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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: My Experience

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

In recent time sculpting powders are gaining a lot of popularity. And finally, the firm Anastasia Beverly Hills, the well-known for its sensational product for the eyebrows, released palette for professional face correction. I could not resist and bought it. About all the pros and cons read moreā€¦

Anastasia Beverly HillsPackaging is made from cardboard, closed by magnets. Design is laconic. The palette is quite weighty and without a mirror, but it is convenient to hold in your hand.

The size of the palette is small: width 14.5 cm, height 10 cm. It is very compact. The volume of each type of powder is 3 grams. Here’s how palette looks back. The plus is that the product is not tested on animals, as evidenced by the “bunny icon” at the bottom.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of the palette. So what we have. There are three light and three dark shades. Refills the possibility it is also one of the advantages of this palette.I’ll tell you in detail about each powder.

sculpting powder

Shade Vanilla is a warm, slightly pink midtone, matte. At the touch powder is very silky. It is well pressed.

Shade Banana is warm, frankly of yellow color, matte. It is well suited to fix the concealer.

Shade Sand it is the only mother of pearl shade, it is perfect for creating the glow skin.

I use all the shades, mix Banana and Vanilla for the area around the eyes, chin, on the corners of lips.

And for dessert, I add Sand on the back of the nose and cheekbones. The effect is very beautiful, smooth, glowing skin.In the bottom row there are shades for sculpting and even bronzing of face.

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shade s for sculpting

Java is a warm, brown, matte shade.

Fawn is cold, olive, matte. I think it is the most suitable for contouring of Snow White.

Havana is warm brown with reddish-brown tones. It is well suited as a bronzer.

As I mentioned before, this powder is very well-compacted. You can not overdo with it and leave spots. It moves very well on the brush and from brush on the face. I like to mix shades of Fawn and Java for sculpting, and in the end I put a little shade of Havana.

sculptingAnd well, swatch to the studio.I shall make a reservation immediately in order to do the well-marked swatch, I took a very generous amount of every powder color.

Opinion: I really like the pallet. It is made of very high quality: from the packaging itself to the collection of colors.

I can see the powder on me throughout the day, it does not disappear. The availability of so many colors for the facial correction will seem unnecessary, but in my opinion to find a high-quality powder or blush for a contour in the desired color is not so easy, and here everything you need is in one palette, so everyone chooses what she likes.

One secret to lovers of evening make-up: a personal makeup artist of Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanovic uses this palette for her best looks.

secret evening make-up

high-quality powder or blush for a contour


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