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The Main Rules of Weight Loss for Men

The main rules of losing weight

Men get fat, because they work hard, they get nervous and they don’t sleep enough. But they lose weight faster – 20 kg in three months without harm to their health. The main problem is motivation. Nevertheless the man has to lose weight.

Why Do Men Lose Weight?

The question is not silly. If aesthetic considerations for you don’t play a role, keep this in mind: a healthy lifestyle is the best cure for a middle age crisis. About thirty-five or forty years the amount of testosterone in the blood begins to decline. This is a very vulnerable age for any man.

“Exactly this period of life a proper diet and exercise can literally revive people, — said Ross Sanders therapist nutritionist, researcher at the Clinical Department of the Research Center of the Institute of Biomedical Problems. — I watch it on the example of my customers. One of them, a former businessman, was without work and drank, was terrible and fat with 30 kg overweight. He was brought by his relatives to the reception. We together made up a weight loss program. I forced him to go to the gym three times a week. First, as a schoolboy, he could not do anything in the gym. But gradually he got a taste, lost weight, pumped up muscles, and began to look 15 years younger.”

According to statistics, an athletic man at any age feels more confident and happy. He earns more and he lives longer. He is more attractive in the women‘s eyes and he often has sex and gets more pleasure from it.How to lose weight for men?

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Three Strong Advantages

“In my experience, if the men decides to lose weight, they approach the matter more responsible than women, and more often to get things done, — Ross Sanders notices. — It is easier to work with them for me as I am a doctor. Woman ten times breaks the rules, but never admits — drinking kefir, and that’s all. The man does not lie. He reports directly and that on weekends he ate 10 kg of meat and drank alcohol.”

Furthermore according to doctors, men lose weight faster than women, especially on cardio and weight machines, swimming. All the classic feeding programs, where it is necessary to limit the fat and carbohydrates, especially alcohol, work. “In three, five months it is possible without harm to the health to lose 20-30 kg,” — assures Kelly Lyons.

Plus, according to the scientific research men are not as impulsive as woman, and it is easier for them to resist the goodies. (Girls, do not worry, about being impulsive, we have faster reaction and thinner intuition!)

The Main Rules of Weight Loss for Men

  • Find your own personal mode of food

losing weightYes, small light meals – four or five small meals throughout the day – it is optimally from the standpoint of dietology. But if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can make your diet different. “I eat twice a day, my body is so comfortable,” — says James Reed. In the morning he has a hearty breakfast: cottage cheese with fresh herbs, radishes, salt and pepper or cereal with apple and honey. In the evening James usually eats two chicken burgers, chicken breasts or fish and lots of vegetables. In the event of an attack of hunger in the refrigerator there is always fresh cheese.

  • Fight the flab with cardio and strength training (running, football, biking, jumping rope, walking, exercise with weights for legs, arms, press, chest and back)

“I started running — first 2 miles, then 4 miles three times a week,”  Tom Howard shares the experience of his weight loss — “Now I play football three times a week.”

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Russell Griffin goes to the gym in the neighborhood near work and swims in the pool for 45 minutes three, five times a week. When he was losing weight, he was doing cardio for an hour and a half, five times a week. “To walk on running track — is quite boring, — he warns. — The guys at the gym were teasing me and they said I anyway couldn’t take more than a month. And six months later, they applauded to me – I was pleased. It is necessary to adjust yourself and not to retreat.”

  • Do not rule out your favorite foods and alcohol forever

Why do men lose weight?A couple of times a week you can eat cake, roast pork, sour cream or a glass of wine or beer. But on other days follow regime. James Reed: “I gave up sweets, bread, sausages, canned food and red meat. I replaced all cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fish and vegetable salad. I did not eat after six in the evening – I suffered.” Watch for portions: one meal – no more than three of your fists in volume.

  • Try raw food diet

This is a very effective way to fight the flab the excess weight. By the way, among raw foodists there are quite a lot of men. Smith Johnson, author “New books on the raw food diet, or why cows are predators,” he left with the raw food diet 25 overweight, he explains it this way: “I think women are more prone to cooking, they love complicated dishes. Men gravitate towards simplicity, so it is easier for them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with minimal processing. Women need a table and serving. Men can nibble on the go.”

  • Get enough sleep

“Lack of sleep dramatically slows metabolism,” — says Kelly Lyons. — “Besides the main male hormones are produced at night. Therefore it is necessary to sleep not less than of six hours per day.”

  • Track your progress

For this purpose it is useful to visit the doctor at the health club, to measure how your strength, flexibility and endurance changes. However, if you do in good faith, you will feel the change: you will breathe easier, your back will be straighter, your head will be clearer.men lose weight

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