do a massage on the bare back, in order to achieve BEST Tactile Interaction. THEREFORE it is easier for massage therapists to do certain movements, and a person, who has had a massage benefits greatly.

massageIt is recommended to use a special massage or cosmetic oil, so that hands of the masseur are moist and easily glide over the skin. If you do not have these resources, use the usual children’s cream or olive oil.

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage is performed, usually on the back – the greatest energy and most important area of the body, which often undergoes heavy loads. Even if a person has no health problems, he/she does not suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and does not feel the load on the spine, such massage in any case will be useful. A relaxing massage is not intended to treat or prevent certain diseases. This pleasant procedure helps a person to remove muscle tension, forget about problems and stress, and improve mood. Even the healthiest people are exposed to emotional and mental stress at work or in their personal lives that affects their psychological state. Relaxing massage acts as an excellent anti-depressant.

In addition, this massage is good for health. If a person spends a lot of time in the office at the computer, driving a car and little moves, his muscles are always under tension. It can subsequently lead to problems with the back and loins. Massage prevents these troubles and as a result the body is in tune, charging it with energy. It reduces swelling, improves blood circulation. Relaxing massage helps women to restore the normal hormonal balance, at the same time this massage is useful to men after long, grueling training and sessions of weightlifting and bodybuilding.

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Classical massageRELAXING MASSAGE – it is also an easy way to relax, enjoy yourself. It can also be a method of communicating with a loved one.

Techniques of Relaxing Massages

The most common technique of classic relaxing massages is rubbing, which can be deep and shallow. The deep rubbing should be done with the thumbs or palm edge, and the surface can be made with fingertips. It is important to make a rubbing of shoulders and neck, moving from the hairline down. On the back rubbing can be done in any direction.

The petrissage – another popular technique of relaxing massages – is performed by pulling back the skin with fingertips or palm with the thumb. Thus the impact is achieved on the back muscles. It is important not to affect the area of the spine, and only the side area.

relaxing massagesEffleurage is not always used for a relaxing massage, but this technique helps to relieve tension from the muscles. Effleurages should be done with the whole wrist, having folded it in the form of box, but you have to make percussion movements with relaxed hand.

Classic Massage

The technique of the pressing involves pressure on certain areas within a few seconds. First you need to use slight pressure, and then increase them. In the first place you have to make such movements along the spine from top to bottom, placing your fingers on the three inches from the vertebra.

Vibration is quite a complex technique, which consists of several fast weak tremors causing vibration over the entire surface of the back. The vibration reaches the muscles, tissues, and even internal organs and nerves in the depths of the body, so it is a very healthy method.

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techniques of relaxing massagesStroking is the most pleasant of relaxing massage techniques. Stroking movements are performed from top to bottom and then back. It is necessary to ensure a fairly strong pressure in order to the strokes have an effect. First you treat the back and then start stroking shoulder.


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