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Want to Style Your Short Hair? Top Tips for Styling Short Hair

Tips to style short hair

One of the advantages of short hair is that you don’t need to speed much time to wash or style it. Plus, the shorter length lets you experiment to find a hairstyle that you like. You can change your image practically every day. So, how do you style it so you have beautiful hair every day?

How to style hair

It should be noted that short haircuts always direct attention to the face. That is why you must be careful with short hair. There are some rules you should follow to arrange your hair. First of all, you need to wash your hair. Then you should apply your makeup after you’ve styled your hair; otherwise, you may spoil the look. Make use of invisible hairpins and other decorative hair accessories.

voluminous hairdoIf you have oval or narrow type face it is better to do voluminous hairdos with little ringlets. A wide face needs another hairstyle since curls will make your head look bigger.

Mousses let your hair look natural. Gels and hair sprays fix strands and it is easy to arrange one’s hair and add some shine. Use these remedies to arrange hair that is darker. If you have light hair, using these methods too often can cause your hair to look dirty. Moreover, chose hair sprays of light fixation in order to prevent gluing.

Use a hairdryer to style

If you want to arrange your hair quickly, use a hairdryer. Follow a strict succession: apply a mousse to washed and slightly dried hair. Comb it back and dry out completely, trying not to ruin the shape of the hairstyle. To finish it, put a band on or use a spectacular hair slide, invisible hairpins depending on a hairdo you want to get: daily or festive.

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Short and curly hair

A short hair hairdo is quite uncertain that is why moistening it, applying some straightening products for certain hair types before you start styling. It is better to use strengtheners with antistatic ceramic coverage.

Different variants of hairstyles

curly and shortA daily hairdo is one of the simplest to create. To make it, apply a styling mousse to clean hair and uplift it at the roots, using a round comb. As a result you get natural and soft volume. If to comb the hair on the top and fix it, you will get an original hairdo. It is very easy to turn office-like hairstyle into an extravagant one. Just sprinkle your hair with water and tousle it with gel. Move your fingers to different sides, uplifting and twisting the strands. Such hairdo will be finished and well thought-out.

To create an evening style, you will need no more than 5 minutes.

apply a styling mousse to arrange hairdoIf you decided to visit head out for the evening, you can create “the Marcel Wave”. Part your hair in the middle and wet it with a gel. Fix strands, using a clip, one wave at a time. You can create twists by using your fingers or a comb. After your hair is dry, fix it with a hair spray. If you did everything right, you should get an extravagant evening hairstyle. In order to create a romantic image, you will need curling irons. Twist the ends outside. Fix the finished hairdo with a hair spray and make a side parting. A band or hair slide will finish the image.

If you follow these advices and indulge in fantasy, you will create interesting and effective hairdos.

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