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Thrush in Women: Symptoms and Treatment of Thrush

symptoms of thrush

Here you are right, of course – television advertising often stretches the truth. And most women will agree with you in this. But, oddly enough, in the case of thrush, commercials entirely reflect reality. This problem can be a real headache, eclipsing even a broken heel on your favorite shoes and the upcoming trip to the city on the edge of the world.

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Even if you have not observed anything like this, it will be useful to know something about the disease. If the problem already exists, perhaps you’ll find some tips that will ease your situation.

In a healthy human’s body, the yeast fungus Candida albicans is a natural part of the intestinal microflora and the women’s vagina. But exactly it becomes the causative agent of this unpleasant disease. The infection can be provoked with taking of antibiotics, hormones and birth control pills, pregnancy, douching with the addition of chemical substances. Candidiasis can also be picked from a partner (if he already suffers from). Small scratches on the walls of the vagina due to the use of different tampons or from a lack of natural lubrication during sexual intercourse can also be the cause of infection.The first thing you need to understand what is candidiasis (or “thrush”) and what is the cause of the disease.Main symptoms of thrush

One of the most unpleasant facts is that once having become infected with, the woman could suffer from thrush infection for many years. If you do not observe the rules of hygiene, or you have the predisposition to a yeast infection, the disease tends to return.

The Symptoms of Thrush

The main symptoms of thrush are constant itching and discharge, with specific smell. That’s why most women begin to be treated in ways which only come into their heads.

This should not be done in any case. Firstly, if there is the slightest suspicion it is better to visit a doctor – a doctor will prescribe adequate treatment of thrush. Secondly, you should know a list of what not to do. Constant burning, and even in such inaccessible places, it makes you look for remedies that could get rid of these feelings. The first thing that comes to mind is douching. Experts recommend abandoning this method, because chemical agents will inevitably disrupt vaginal flora.

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If you’re still sure you need it, use cool boiled water or a vinegar solution. To make it, you’ll need a pint of water and 4 tablespoons of vinegar. To reduce itching and burning, special drugs can be used, but it must be done just after visiting the doctor. Special ointment can distort the picture of the disease. If the diagnosis has been made, you can use nystatin ointment or Genferon. Although, the doctor probably will recommend you something right.candidasis

At the time the disease, it is prudent to give up sexual intercourses. If you infect a partner candidiasis, it is likely that he will pass the infection back. But if you do decide, use a condom (odorless and without additional lubrication) and strictly observe the rules of hygiene.

  1. Take a shower and properly wash before intercourse, and it is desirable not to use soap or gel. Just rinse thoroughly with cool water genitals with a flexible hose. And your partner should do the same.
  2. The same procedure should be done at the end. Moreover doctors recommend both partners without fail to urinate – it cleans the urethra and prevents getting an infection in the urinary tract.

Even if you’re completely healthy, it is best not to use chemical lubricants as well as oils containing perfume additives. Perfect replacement for these means can serve as egg white or petroleum jelly. Do not use the last with condom – holes can be formed, and then an unwanted pregnancy will be added to the basic problem.

thrushIt is better to choose unscented sanitary napkins and tampons. On store shelves there are colorful rolls of toilet paper soaked in a perfume – but only white, without any additives is suitable for you.

Of course, you love beautiful, fashionable underwear. Synthetic panties in all colors and styles take up an entire shelf in your closet. This news for you will not be comforting, but you have to give up these nice things to your heart.

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Yeast fungus multiplies very well in warm and humid environment. Synthetic underwear poorly allow air to pass, which means that such panties will be a real incubator for the growth of fungus. Accept the inevitable, and buy simple cotton panties, it is desirable even pants – they have more free form and perfectly breathable.

Also synthetic pads and tampons prevent the penetration of air. At the time of illness it is generally better to abandon tampons or use them only during the day. As in the case of underwear, use the means made of natural cotton. Dryness, coolness and constant ventilation will help kill malicious bacteria. This does not mean that you have to go without underwear in winter. But nevertheless try to put on smaller clothes. Panties, pantyhose and leggings under jeans – it’s too much.

It is necessary to stop wearing these clothes. As studies have shown that the yeast fungus survives safely after washing and drying. Therefore, before washing separately thoroughly wash underwear, especially in the area of the perineum. For additional insurance use the boiling and iron panties after drying with a hot iron.

treatment of thrushAt night it is better to take off your clothes all the way in order to the long-suffering part of your body could breathe.
Pay close attention to what you eat. Foods that contain yeast may enhance fungal growth and also cause food allergy. In this respect it is dangerous to eat for you next foods:, mushrooms, bread and sweet pastries, cheese (especially with mold), and alcoholic fruit drinks, pickles and marinades, milk. If you are sick, it is better totally abstain from these foods. In the future, it is simple enough to watch their quantity. Do not use antifungal medications, birth control pills, and detergents without consulting the doctor. But the recipes of traditional medicine can be used freely.

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Thrush. Treatment by Folk Remedies

  1. Prepare a collection of 4 tbsp of sage, 4 tbsp juniper berries and one tablespoon of yarrow. Pour a teaspoon of the collection with cup of boiling water and let it brew for 15 minutes. Strain the infusion through gauze, thoroughly squeeze and take half a cup three times a day. The same infusion is a good remedy for douching (no chemicals!).
  2. For intimate washing can be prepared such decoction. Mix 3 tbsp. of oak bark, 1 tbsp. of lavender, 2 tbsp. of nettle root, 1,5 of bur-marigold grass. Then you should pour one tablespoon of collection with 150 ml of boiling water and let it brew for two hours. After this, the infusion should be filtered through gauze, squeezed and another 150 ml of water are added in it.
  3. A good remedy to calm the itching is baths. For these purposes, it is not necessary to fill the container with water completely, it is enough immerse yourself into it to the level of the hips. The salty and sour baths are suitable to you. For the first you should add in half water a cup of salt and for the second the same amount of vinegar (not essences!) Sit down in the tub and spread your knees. You need to sit until the water cools down.folk remedies for the treatment of thrush
  4. Tub of 1 tbsp. an infusion of calendula diluted in a glass of boiled water will also have a beneficial effect. They should be done once a day for 15 minutes.

Once again I want to focus your attention on the necessity of a physician’s help. If candidiasis is treated improperly or is not treated at all, you can earn a chronic infection. Thrush is also dangerous because of adhesions that may occur as a result of inflammation of the mucous membrane under the influence of unhealthy vaginal flora.

Only the treatment of thrush, prescribed by a physician and compliance with all these rules will help you get rid of this disease.


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