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Tips for Thrush Treatment: Folk Remedies

Folk remedies for thrush

Thrush is a disease women can suffer from regardless of age. Today we’re going to discuss some folk remedies to get rid of it.

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A lot of folk remedies to treat this disease are aimed at creation of medium alkaline state to impact only the destructive fungi; at the same time such a medium state favors pathogenic germs growth.

Thrush is also known as candidiasis. Frequently, this disease is a chronic one and after the recovery recidivism happens. First of all it happens because of hormonal agents which create favorable medium to provoke a thrush. A weak immune system, frequent changing of sexual partners, and endocrine system problems also affect the development of this disease. It is also required to stint yourself in sweet and flour products. Besides, causative agents may be stable to traditional methods of treatment, that’s why people resort to different folk remedies.

Candidiasis during pregnancyTreatment regimen, using folk remedies, is based on alkaline medium creation which is destructive for causative agents of the disease. However, before you start self-medication, you should be diagnosed for Candida fungus first.  Also, it is better to apply a complex treatment, i.e., to take preparation of traditional medicine and folk remedies at the same time.

Sometimes candidiasis happens to pregnant women. In this case it is desirable to apply exactly the folk remedies in order to exclude any medicamental danger for a baby. Being allowed during the pregnancy, local medicaments are not absorbed into blood; thus, their usage is useless as far as they have an effect in surface layers of vagina mucous only. Stimulus often penetrates into more deep layers. In this case, folk remedies for thrush are indispensable.

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The treatment of candidiasis is based on vegetable feed application. Tinctures from greater celandine for syringing of vagina or genitals treatment, birch buds, horse gowan, juniper are the most-used. Use 1:1 proportion for 1 glass of boiling water in order to prepare these tinctures.

How to treat the thrushYou can also use other medicinal herbs: take 1 part of chamomile and oak bark, three parts of nettle leaves, 5 parts of knot-grass herbage. Cover these herbs with 1l of hot water and boil it for 5 minutes. Then strain it.

Another effective herb collection: mix 1 teaspoon of rosemary leaves, sage, yarrow herb and 2 teaspoons of oak bark. Cover 100 gm of this mixture with 3 l of water. Boil it on a medium heat. Use it to wash yourself, syringing, laying of tampons.

Thus, the main component of this herb collection is oak bark, which regenerates injured mucous membrane of vagina. One more effective antiseptic is horse gowan. These two natural agents are the main components of any formulation.

It is also advisable to treat the thrush by means of tutsan decoction. Take 2 teaspoons of this herb, cover it with 200 ml of water and warm it on a water bath within 15 minutes.

to treat candidiasis by folk remediesSoda solution is another well-known remedy to get rid of the thrush. This method is applicable to newborn babies.

One should remember that it is important to see a doctor in order to know any possible side effects and contraindication before using folk remedies.

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