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How to Create a Voluminous Hairdo?

to create a voluminous hairdo

A woman should feel beautiful at any time! Unfortunately, most ladies are not satisfied with their look.

hair volumeOur hair is the main problem. Women with curly hair dream to have straight, and vice versa… beauties with straight hair want to curl it. If a woman has thin hair she does all possible to make it thicker and stronger.  Perhaps, there is not a woman who is satisfied with her hair and its volume at all. So, how do we get the desired hair volume? Actually, it is possible with any hair type.
First of all a woman should take care of her hair. Proper care makes your hair gentle and you can style it easily.  Moreover, it is necessary to use hair care agents correctly and choose them according to one’s hair type: finishing sprays of strong and light fixations, mousses to gain volume, waxes-sprays and combs. It is impossible to gain volume without these hair tools.

Backcombing and Volume Hairdos

The most popular way to get volume is backcombing. Such hairdos were popular in the middle of 20th century up to now. The main rule: start from the back of the head and move to the top. Then go to temples. A small backcombing will give your hairdo a natural look. Such hair setting is in fashion today.

  • Long and Short Hair

quiffApply a mousse to damp and clean hair along the full length and massage into your scalp. But do not go too far as your hair should not look wet or dirty.

Take a strand from the back of the head. Using a big round brush twist the strand inside. Use a comb in order to backcomb your hair: move from the center to the roots. It shouldn’t be too big. Then, do the same actions with each strand, increasing a backcombing to get a gradual hair lift.

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When you finish, comb the hairdo slightly to make it neat. At the end, fix it with a hair spray. You can spray each strand to have a strong fixation. But do it quickly in order not to spoil already sprayed strands.

  • Short hair

All advice listed is also recommended for women with short hair length. Actually, short hair is more voluminous and doesn’t go down. Often such volume is not enough and one needs to use round, tooth combs, wax, sprays and mousses.

Short HairstyleThe rule of short hair is the same: start from the back of the head and move towards the top. Short hair is often combined with a forelock. There is no need to make a big backcombing on a forelock as you won’t get a natural look.

You can also curl it.  Use hair rollers or curling irons of big diameter. Lift a hair slightly at the roots and spray it. Such hairdo looks very attractive!

Curly Hair

curly hairCurly hair is voluminous by nature. You can also uplift them at the roots, by using:

  • Permanent wave. Unfortunately, such procedure spoils the hair.
  • Curling irons of different diameters to create big and small curls.
  • A large number of hair rollers.

Hair rollers of small diameter create elastic curls. You will get needed volume and luxuriant hair. Big rollers make your hair soft and create flowing curls, but without volume. Style curly hair the same as straight. Just add more volume at the roots. Use finishing spray at the end.

Voluminous Hairdos: Ponytails and Buns

Apart from backcombing, one can try some other volume hairdos. Buns are extremely popular among women. Such simple and elegant hairdo will be appropriate for all occasions.

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Voluminous hairdosIf you have a little hair, don’t panic. There are a lot of chignons you can find in many shops. They look like round sponges of different sizes.

  • How to Use Them?

ponytail and bunsMake a ponytail on the top of the head as high as possible. Put a chignon on a tail. You can backcomb it to get more volume. Divide the hair into bagels and fix the ends with hairpins. Hide them under the chignon in advance. Spray the hairdo to finish it.

Besides, a braid is a widespread hairdo today. In the past people tried to do a complicated hairstyles, using a braid; now a tousled braid is in fashion.

Fluff your hair up before braiding. Do not tighten it, but loosen curls along the full braid. It will give your hair some volume.

We recommend you to try lots of variants in order to know which suits you the best. Don’t be afraid of changes and experiment with different hair styles.


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